Top Ten Reasons Why Swiper the Fox is the Best Character from Dora the Explorer

The Top Ten

1 He steals from Dora

He's the best! Other characters are dumb and annoying. Swiper isn't villain, Dora is!

What does he steal from Dora? Stupid booty monkey? I hope.

Dora is horrible.

Are You A Robber? what?!

2 He's has a funny voice
3 He's cheeky
4 I feel sorry for him
5 He's cute

He is! A cute little fox like him shouldn't be so bad! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 He's the only good character

No he the only good character you should say I hate dora

Pranks? Why? I Hate Him!

7 His funny face
8 He is funny when he says "Oh man!"
9 He's a fox

Duh dummy

10 He's not annoying

The Contenders

11 He's the closest thing the show has to an antagonist
12 He had some redeeming qualities to his character.
13 He likes puppies

Even swiper loves puppies

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