Reasons Why Parents Should Stop Spoiling Kids


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1 It makes them whine

If my parents spoilt ME, I would still be grateful to them and thank them for everything they buy me. I would also be humble and nice to people depending on how they treat me.

My relatives constantly spoils my cousins and they now constantly whine non-stop whenever they don't get their way.

I remember my little sister was having a meltdown because she saw a Sofia the First toy in Barnes and Noble. When I grow up, if my kid wants a toy in B&N, and not an actual BOOK, I'll spank them super hard.

Okay, that's a bit harsh. You should only spank the kid if they make a huge deal if you don't get the toy. - RoseWeasley

I always hate going to malls because there's always that one little kid that screams and cries so much that you can hear it from miles away. Its usually over something stupid that they won't need, like a bracelet or a keychain. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 They can become selfish jerks
3 It teaches them they can always have their way

Like my little cousins

Like my annoying little nephew. - Pegasister12

4 He/she could refuse to do schoolwork
5 It could waste all of your money
6 Kids are learning that right and wrong and spoiling will make them greedy.

Teach them communism
Communism prevents greed

7 They show favoritism

My cousins and sister are the favorites and I’m the unfavorite :(

8 It teaches them to make incomplete lists on

You only added 7 items on this list. Does this indicate you're spoiled?

No it doesn't mean that. I'm spoiled so I shouldn't be talking, but I have a sister who also is and complains and I tell my parents to stop always give us are way. You're teaching us you always get your way. - Jake09

9 They become cruel

Stay away from them. Wait a sec, I have to sit next to the brat. Never mind...

10 They become unsuccessful in life
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