Top Ten Reasons Why Uncle Grandpa Is Better Than the Simpsons


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1 Uncle Grandpa Is Less Offensive

This list is dumb - PatrickStar

Why do people always compare stuff that are so different from each other? - EpicJake

You made a huge typo on this list. It's supposed to say, "Why Uncle Grandpa is a piece of garbage."

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Top Ten Reasons Why This List Is Better Than... - Alkadikce

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2 Simpsons Is Not Funny

You are putting against the worst show ever with the best show ever saying the worst show ever is better than the best show ever. You are 10 and the best show ever, which is the funniest show ever, at least doubles your age. Try watching older simpsons episodes. - keyson

What? The Simpsons is way funnier than Uncle Grandpa! I swear I can't even get through 30 seconds of that show.

So the kid who made this list likes potty humor?

Uncle grandpa funnier than everything from Simpsons latest seasons

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3 Kids Like Uncle Grandpa More

What? That's so offensive that I can't even. I am 12, and consider Simpsons to be so so so much better than this crap you call "better than the Simpsons". Uncle grandpa is garbage and so much more. Has that show ever won a major acting award? NO! Has the Simpsons? YES! Sure the Simpsons isn't what you'd call "appropriate" but, dude, your list is so wrong!

Nope. Lots of kids hate Uncle Grandpa. - nintendofan126

Uncle grandpa is stupid and inappropriate, my little brother watches this, and there is this little mini show after the actual episode and the heroine's costume had more cleavage than Kim kardashian.

Do you know what ageism means? - RootBeerFan

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4 Homer Is Braindead

That's what makes, Homer special. - nintendofan126

Homer is funnier though. This list is the stupidest thing EVER! Uncle Grandpa is even more braindead than Homer (in a really bad way.)

What is uncle grandpa supposed to be then?

So is uncle grandpa bitch! Uncle grandpa makes Homer look like Albert Einstein!

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5 Belly Bag Is Funny

Belly bag, has never made me laugh. - nintendofan126

Why do the inanimate objects always be goofy? - DapperPickle

I laughed 0 times with that retarded belly bag. Besides, why would talking belly bags even exist in the first place? That's just too unfortunate and braindead. - AinezoChan

Belly Bag never made me laugh... - ChuckECheese

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6 Uncle Grandpa Can Say "Good Morning"

What. Why the hell is this on a list? He can speak, hooray.

I'm pretty sure Homer has said good morning once but that doesn't matter,

But it is the annoy ingest quote ever - TheKirbyCreeper999

Uncle godforsaken grandpa is really annoying when he says 'good morning' all day homer says good morning in THE MORNING

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7 Bart Is Fat

Homer is fat! But Chief Wiggum is fatter. They're awesome. Uncle Grandpa is a fat idiot, not the good kind either. - Goatworlds

What is wrong with being overweight? - EpicJake

Bart isn't fat homer is you idiot

There is nothing wrong with having slightly more weight than other people. Why can't we get along, regardless of all these factors?

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8 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Smarter Than Lisa

Animals are pretty darn intelligent! - HeavyDonkeyKong

No she isn't. She is just a horribly animated frozen rip-off of Nyan Cat.

Block the creator he's mean report him

Ok. This entry pretty much confirms what everyone else has been saying, this list is stupid! And I personally love Uncle Grandpa and don't like The Simpsons (well, not anymore).

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9 Uncle Grandpa Is More Caring

Have you even seen classic simpsons?

Watch some old Simpsons classics - EpicJake

Caring? More like uncaring

Caring? More like stupid! - AinezoChan

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10 Peter Browngardt, the Creator of "Uncle Grandpa", Is the Former Storyboard Writer of "Chowder"

This is the only reason that makes sense.

At least Chowder was at least good

Dude. Chowder was terrible. Get your facts straight. - Goatworlds

He better bring back Chowder and other good cartoons. - AinezoChan

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11 It's So Bad It's Good

" It's So Bad It's Good " NO! It's So Bad It's Horrible!

It's so bad, it's BEYOND anything I can describe! - KingFab

The hell does this mean

What the strawberry fudge does this mean!?!? Is this like a weird Zen riddle or something? - MJfan119

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12 The Characters Are Weird

The Uncle Grandpa characters are weird, not the Simpsons.

This retard never Watched an episode of the Simpsons.

Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa sounds weird.

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13 Uncle Grandpa Makes Jokes

This idiot never watched an episode of the simpsons. - ShutupNoob

He makes um... Well... Like... Retarded jokes! - TheKirbyCreeper999

You've never watched the Simpsons have you!

No Uncle Grandpa makes UNFUNNY jokes. - MJfan119

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14 Uncle Grandpa makes Butt jokes

That's more like it! I dislike butt jokes and this is the only reason which is against this crappy excuse for a list. - AinezoChan

There now you’re getting it! - MJfan119

15 Uncle Grandpa Is Better For All Ages
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