Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe is Better Than the Loud House

The Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe is Better Than the Loud House

1 Steven Universe is actually a good show

OK I am a loud house fan but also I am a steven universe fan.Actually, I believe that both are great shows but also I think that Steven universe is at least ten times better than loud house I am not telling that Loud house is a bad show I am just telling steven universe is on the upper hand. Steven universe and both Loud house has good morals and messages but when it comes to action I believe that steven universe is better.
I love the loud house but steven universe is actually too good although it is fantasy I could actually see a point in all of this and the crystal gems are just like a family to steven and especially mothers to steven. In the Loud house it is mostly same background over at least 7 backgrounds in steven unverse you can get like 25 backgrounds. So I am telling that steven universe is as better as the loud house

Both are really good shows. I prefer Steven a little more but loud house is also a fun show to watch. Just one show has adventure and lore while the other is a sitcom. It really just comes down to your taste. - evena

Even though I do agree Steven universe is better than the Loud house, this isn't a reason, its just an opinion. - PeachyBlast

I Love Steven Universe, and hate loud house. - Stevenuniversefangirl

2 Steven Universe is less gross

True because there was no twerking in steven universe, nobody ate old food found in a seat people don't watch other people poop or study it


3 Steven Universe has a better story
4 Steven Universe is aired on Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network has better shows with the exception of Teen Titans Go

Okay who said the loud house is better. For me The Loud House got old fast

The loud house is better

I agree! By the way @TheLoudHouseSucks, do you love Grojband? If so, make a top 10 list on why Grojband is better than the Loud House!

With an exeption of teen titans go uncle grandpa clarence wabbit be cool scooby doo the powerpuff girls 2016 ben 10 2016 and ninjago

5 The Loud House is aired too much, almost as much as Spongebob!

Overhyped and undersniped - Synchronocity

I think Loud House and Spongebob are have greater relationship and they are like best friends. But for Steven, they are'nt related because both Nick shows and one CN show are in different channels. So the list have no sense at all.

6 The Loud House has a banned episode where the baby feeds poop to the other characters whereas, Steven Universe doesn't

This never had a banned episode. - DynastiSugarPop

I hate The Loud House, by that never happened.-TheWetWalrus

7 The Steven Universe characters are beautiful

Wow that’s hot boi

8 Less stereotypes

Plus, Grojband even pokes fun at stereotypes. That's one of the reasons why Grojband is another show that's more better than Loud House.

Well, The Loud House has some stereotypes. It inspires The Brady Bunch, Peanuts and Hey Arnold! - DynastiSugarPop

Every one of Lincoln’s sisters is a stereotype, however, I do like TLH a bit better than SU (don’t hate me). - AliciaMae

9 Steven Universe doesn't make you want to puke

AnD I oOP! - Ummmmmm

10 Steven Universe is more emotional

The Contenders

11 The Loud House has Lily saying "Poo poo!"

Lily should commit suicide.

12 Steven Universe doesn't have Chris Savino working on it

I was so happy that Chris Savino wasn't working on Steven Universe. Unlike Steven Universe, Loud House has Chris Savino working on it. Because of that, the Loud House sucks, because Chris Savino ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls.


13 Steven Universe has many characters in different sizes
14 The gems don't fight for stupid reasons

Exactly and the songs are good - penis

15 Steven Universe does not have twerking,The Loud House has

Even though I like loud house, that one episode with twerking makes me want to barf. So I do have to agree with this.

Yeah! It has fusion! That's far more appropriate, right?

LOL. I was being sarcastic above; you wouldn't notice.

16 The Songs Are Good In Steven Universe Like Stronger Than You For Example

Stronger Than You was Garnet when she was at her most savage moment.

Luna Loud sounds like if girl beast boy was a chipmunk.. But true. The ugly, ugly, truth.

17 The Loud House is for little kids

I'm ten years old and I like the loud house so its not for little kids

18 The Loud House’s “Savino Misconduct Firing”

Well, what would you expect from a man who put gay characters in a kids’ show? Of course he was a pervert!

19 Rebecca Sugar is better than Chris Savino
20 It Has Gay People in the Loud House

Garnet is gay though
You got a problem?
Anyone can be gay. - Ummmmmm

Like Luna and Sam and Clyde’s dads. Ew

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