Top Ten Reasons Why People Get Angry

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1 Hurt

And then people continue to hurt them for being angry, even if they are being mature and are not taking it out on others.

Usually when some body gets hurt he becomes sad and angry.

I don't get angry, instead I cry A LOT, then tell myself to dry my eyes and move on. Nobody benefits from getting angry; it's exhausting and very pointless.

Yes sometimes physically, mentally and emotionally

2 Betrayal

It makes me feel like everyone in my life secretly hates me; which makes me act out and be mean. Which makes me even more sad and angry then I just want to cry... :.)

I've been there too. Betrayal is the worst feelings one can ever endure, especially feeling that you no longer are able to trust anyone anymore.

So sad to see that people get break trust so easily

Betrayal is the worst thing that can happen to someone. For all those who have been betrayed in their lives, I'm sorry that happened to you and those betrayers are jerks who should be holocausted. Don't be depressed and/or angry. You'll always find new friends when you least expect them. Stay strong!

Don't trust someone too much

3 Frustration

Slow loading frustrates me so much

Yep. Computer loading always frustrates me a lot..

My siblings always take my stuff and my my friends ditched me!

Gets me all the time.

4 Failure

School makes me feel like a loser that would never succeed at life, and it's probably true...

It sure does, I wanted to ejaculate but I failed

Failure is a part of life

You can learn from failures

5 Disappointment

I was disappointed when I tried to picture a woman wearing high heels, I'm tremendously fetish in heels and feet until 2017, which is my perfect year, my Muslim ex. I have fetish on her at that time, the woman restaurant manager even threatened to call security to stop taking pictures of her shoes and feet. I feel my standards on both women and men are unconditionally low and is very barbaric on high heels and feet that are girls feet...

But... I'm not mad, just disappointed.

For un-athletic people of course


6 Money

What's wrong with money?

Greedily investing in Bitconnect only to have all your cash ripped out of your wallet is surely going to make you angry.

7 Unreasonable Expectations

My mom and he friend in a nutshell. They argue about things for no reason at all!

Some weirdos get angry over nothing

Be perfect. There is a unreasonable expectation.

My mother expected. A baby girl but it was a boy

8 Embarrassment

I embarrassed my psychiatrist in rehab and she cried when I fapped her in front of my head psychiatrist when she was wearing heels, the father of Philippine psychiatry and father of psychology too.

People become easier to snap when they are being humiliated. It's a way to cover up for embarrassment.

Oh yeah! I can relate with this!

People become embarrass when some one amkes fun of them

9 Stupid People

I seriously cannot stand stupidity, I argue with certain individuals, not because I want to but because they're so stupid, and uneducated. I understand some people cannot simply aid their lack of intelligence but it gets me painstakingly angry to deal with stupid people. Mark twain once said that you cannot beat a stupid person at any given argument, because they will cut you off, and drag you to their level of common sense and consequently defeat you. This quote is less of a statement and more of the truth smarter people either have to hold in their agony of anger, or release it from having to deal with so much bull it's sad, I wish I had a lower IQ because sometimes I think it would make me a happier person being smart sucks if you are surrounded by dull individuals who don't know what they're talking about... And then have the audacity and ignorance to question your inevitable anger towards their flawed mind it's sad... But the validity of this choice being here actually makes ...more

Definitely should be number 1. Stupid people hurt you, betray you, etc. This is just a collective name for all of the other things.

Stupidity covers a fairly large area, disrespectful people, and people who act like they know someone else's life and then voice an opinion or pass judgment I think is the worst things people can do to others. That would get most people angry. (Just a thought from my own life experiences)

The worst type of people are actually smart ones...but act really stupid. They piss me off so much because they're pretending to be so dumb and retarded it's just wrong. They ask the dumbest questions although they know all the answers.

10 Prejudice

This should be number 5 at least. All the other things above no one barely cares about, except maybe being hurt or money.

Very important that people should know about this

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11 Loss

True loss can cause anger in video games, and sometimes in sports if your team losses in a disappointing way

Especially when it's something you've been working on for at least 3 months.

This is a really good reason. When you loose a game, then you start to get angry.

This should be higher

12 Bad Parents

Yeah, my mom can be very childish!
She doesn't even salarized my caregivers the minimum wage and that the violation of the labor code law and is punishable to 2 to 5 years in jail for labor fraud. But food and electricity is absolutely free, heck she even pays a 100% bonus every time our helpers celebrate their birthday but must work at least 1 year to get the bonus!

Not everyone is fit to be a parent. Some people should not be able to reproduce.

I feel bad for that teddy bear.

This is a really great list!

13 Different Opinions

Everyone has a different opinion about everything, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

14 Hypocrisy

I can't stand how some people will try to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, or what's right and what's wrong, even though they're not any better. Even though they're doing the same thing they're telling you not to do. They need to practice what they preach.

These grumpy girls in my class who think I'm being too grumpy need to look at a mirror

15 Jealousy

If someone has something that someone else wants, they get mean and jealous because they can't have it.

My major weakness

16 Unfairness

I can't stand it when people don't have as many opportunities just because they're LGBT, A person of color, a woman, etc. They are smart people too, you're just too bigoted to actually try and talk to one.

The thing that drives me crazy. I hate it when people get treated better for the stupidest reasons. My sister got treated better because she's younger. Ok, HOW THE HECK IS THAT EVEN A REASON?! And people in my class will get treated better by other people if s/he's a hypersensitive crybaby. Logic in my class: Treat hypersensitive crybabies like kings and queens and defend them no matter what, ignore people with average to strong minds and blame them for everything even though they did nothing.

I hate getting in trouble for something I'm not doing while someone else gets away with everything. I also hate when someone gets treated better, or gets rewards or privileges that I'm not getting, even though I'm just as good.

I'm the oldest in the family, and I feel like my entire family is treating me like I'm the bad guy.

17 Disobedience
18 Bullies

I hate it when American kids especially whites who bullies Filipino kids who don't even speak proper English! This bully I beated up when I was 5 back then in 1998 even speaks fluent Tagalog, Bilingual and even has parents who are non-Filipino who all of was born in the U.S.! He was 4'11 and I'm only 3'9 at that time, when I defended my schoolmate in a SPED daycare center, he punched me, I punched him even harder and one punch-blow, his nose bleeded and I punched and beated him up 9 times the punch, I will never let anyone, I MEAN ANYONE GET BULLIED!

When I was in third grade, I was eating lunch and I got up ad went to the bathroom. I was just minding my own business while I was washing my hands. And after I dried my hands, some fifth grader said, "Do you want some water?" I said no, and then all of a sudden that fifth grader closed the boys' bathroom door and locked it. I said, "Dude, what are you doing?" Then he grabs me by the neck, starts to choke me as hard as he could, and while still squeezing my neck he said, "Let's clean the toilet!" And while still choking me, forces my head down a toilet, almost as if he was trying to drown me. He let go of my neck and still holding my head down the toilet, flushed the toilet. Then he dried my head and hair and squeezed my neck, again, and said, "Thanks for being my sponge to clean the bathroom with, you little idiot", then threw me against the brick wall, VERY hard, and left me there. Yes he was expelled but my injuries were surprisingly major. I ...more

When kids at my class throw stuff at me if just think of grabbing their necks, and squeezing it till their face turn purple

If they punch me, I punch back harder. I don't care if I'm the one labeled as the bully after that

19 Stress

I get lunatically crazy but not violent, you can see my other Top 10's that I don't get mad anymore!

Stress can really take a toll on people. And that's not good.

20 Judgement

Everyone hates being judged.

The thing I really hate about when people judge others is that they judge them too soon. When they judge people too soon, they don’t know their personalities, their abilities and weaknesses. Judgement is something that occurs very frequently in sports, the crowd can judge you and even your teammates can judge you. Before the crowd judges the players, they should ask themselves this question, Do you think you can do better than them?

21 Bitchy Girls

That's my ex best friend right there, got mad at me for wearing too "short" shorts what does she care

I deal with them a lot.

Yup... they're everywhere. :(

22 Racism

I'm not a person of color, but it still makes me pissed when people bully someone for something that is literally out of their control. If the color of someone's skin really affects you that much you have problems. SERIOUS problems. It's like getting mad at someone for wearing red when blue is your favorite color.

100% reason why I get angry (mostly).

People have dislike someone's race and that's their own opinion, but they should get along with others.

I'm looking at you, KKK. Don't invite them to my house. EVER.

23 Death

This is something which is more than anything, destroys so many things

(Brings up metal band) Crystal mountain makes you get mad and angry?

This should be higher

Anyone could die in school.

24 Homosexuality

Why should people care who someone else kisses? Like seriously guys, it's not affecting you in any way possible. Like okay boomer, The suns gonna eat the earth one day and we're all gonna die anyway, so why care about someone else finding true love with another human being. Love is such a beautiful thing, and anyone whos against that has problems.

You can't help how you turn out or who you fall in love with. Gays aren't hurting others by loving the same sex, and whether they're gay, strait, or even bisexual is nobody's business but their own anyways. People need to quit making a big deal out of such stupid crap and just mind their own business.

The problem with homosexuality is reproduction.

Okay that's too far and you are being homophobic

25 Insults

I can't stand being cut down and criticized, especially when I'm not doing anything to deserve it. So many asses out there, sadly!

The Damn Daniel meme is always aimed at me as an insult cause my name is Daniel

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