Top 10 Reasons Why Twitter Sucks

Twitter is pretty bad to be honest. Here's reasons why it sucks from my perspective.

The Top Ten

1 It has track filters and can kick people off it just because of sites they used outside of Twitter

This is so *bleeped* up that it actually made me quit Twitter.

2 Rarely do any updates happen but when they do happen barely anything new or interesting is added

I'm not referring to political or world updates but rather updates to the site itself.

3 Most of its who to follow recommendations are based on who people that followed you followed

Just because someone I followed, followed something like Donald Trump. Doesn't mean that I want to follow Donald Trump to.

4 It promotes the most boring things to follow

Especically if it's a business or product that you don't care about.

5 None of the tweets are moderated or monitored

I know that freedom of speech is a important right but some tweets on Twitter can get pretty dark or hasty in all honesty.

6 Lacks a spam filter to prevent certain people from spamming

Specifically trolls and Feminazi's.

7 They don't let you defend yourself from trolls

Twitter's "Policy" is nebulous at best!

They will Blick/Lock your account for "Abuse" or " Objectionable" Content or comments that you can find all over Twitter threads unmolested!

In that way it's all too subjective, and based on whomever that days "Hall-Monitor" happens to be! Twitter has ti be the most Hypocritical of ALL avialable Social Media Sites.

8 It gives you terrible recommendations on who to follow

Example: Say you followed Shinedown. So because of that it also recommends Hinder and 3 Doors Down. Both Hinder and 3 Doors Down are atrocious and awful to listen to in all honesty.

9 There's a word limit

Which sucks to be honest and while it has been changed slightly there's still a word limit.

10 There's too many political people on it that cause fights

The spelling and dictation cops drive me nuts.

Not a major reason but still a reason.

The Contenders

11 The site's layout is boring

Again not a big reason but it is somewhat boring to look at.

12 They falsely suspend users for being underage
13 They killed Vine


14 They are making memes and jokes out of Kpop idols

So true

15 Randomly locks your account for no reason
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