Top 10 Reasons Why Robin in Teen Titans Go! is Unlikable

i choose robin because he is the most annoying character in Teen Titans Go! in my opinion and sorry for those who like him so much

The Top Ten

1 He acts like a villain
2 He acts like a psycho

Even The Joker is more sane than him.

3 He is mean to his teammates

Robin is a rude,ungrateful jerk

4 He acts like Caillou
5 He is annoying
6 He is a bully

His teammates bully him all the time

7 In the episode "yearbook madness "he acts so insane

Who even cares how many signatures you get or how many times you show up on a yearbook?

8 He is too bossy
9 He manipulates others for his own benefits
10 He throws tantrums

The Contenders

11 In the episode "hey you done neglect me in your memory" he was mean to beast boy

Robin thinks that beast boy is a nerd. Actually Robin is the real nerd. Beast boy can be cool however he wants to. Just because beast boy acts dumb doesn't mean he's a nerd. Robin is more dumber than Beast boy.

So much for Speak Up, Stop Bullying Campaign

Crane kick is retarded. and how did all the titans get punished? Beast boy was the victim, and cyborg raven and starfire were witnesses! Robin was the bully, so he deserved it

12 He shot himself with a gun

I don't think that ever happened

He should

13 He is too talkative
14 He can sometimes be sexually inappropriate
15 He eats babies
16 He is too violent
17 He cares too much about his mask
18 He acts like an anime character Gokudo
19 He's a pedophile
20 He hates Menos
21 He twerks
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