Top Ten Reasons Why The Owl House Twitter Fandom is Toxic

I love The Owl House, it's my favorite Disney show. While the fandom is good, the Twitter section of the fandom, also known as OwlTwt, really stinks, and here's why. Note, just because the fandom is bad, DOES NOT MEAN that the show is bad. You should all watch The Owl House, because it's awesome.

My new name for OwlTwt is Foul Housers or OwlTurds.
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1 They cancel everyone over minor things.

Instead of letting someone apologize and change, they bully them and kick them out of the fandom. Even if someone does something wrong, you should calmly explain why what they did was wrong instead of bullying and sending death threats to them for it. Like Nina, Jake, Duncan, etc. These Foul Housers think that sending death threats to people is ok, but misusing tone tags is pure evil. They start witch hunts literally every day over the most minor nonsense. It's never peaceful there.

They also cancelled Orquidiart for identifying as sapphic and using the double Venus symbol, which is for all sapphics, not just lesbians. They sent death threats to them and their partner. I hate Owltwt as well as she ra fans, rwby fans, and genshin impact fans.

Today, January 16 2020, they cancelled FinJCam and accused him of being racist and a pedo with no evidence whatsoever. They also cancelled some of his friends. Owltwt doesn’t know humor when they see it.

When I see "Twitter", "Fandom", and/or "Toxic" in the same sentence, I doubt anyone should ever be surprised

2 They call everything ableist, racist, etc.

One time, an artist made a fake episode screenshot with Boscha crying and her hair down. The OwlTwt hivemind called it ableist because "hur dur neurodivergent people are brainless babies who can't tell fact from fiction" EXCUSE ME? I'm autistic and even I knew it was fake. Please shut up. They also called Saberspark racist because he forgot Gus' name. What? Their activism is so performative. They could be talking about issues that actually affect autistic and black people, like ABA Therapy or the executions of black people like Dustin Higgs, but noooooooooooooo, making fake leaks is the worst form of oppression.

3 They force you all to have the same opinions as them

I once made a post on Twitter stating my personal sexuality headcanons for some of the characters who's sexual orientations have not been revealed by the creator. Skara is the only character I headcanoned as straight and after a few hours I started to get dogpiled by people who told me that you can't headcanon a character as being straight because it is lgbtq+-phobic and that she couldn't possibly be heterosexual because she gives off bisexual/pansexual vibes and she wore a suit to Grom and straight girls don't do that! It's a sapphic girl thing! Heterosexual people could never non-conform to gender roles unless they liked someone of the same gender as them in some way shape or form!

Foul Housers don't like when anyone criticizes the show, even if they have a good reason for why they don't like it. Calling it Satanic or "pushing a gay agenda" is stupid and homophobic, but if someone doesn't like the creepiness or has legit issues with the characters, that's fine. Oh, and sexuality headcanons all have to be the same. If you headcanon Eda as bisexual, consider yourself cancelled, because she can only be a lesbian.

4 They're incredibly biphobic

The OwlTurds cancelled and sent death threats to a wlw/sapphic artist named orquidiart, because they identify are bi and sapphic. Newsflash Foul Housers, if you're a woman or woman-aligned person who is attracted to other women/women-aligned people, you're sapphic, no matter if you're lesbian, bi, or pan. It's seriously not that deep. And it's ironic, because Luz Noceda is bisexual, yet the OwlTurds are biphobes.

5 They all pretend to have ADHD for attention

Apparently, having ADHD is considered quirky and trendy now, and pretending to have ADHD for attention and clout is ableist to people who actually have it. ADHD isn't quirky or cute, it contributes to low self-esteem, troubled relationships, and difficulty at school or work. I hope you enjoy having all that, disability appropriators.

6 They only care about the ships and not the plot

Cough cough, Voltron, SVTFOE...I dare you to go up to an OwlTurd and ask them what the plot of Season 1 was. They'll probably just say that Amity has a crush on Luz. Well yes but actually no. The show isn't about shipping and nonsense. It's about coming of age, bravery, friendship, family, NOT shipping drama.

The plot of Season 1 is that Luz is a creative, quirky kid who comes to an alternate realm known as the Boiling Isles. She meets a witch named Eda and a demon named King. Luz learns all sorts of magic despite being a human, with Eda helping her. Eda is cursed by her sister Lilith, who is working for Emperor Belos, ruler of the Isles who's the big bad of the show. Legit no one cares that Luz is a total hero who kicked Emperor Belos' butt, they only care that she's Amity's crush.

As much as I love Lumity most of the fanbase is solely dedicated to it and I am afraid it will go down the same route as the SVTFOE fandom did with Starco.

7 They cancelled the creator, Dana Terrace

Way to bite the hand that feeds you, Foul Housers. Dana created your favorite show and yet you have the audacity to cancel her, claim that she whitewashed her own characters, and dogpile her for supporting Biden. She deleted her Twitter because of this.

8 They're immature

Newsflash Toilet Paper, you're gonna cringe 30 years from now that you got into petty squabbles on Twitter dot com over a children's cartoon. Most of these are 14 year olds who are too cowardly to be mean to people in real life, so they bully people online for their own sick kicks.

I hate OwlTwt, and I hope it gets better soon. If you wanna interact with the Owl House fandom, go on Tumblr or Reddit, not on Twitter.

Most of the fandom comprises of teenagers and young adults but the majority act like spoiled toddlers.

9 They exclude trans women from their spaces

The entirety of OwlTwt consists of white skinny AFAB people with dyed undercuts, and they exclude trans women from the fandom. You can find plenty of trans men and nonbinaries, but no trans women. It shows you that the OwlTurds are transmisogynistic. They always talk about how we should support trans women of color and stuff but if you went up to them and asked them if they have any actual black transfem friends, they probably have none.

10 They ignore King, Hooty, and even Eda

Much of Season 1 was focused on Eda and her curse, and Hooty is literally the show's title, he's literally The Owl House itself, and come on, King is too cute and adorable. They only care about Luz and Amity. Newsflash Foul Housers, Amity isn't the main character of the show. Stop worshipping her all the time and start paying attention to Hooty, King, and Eda alongside Luz.

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11 They're homophobic
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