Top 10 Reasons Why Twitter Sucks

Twitter is pretty bad to be honest. Here's reasons why it sucks from my perspective.
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1 Randomly locks your account for no reason

Today, I signed up for twitter for the first time in my life. Right after following two people they suggested, my account was locked immediately. It pissed me off right away that I wanted to deactivated my account. But I was unable to do so because I could not access my profile/setting. They wanted me to provide a phone number so they could send me a text. There is no way I would do that. I'll never go back to twitter, ever.

I got banned on twitter for "unusual behaviour", when I hadn't even started setting up my profile. Its worse than facebook. I tell a clickbait youtuber that I hate him. I get blocked and banned. What happens to him? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He swears in his tweets, attacks and harasses people who criticize him. He's been reported. He doesn't get banned. I AM FED UP WITH THIS STUPID SITE THAT DESTROYS EVERY ACCOUNT I CREATE IN A SECOND AFTER I GET BANNED!

I just signed up for twitter for the first time today 3 minutes later it says I was locked out for violation of term even though I didn't do anything on top of that I live in the mountains where cell phone towers don't exist so I am not able to prove I am not a bot because I can't provide a cell phone number to get a text. pathetic I get punished for where I live or for not wanting a cell phone

I just got locked out because "I am under 13." That is the dumbest rule ever and they should do what other apps do and just, NOT LOCK YOU OUT! And it's not like I can just make a new account because Twitter only lets you use your email once, so I guess now I just have to wait until I'm 13. SO DUMB!

2 Social justice warriors are on it

Yep, heard that right, since 2016, people on Twitter won't shut up about Trump, and everywhere you look in certain parts of Twitter, you'll find nothing but Trump hate, as well as hate hashtags out of him, and they will make tweets about him 24/7, sure many Twitter users can handle criticism towards every other thing, but not politics? If you tell one another not to talk politics, they will look at you in the eye and then make a ridiculous reply, or block you on social media, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

As of 2020 is has become the new tumblr but wit zoomers being the new wave of teenagers and college kids.

Yeah, like assassin squads.

3 It has track filters and can kick people off it just because of sites they used outside of Twitter

This is so *bleeped* up that it actually made me quit Twitter.

It is so frigging annoying

4 Rarely do any updates happen but when they do happen barely anything new or interesting is added

I'm not referring to political or world updates but rather updates to the site itself.

It’s 2019 and Twitter still doesn't let you edit your own tweets.

5 It promotes the most boring things to follow

Especically if it's a business or product that you don't care about.

6 They killed Vine
7 They don't let you defend yourself from trolls

Twitter's "Policy" is nebulous at best!

They will Blick/Lock your account for "Abuse" or " Objectionable" Content or comments that you can find all over Twitter threads unmolested!

In that way it's all too subjective, and based on whomever that days "Hall-Monitor" happens to be! Twitter has ti be the most Hypocritical of ALL avialable Social Media Sites.

A lame site that will someday kill itself with its moderation policy

8 Most of its who to follow recommendations are based on who people that followed you followed

Just because someone I followed, followed something like Donald Trump. Doesn't mean that I want to follow Donald Trump to.

9 None of the tweets are moderated or monitored

I know that freedom of speech is a important right but some tweets on Twitter can get pretty dark or hasty in all honesty.

10 There's too many political people on it that cause fights

The spelling and dictation cops drive me nuts.

Not a major reason but still a reason.

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? It's poorly designed
? People treat it like an art site
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11 Lacks a spam filter to prevent certain people from spamming

Specifically trolls and Feminazi's.

12 The site's layout is boring

Again not a big reason but it is somewhat boring to look at.


13 There's a word limit

Which sucks to be honest and while it has been changed slightly there's still a word limit.

You can only use up to 280 characters. For years though, it used to be just 140.

14 They falsely suspend users for being underage

I'm seventy years old for god's sake, not happy about it, but mad as hell that twitter didn't connect the dots when I claimed a 2018 birth date to hide that unfortunate fact, and like greased lightning "locked" my account. My scanner is not working, so have to hire a tech to come by to fix it to 'upload' my driver's license to prove I'm over 13 years old! Pissed as hell, you betcha!

15 It lets socialist jerks make destructive criticism
16 It gives you terrible recommendations on who to follow

Example: Say you followed Shinedown. So because of that it also recommends Hinder and 3 Doors Down. Both Hinder and 3 Doors Down are atrocious and awful to listen to in all honesty.

17 They are making memes and jokes out of Kpop idols
18 It's anti-social

Anyone who's been on Twitter within the last several years (especially leading up to any POLITICAL CAMPAIGN & here we go again), absolutely knows Twitter is no longer a "Social" Network!

Not unless you call strofoam-spind blindsiding attacks "Social", and revel in parsing meaningless barbs with the now way too many nearly illterate random attackers, who must Troll the Twitter-verse looking for any such "opportunities!

They'll suddenly appear out of nowhere, like an air-born virus, and infect your Thread with viral loads most cannot fend of alone, and seemingly over some of your most innocuous comments!

These human-bot-flies alight with enthusiastic ignorance that only (sadly) proves, way too many of "us" are not that far out of the cave!

Oh you bet that it is considering how much nasty stuff's on it, although it isn't as bad as content on other websites like worst one of all 4chan.

19 They lock your account if you follow too many people at one time.

Psychopath are in control of the world we just have to keep fighting and never giving up.. this is call managing slaves so that we cannot get along or rebel. they fear a mass awakening that is taking place. it not that great there is nothing much to do. limit following to 5000 and then you have to wait more following you to follow others. it's a game. you never win when the game is rigged just look at las vegas and stock market all a scam. playing their games we get no where.. like lab rats. managing us is all they care.. dumb down society. psychopath are not very smart they just know how to control us and feed on our fear and do anything to make us not think much and to obey regardless..

Their "new" 2019 version of Twitter is absolute crap! Looks like they abandoned the desktop version and went strictly with the mobile version. Completely idiotic!

That is dumb if they lock your account if you have a lot of followers

20 Cancel culture
21 Too many rules to follow like we are school kids

I am fed up with user on twitter. they don't care at all. at all. all they want to do is tweet nonstop about thing that don't matter and thing that matter just ignore like it don't exist. I am so fed up I rather have dog and cat as friend. who would respect me for caring and not crap on me because it convenient and think its funny. I refuse to spend much time on it anymore. it is not worth my time anymore. I get no joy out of it. none of the user want to better themselves and its sad. it all about worship of celebrity. addicted to games, porn, and entertainment. I have so much to talk about but not many want to listen out of many user I only have a few that I enjoy talking to. that is only 2 user out of thousand on it. I wont do what they do. its wrong and selfish. we are suppose to get along and care abut each other like a family. I will spend my time with friend on internet who cares about me and we get along.
thought we fight sometime just to settle our difference, we stick ...more

22 Closed minded people
23 They do not allow you to fight back against white supremacists.

Twitter claims to be pro liberal and righteous sjws cancel culture but yet again they are hypocrites themselves, Twitter let these white supremacy groups get to do what ever they want that's pretty messed up

Seriously. One threatened to kill my congresswomen and when I called them the C word in retaliation I got a ban. Meanwhile the guy posting pictures of his weapons to kill and hit list still has his account operating to this day.

I am anarchy and if you censor me and delete my comment because you don't agree then you just violated my rights to free speech, the mod of this site you too behave in the same way. do not piss me off.. you will not be forgiven.. I do not forget and move on. I keep my record.. who an ass to me will be sorry in the future.

24 Grammar Nazis

I was harassed by one recently.

25 It’s getting too political and toxic
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