Top 10 Reasons Why Lolirock is Better Than Winx Club

Here are two cartoons I've been waiting to compare for quite some time now. And this list is the thing to do it. I'm starting to HATE Winx Club! And I think Lolirock is doing a better job at being a girly cartoon.( I know they're both girly cartoons.)

The Top Ten

1 Iris is a better leader than Bloom

Bloom is the perfect example of a bland main character. Iris shows a great example of a main character. True they are both princesses. But at least Iris is not selfish! - Dragontree102

It seen Lolirock is a good show. The characters are cute (my favorite is Talia). - ChatNoirFan18

Bloom is a bland mary sue who gets away with everything.-Vestalis

At first Winx Club have more spells
Winx Club have more transformations (Lolirock have one)
Stella is the best frend Bloom would have.
Winx Club have pretty animations.
I mean look at their eyes (Lolirock) they are bigger than their head
And I never heard funniest name for the show (Lol)irock

2 Winx Club has lazy animation

Lolirock has animation done very well. Its like American cartoons and Anime mixed together except its made in France. Winx club has animation that is so lazy that I don't know what it was meant to be like. - Dragontree102

The animation is so haywire and janky - TwilightKitsune

3 Lolirock has better songs

I know Lolirock's songs are mostly about friendship, parties and dancing, but I like the melody and the beat. For Winx, the songs are terribly written and such selfish lyrics. - Dragontree102

I love the theme song. It's cute and their voices are sweet. - ChatNoirFan18

4 Talia is a better smart one than Tecna
5 Lolirock is a better title than Winx
6 Auriana is a better stylist than Stella
7 Carissa is a better tough one than Aisha
8 Lyna knows more self control than Musa
9 Stella is a horrible friend

Stella needs a punch in the face - TwilightKitsune

10 LoliRock has better messages

The Contenders

11 The characters wear more appropriate outfits
12 Lolirock is for babies
13 LoliRock has better transformations
14 Lyna is a better calm one than Flora
15 Izira is a better big sister than Daphne

Very agree

16 LoliRock doesn't have to transform in order to get their full powers
17 LoliRock keeps their transformation instead of changing it every season
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