Top Ten Reasons Why Pacifica x Dipper Is Better Than Dipper x Wendy

The Top Ten

1 Pacifica's closer to Dipper's age.

Better than Wendy...

2 Pacifica seems nicer now after the episode "Northwest mansion noir" and seems more compatible now.

True it looks like she has a crush on him

Did you seriously copy my list!?

3 Dipper and Pacifica hugged in the episode "Northwest mansion noir."

True but Pacifica hugged him

Dipper didn’t seem to mad that we Pacifica hugged him, he might have liked it.

4 Wendy has already said she's not interested in him because he's too young.
5 Mabel and Pacifica seem o.k. now so there won't be as much conflict as before.

True they're starting to become friends

6 Wendy and Dipper have never hugged.
7 Dipper seems to like Pacifica a lot more than before.

True it looks like he in love with her

8 Wendy has never expressed a possible interest in Dipper.

True she never did

9 Wendy is too old for him.
10 They bring out the best in each other

Boi there was one episode. I don't ship Dipper with anyone. One episode does not show chemistry. Plus, Pacifica still says that she looks better in a potato sack than mabel does usually. That sure isn't much development from saying mabel sounded like a fat old lady

The Contenders

11 Age isn't just a number when it comes to dating.
12 They learn from each other
13 They have chemistry
14 They hugged
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