Top 10 Reasons Why Idi Amin Would Be Remembered As President for Life, King of Scotland, Lord of All the Beast of the Earth

This list is just a joke,Idi Amin is a hero to Uganda! *sarcasm*

The Top Ten

1 He Has the Will to Win Lottery

Idi Amin is 3 letters away from “Idiot Admin”

And leaves flame in it's T.V. if he doesn't win - CerealGuy

2 He Claims to be The Uncrowned King of Scotland
3 He Conquered the British Empire
4 He Eats Everything At Will
5 He Is Eternal And That Makes Him President for Life
6 He Has the Will to Ride A Monkey Dishwasher to Prague
7 He is the Lord of the Beast & Lord of the Sea

And lord of MLG - CerealGuy

8 He Conquered the World When He Walks
9 He Has the Will to Outsmart A Lamp Post
10 He Ated the Aggressive Pizza
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