Top Ten Reasons Why Fans Should Respect the Haters of What They Like

This does not apply to all fans of something, this applied to fans that disrespect the opinions of haters. Less opinion disrespecting, more peace and less arguments.

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1 Some people may hate on things for good reasons.

No kidding. Without those kinds of haters, chaos would reign supreme.

Yes, definitely.

2 Not everybody is going to like what the fans like.

No kidding. If we all liked and disliked the same things, there would be no diversity. That's why being different makes us unique.

That's the most important thing every fan should understand - Neonco31

3 Not respecting the opinion of somebody that hates on what you like often causes fights.

Exactly. By disrespecting the opinions of every hater, you could make many enemies.

4 Hating may not be the best thing, but there are going to be people everywhere hating no matter what.

Couldn't agree more. And no matter what kind of person you are, there will always be people who dislike you and what you like. So you'll just have to get used to it.

5 If too many fans disrespect people that do not like their favorite thing, then that fandom will not be respected by other fandoms.
6 There are plenty of cases where fans bash people for hating on something, and it causes them to be depressed.

Those aren't my kinds of fans because they behave like want cram their opinions down the throats of haters. And so, they (the fanatics) don't deserve any respect.

7 Hating on someone for not liking what fans like is bullying and can often lead to suicide.

Absolutely. And bullying can create many enemies with people. I mean, so what if nobody likes what you like? It's not your job to shove your opinion down the throats of others. If they dislike what you like, let them as long as they don't antagonize you at all.

8 No one deserves to be hated for not liking something fans like.

Oops. I may have forgotten to refrain from putting "not" between "that" and everyone. And I might also have forgotten to put "dislikes" instead of "hates" between "everyone" and "something." But anyway, I do agree that no one deserves to be hated for disliking things that fans like.

Darn. I should have put "who" between "guys" and "badmouthed" instead of "that," especially since those guys are people and not things. Anyhow, they're correct that I have to respect their opinions and that they don't have to like who and what I like.

That's right. It's really no big deal that not everyone hates something that you like. When I was in fifth and sixth grade, I complained to two guys that badmouthed what I like. One of them said that it's his opinion and the other said that nobody has to like everything that I like. You know what? They're right.

So it's best that all people agree that we don't all have to have the same opinions. Think about what the world would be like if we're all exactly the same. For that to happen would be big no-no.

9 Respecting a hater's opinions can lead you to better relationships with other people and even if you like different things, you can still be friends.

Yeah, most of the kids at my school hate anime, but I like it. We all respect each other's opinions and we get along fine. - TwilightKitsune

Like I'm A Fan Of Rainbow Dash, But I Respect People Who Dislike Her As Long As They Respect My Opinion.

10 People are allowed to state their opinion without being bashed.

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11 Retaliating at every hater makes fans no better than them

Oops. I forgot to put "list" between "this" and "points." My apologies. But anyway, all anti-haters who get back at every hater their is will likely result in jail time. And so, they (certain anti-haters) should leave them (certain haters) alone.

Just because a person doesn't like what another likes, it doesn't automatically make him or her a bad person. Besides, we all have different opinions. And shoving opinions down the throats of others is downright bad.

Like what this points out, some people may hate on things for good reasons. And whoever put it on there is correct. Without those haters, bad things could run amok.

12 Painting all haters in a bad light is a closed-minded thing to do.

Just because there are people who dislike what you like, it doesn't mean that they're automatically bad. Wanting to get back at them and portraying them as villains who deserve to be killed makes you hypocritical and unlikable. If you see many haters, just leave them alone as long as they leave you alone.

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1. Not everybody is going to like what the fans like.
2. Some people may hate on things for good reasons.
3. Not respecting the opinion of somebody that hates on what you like often causes fights.



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