Top Ten Reasons Why Nikki Wong is Nothing Like Rainbow Dash

Nikki is not Rainbow Dash's 6teen counterpart, here is why.

The Top Ten

1 Nikki has Indoor Voice, something Rainbow Dash lacks!

There is no reason for this list to exist whatsoever.

If You don't have anything nice to say about the list, please don't write it down.

I MEAN IT! - Interrogator

2 Nikki cares less about sports than Rainbow Dash
3 The Wonedbolts are nothing like the Khaki Barn Clones

The Wonderbolts are a group of uniformed pegasus acrobats which Rainbow Dash wants to be a part of. Nikki, on the other hand, doesn't envy uniformity, and considers people wearing the same thing as each other "Clones"

4 Nikki is not too colorful
5 Rainbow Dash never got into an argument with Rarity

Considering how Caitlin Cook is connected well with Rarity

6 Nikki can be DISLOYAL to HER friends at times

Rainbow Dash symbolizes loyalty, so she would never abandon HER friends when they're in need

Yeah RD is loyal - bobbythebrony

7 Rainbow Dash does Lead Guitar, while Nikki looks better on Bass
8 Rainbow Dash never snorts when she laughs
9 Rainbow Dash looks Bad with Facial jewelry
10 Nikki is a moron, unlike Rainbow Dash

Somebody TROLLED this list 🧐 - Georgiacatcrimson

The Contenders

11 Nikki is a lot saner than Rainbow Dash
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