Top Ten Reasons Why Sofia the First Is Better Than PAW Patrol

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1 Better stories

Sofia should get wrecked because mean characters and cosmic mischief Sofia is for 10+

This is about how Sofia is better than paw patrol

I would reverse that opinion and say this is how paw patrol is better than Sofia the 1st

Yep. Sofia is better than PP...

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2 There are more girls than boys

No gender is superior to the other.

PAW Patrol is anti-feminist.

Girls aren't better than boys, neither is vice versa

3 The theme song is better

Paw patrol's theme song is 1 minute whereas Sofia the first's theme song is 0:50 minutes. So 1 minute is better than 50 seconds.

Hey go to jail who add this

It is paw patrol

Yeah but sofias theme is more catchy. Longer=/=better

4 Equality of character roles
5 No annoying catch phrases like rubble on the double and chase is on the case V 1 Comment
6 Instead of using ugly machines and vehicles they use magic and teamwork!

So? And talking dogs aren't real either. It's a show dude

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7 People are the stars of the show not dogs

I really love dogs. I really do. But I can't stand PAW Patrol. Give me something with paw patrol, I'll tear it apart

Ryder is a person so he's also star that's a person.

8 Good morals

PAW Patrol teaches you to compete to celebrate holidays and even attack someone for something you did

One episode is about Sofia want do like mostly boys like riding.

9 Great music Paw Patrol does not even have any songs in their show and if there are they sound terrible V 1 Comment
10 Princesses are way cooler than dogs

Princesses are less cool then dogs are cool and princesses are not cool

No, they are not. PAW Patrol just sucks. I love dogs.

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11 Sofia the First is more fun

Sofia the first is horrible and it sucks

12 Paw Patrol is boring

It is boring, lame, and annoying. Doesn't teach kids everything.

It actually isn't boring, plus Sofia the First sucks bad.

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13 Paw Patrol has better art
14 Sofia is more creative
15 Sofia’s on Disney Junior
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