Top 10 Reasons Why Lolirock is Better Than Winx Club

Here are two cartoons I've been waiting to compare for quite some time now. And this list is the thing to do it. I'm starting to HATE Winx Club! And I think Lolirock is doing a better job at being a girly cartoon.( I know they're both girly cartoons.)

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1 Iris is a better leader than Bloom

Iris is my worst character. She get so much spotlight compare to bloom. Bloom is nice and smart

Iris is not the best.

Bloom is the perfect example of a bland main character. Iris shows a great example of a main character. True they are both princesses. But at least Iris is not selfish! - Dragontree102


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2 Winx Club has lazy animation

Lolirock has more lazy animation! I totally disagree. I rather prefer Star Darlings because it has better characters

Lolirock has animation done very well. Its like American cartoons and Anime mixed together except its made in France. Winx club has animation that is so lazy that I don't know what it was meant to be like. - Dragontree102

I don't like wind club because the characters are mean and selfish - Sugarcubecorner

Only good and popular french cartoon is Miraculous and it has better 3D animation.

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3 Lolirock has better songs

Lolirock English vocals sound auto tuned and not real; Lolirock's French vocals are tolerable; the melody and beat are more of the reason for liking the songs, but Winx Club vocals have always sounded better. They've had sad songs, (e.g. This Big World, Under A Sky Without Moon and Stars, etc.) insecure ones (A Kingdom and A Child, Endlessly, Crazy In Love with You, etc.) friendship songs (Fly Together, If You Desire, Take My Hand, etc.). They've had songs about many things, unlike Lolirock. And some of Winx Club's transformation songs? They've had incredible vocals. Winx Club has had a lot of incredibly written songs.

I always listen Winx songs and I still love it. Lolirock's songs are complete bad and the vocals are just childish. Lolirock songs have such unbearable lyrics, even horribly written.

Seriously you are so wrong! There songs are fake. I mean really fake. You know I think the song "I Love Pokemon Go" is better than Lolirock songs. WInx songs are one of the best songs ever to me and my friends. Also to my parents

What? No! Loliroc songs have boring melodies and the dubbing is bad. - DaisyandRosalina

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4 Talia is a better smart one than Tecna

I think Talia is less smart she is not even my favorite character. This list is just a joke.

This list is a joke

Tecna has an eidetic memory, knows how to use the most technologic stuff.
Talia is smart but Tecna is smarter. - DaisyandRosalina

tru though

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5 Lolirock is a better title than Winx

Winx Club sounds like a cheesy name title for a magical girl show. Lolirock puts the "rock" in "Lolirock". - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Name doesn't matter and Winx is a pun of "wings".
LOLirock is ok but not that great. - DaisyandRosalina

Pfff who the heck will think this list is not a joke!? THIS LIST A JOKE

More like, LOLISUCK

6 Auriana is a better stylist than Stella

Noo Stella is better stylist Auriana is just ugly

No, auriana is really simple looking - DaisyandRosalina

No Arianna is ugly

7 Carissa is a better tough one than Aisha

NOOO you are so wrong about this one

Nah - DaisyandRosalina

8 Lyna knows more self control than Musa


I think Lyna does because in the 2005 version, Musa slaps Icy for just TAUNTING HER. Lyna just teases Carissa without inflicting any form of bodily harm on her.

9 Stella is a horrible friend

STELLA ROCKS! Like I mean she is funny and kind unlike characters in lolirock! Lolirock should just die and go to hell

Yeah, she just saved her friends multiple times. - DaisyandRosalina

Stella is such a horrible friend! I hate her! : ( - Sugarcubecorner

I disagree with Sugarcubecorner, but I agree with DaisyandRosalina. Stella saved her friends and she is funny and nice anyway!

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10 LoliRock has better messages

I am not into girly things but if this cartoon is really critizicing God then it should be delete

HAH! Better message!? The word Ethedian is basicly coping the word in the bible Ephesians! Dude that is againts God! GO TO HELL AND DIE LOLIROCK THE WORST THING IN THIS WORLD!

The Newcomers

? Lolirock has the same spells while Winx Club has different powers

Lolirock has the same crystal spells while Winx Club has different powers like their unique

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11 The characters wear more appropriate outfits

The Winx outfits are not even that inappropriate! I mean they are just outfits that a show that relies a lot on fashon would wear, their boobs are tiny it's impossible to say they are oversexualized. And in Italy a lot of girls wears those kind of outfits (I live there so I can say it) - DaisyandRosalina

I really agree with Daisy and Rosalina, Winx outfit are not that inappropriate only at season 1 and 2, but not the others. Not like ugly lolirock iris outfit is so inapprpriate!

True the winx outfits is always mostly open

Yep I do like winx but to me the outfits make them look inappropriate...

12 Talia has a better backstory than musa

Talia was separated from her family when Gramor attacked but they are still alive.

Musa comes from a poor family, her mother died and her father didn't wanted to let her become a singer.

Musa's is better. - DaisyandRosalina

How is someone dumb... but also a nerd? Also, I'm a nerd and an otaku.

FALSE! Allso lolirock, I like it, but not that much. The songs are good, but not happy or good enough to almost make my cry like the songs from Winx Club and Glitter Force Doki Doki.

Talia is dumb she’s a nerd

13 LoliRock doesn't have to transform in order to get their full powers

I actually disagree. Lolirock does have to transform in order to get their full powers. WINX CLUB ROCKS! LOLIROCK SUCKS!

Does anyone here even watch it?!

Actully lolirock does have to transform to get their full power!

14 Lolirock is for babies

I hate lolirock I love winx

Nope! It's not - Sugarcubecorner

15 Lyna is a better calm one than Flora

Oh really I think flora is great calm one than lyna.who ever wrote this is totally out of mind

No... no - DaisyandRosalina

16 Mephisto and Praxina are cooler than the trix

Yeah! The both twins are cool and funny too! - Sugarcubecorner

Ugh this list is a total joke! Lolirock is super stupid totally for babies that are crazy. Like dude you think swearing and wearing innapropriate stuff is ok is not

Actually, Sugarcubecorner and Dragontree1200 you guys are so wrong. More like suckers

17 Izira is a better big sister than Daphne

Absolutely no - DaisyandRosalina

Very agree

18 LoliRock keeps their transformation instead of changing it every season

This is not a good thing - DaisyandRosalina

19 Bloom always is always saying Magic Winx while Lolirock doesn't

Yeah, well in Lolirock, they have to say their name AND kingdom, so that's basically the same thing.

20 Gramor is a better antagonist than valtor

NO! - DaisyandRosalina


21 Lolirocks are good singers

I think they're the worst singers. For me Musa should be replaced Bloom, I wanna see her as a guitar player.

22 Bloom is more powerful

Bloom have the dragon flame which created domignal and the magic dimension but Iris is just nothing - BloomFire

23 LoliRock has better transformations

No they don't. Winx transformations for me are pretty.

24 Concept is forever changing
25 Lolirock is stand-alone tv show

Makes it even eorse

26 Lolirock needs to transform in order to gain full powers

If not, why even transform? Why can't you use civillian wear for battling villains?

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