Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Is the Best Video Game Ever

I don't care what anyone says about this game in particular, this is better than Call of Duty, Zelda, and all of the other games out there!

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1 Has everything that I could ask for

This game will never be better than any of the original Sonic games on the Mega Drive and the Master System.

Yes this one of my favorite games of all time! It a amazing.

I apologize for calling hater. I really like this game regardless it doesn't have online.

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2 Perfect theme song for me to make a love song out of

Princess Peach & Princess Daisy would go crazy over this crappy song.

It helped out a lot! My dream girl loved it!

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3 Feels like, classic Sonic, the Sonic Advance series, and the Mario series

The bosses, and the outer space levels feel like Mario galaxy, and super Mario world. Like the fights with rouge, shadow, and eggman feel like the koopalings, and the giant bosses like the egg golem, or the gun robots, or the others feel like the sonic 3 and knuckles and sonic cd bosses.

Classic Sonic is much better than Modern Sonic.

How is this a classic sonic? Never played classic Sonic.

Mario galaxy felt like Gex 3 and Sonic x season 3.This game came before galaxy.They both copied another game.

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4 Better than all of the PS1 games

Wha- Don't forget Pac-Man World! This game is the best game ever, not Sonic Adventure 2: Battle!

Metal gear solid beats the heck out of pac man world. I like pac man world but metal gear solid makes it look like a joke in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I wouldn't say that. This game is awesome in my opinion but METAL GEAR SOLID! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I am IN LOVE with the ps1, It has the best games I have ever played! But this game is better than all of those games combined!

5 The looks of it are absolutely what one would expect from a platformer

Well, Super Mario 64 is much better than this! So is Pac-Man World!

Super Mario 64, yes. pac man world, no. Stop disrespecting peoples opinions please! I would thumb down your comment, but for some reason, it won't let me! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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6 First game that introduced Shadow

Shadow and I have the exact same personality, and I like his video game.

Actually, the original Dreamcast version of the game introduced Shadow the Hedgehog.

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7 Feel so free when you play it

When I play it, I feel like I can explore a lot of places with the totally awesome character controls!

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8 Dr. Robotnick is a playable character in the story
9 Playable with GameCube game controller

Ahh, the game cube controller. My favorite controller of all time, in addition to that, this game was the first game cube game I have ever played. So, this was the game that brought me the glory of the game cube controller.

N64 is awesome. My favorite three systems are Wii gamecube and n64.

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10 Was an anniversary game

I was not surprised when I found out this was meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary for sonic.

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11 Amy can ball up in this game

This and the advance 2 and 3 is when the graphics were in my opinion perfect before sega got strict with the animation. Making Amy weaker or too dependent on her hammer which can be easily countered for example if she could've balled up to roll away she wouldn't have been captured by Lyric in shattered crystal and probably been playable. Plus this her best gameplay style I believe. That hammer failed so many times same flaw as being too dependent on one weapon once gone than what useless not to hate on Amy I'm a fan of hers.

More than any other sonic game Sonic lost world tried, but lack of playablity failed.

12 Shadow & Rouge are best friends
13 Team Dark's story

Actually Team Dark was not conceived back then. Also, while it was heavily intriguing, both the Hero Story and the Dark Story were nothing/extremely weak compared to the Last Story.

The playable Sonic Adventure 2 characters > Amy Rose

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