Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Is Better Than Rick and Morty

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1 Robin is cool, Morty is not

Okay, What Idiot Made This List? Rick and Morty is a Thousand Times Better Than Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go Like Literally Ruined The Original Teen Titans.

Morty is way better than robin and ttg sucks I love rick and Morty one best adult swim show

People, just ignore this obvious troll list.

That poor boy has had to go through countless traumatizing events, so cut him some slack! Robin is literally a loser that hasn't seen crap compared to Morty.

2 Teen Titans Go is better at having terrible stories and jokes.

That’s a bad quality

There's at least one thing that Teen Titans Go is better at doing, and this is it.

Gazorpazorpfield approves

I know right, why is this even a list Teen Titans GO is the worst show on T.V. and Rick and morty is masterful

3 Rick is a terrible grandparent

Aw jeez Rick I mean I wouldn't call you the best

So? that's what makes him awesome

Alright M-Morty we have to find the dummy who made t-this because I am a g-great grandparent right Morty

4 Rick and Morty has a disgusting art style.

It's adult swim. It's not supposed to be kid-friendly. But at least the colors aren't obnoxiously bright to keep the short attention spans of three year olds (a.k.a the age demographic of the Toddler Titans).

It's like that on purpose, that is what makes the show good, even for all other adult swim/comedy central shows.

It may not be the best, but at least it's ACTUALLY watchable (which is more than I can say for TTG). Besides, it's the writing that really makes the show work.

5 Teen Titans Go can tell better jokes

Please be a troll

Hahaa- see that would be my reaction to watching TTG if it was actually FUNNY. Unlike Rick and Morty where I had to actually pause it from laughing so hard.

TTG is just retarded

...what the Frick is the point of this list anyway? can't we all agree that rick and morty is a trillion times better than that ripoff TTG?

6 Morty sounds too much like Oscar from Fish Hooks

Well, there goes a couple of brain cells that I'll never get back. - phillysports

*slaps forehead*

This is an obvious troll list, Oscar is voiced by Roiland who also voices morty and rick. He works with both adult swim and Disney.

7 Rick and Morty isn't exciting

Are you crazy? The shows involves crazy science-like adventures! How is that NOT exciting!

It's much better than watching 5 superheroes act like jerks and do retarded things that superheroes DON'T do!

8 Teen Titans Go has more episodes

Dear whoever added this: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. For example, Gravity Falls has only two seasons and is a much better show than cartoons that have twice as many seasons.

9 Teen Titans Go is for everyone, Rick and Morty is for nerds.

Proud to be a nerd, at least we haven't crappy tastes.

I know I'm a nerd but I know you watched this which makes you a nerd you nerd - MeaganSaysHI

I like rick and morty but I'm not all trendy and following all these trendy and fanbase crap designed by tumblrites.

10 Teen Titans Go has brony jokes

That is a bad thing

What if I told you I don't like bronies? - MeaganSaysHI

When will people leave this fandom alone?

This is an insult to bronies! - Neonco31

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11 The Teen Titans are nicer than the characters from R&M

Not really, they all kinda suck. Plus the TTG characters are 10x more irritating and 10x less funny.

12 Morty is a weird name for a boy

Morty Sounds Like Morte (Death In Portuguese)

13 Teen Titans Go has better animation
14 Ricky and Morty has a title that looks like it was made out of boogers
15 Teen Titans Go has better looking characters
16 Rick and Morty has more violence
17 Rick and Morty is for boys
18 Rick and Morty characters kill others
19 Rick and Morty has guns
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