Top 10 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than Teen Titans Go


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41 Better merchandise

SU has better books and Funko Pop figurines. TTG has poorly made toys and dumb books - cartoonfan101

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42 Steven Universe has more positive and educational values compared to TTG V 2 Comments
43 Steven Universe tackles actual mature topics

Never have I seen a kids cartoon dive into lesbianism. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Like Steven wants to marry Connie!
Oh no,what will happen to Stevidot!?
Peridot will be a third wheel! and Jasper will be a fourth wheel!

44 Steven Universe doesn't take shots at the people who criticize it

For example, in the episode "Let's Get Serious", they were mocking everyone who thought their show was too "silly". There were many more episodes like this, but none of those types of episodes appear in the gem that is Steven Universe. (pun intended)

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45 Everyone's obsessed with the stupid gems who are weaklings

TTG is stupid and has pointless episodes like the sandwich guardians and not even the adult Titans can destroy ruby and sapphire I mean seriously a new episode where Raven has glasses what I mean STARFIRE is the only one who is from space apart from Raven maybe

Do you know what the point of the show is?

Screw you, man! This list is why Steven Universe is good - TheUmbreon

Look EVERYONE is defending this one and I will too! TAKE THIS ONE OFF THE LIST! - Carsrule300

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Top Remixes

1. Interesting story
2. It's not an awful reboot of an awesome show
3. More imagination used in Steven Universe
1. Amethyst is way funnier than beast boy
2. Interesting story
3. It's not a remake
1. No photo animation
2. Steven is better than robin and beast boy combined
3. Can make you laugh



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