Top 10 Reasons Why Uncle Grandpa Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig


The Top Ten

1 Fewer Fart Jokes
2 Uncle Grandpa Has Mr. Gus

How the hell is that a good thing?

Mr. Gus is awesome - ShutupNoob

3 Less Toilet Humor
4 It's On Cartoon Network

Both of these shows are horrible.

Cartoon network is more worst than Nickelodeon and Disney channel.


Nickelodeon usually has the worst shows E. G (Breadwinners, Haunted Hathaways, Thundermans, etc... ) - ShutupNoob

5 Slightly More Likable Characters Than Sanjay and Craig
6 No Stupid Snakes

Craig gives snakes a bad name

7 Uncle Grandpa Helps Kids, Sanjay and Craig Just Gets People In Trouble

Uncle Grandpa is so nice too the Kids for me. Sanjay and Craig just make farts or are stupid too other Characters.

Eh, Uncle Grandpa tries to help kids but it makes no sense. Sanjay and Craig don't even try to be kind. This list is still confusing though!

8 Nickelodeon Doesn't Shove Their Meaningless Crap In Our Mouths

Do you like Teen titans go? Listen to what you just said and think...

Just thank God you do not have to watch it - ShutupNoob

9 Sanjay and Craig Makes You Sick

So does Uncle Grandpa, are you trying to troll, maybe not?

I was dizzy once it just made it worse

When I watched it I got sick, when I watched UG I did not get sick. - ShutupNoob

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