Top 10 Reasons Why the Whole Sonic Adventure Franchise Sucks

Sonic Adventure is an awful series in gaming. It may have been a commercial success with a beautiful atmosphere & strong emphasis, but it has a lot of bad stuff in it. The Japanese versions of the game are the only good versions of this game. The non-Japanese release of the original Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast is the main game that ruined the whole Sonic franchise, mainly due to its awful voice acting, terrible character designs (which the dreadful Sonic Adventure started) & cutscenes.

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21 The Awful Camera Angle
22 The Characters
23 The Cutscenes
24 The Parts Where Sonic & Amy First Encounter Shadow
25 Sonic Adventure 2
26 When Sonic Talks

I hate video games with talking animals.

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27 The Cutscenes Where Sonic & Tails Hang Out With Each Other
28 Storyline

How is the story good, huh? Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the best story, not Sonic Adventure! Seriously, crossovers are much better than Sonic Adventure!

29 Gamecube Versions
30 Poor Controls

Well, Sonic Adventure 2 has bad controls. But Sonic Adventure's are perfect and fitting. Anyways, both games are horrible (minus the fine Japanese versions).

31 Overrated

Most overrated Sonic series ever...

The Classic Sonic series are underrated now.

This should be at least top 5! Seriously, what's so good about these awful games?!

32 Sonic & Tails' Relationship
33 Big the Cat's Story
34 Its Sonic X Adaptations
35 The Extensive Voice Acting
36 Open Your Heart
37 Live and Learn

I don't believe my life any more. Good bye cruel world.

*Crush 40 sings Live and Learn*


Such an annoying singing voice.

This is why Classic Sonic games have much better music.

38 How the Characters Talk
39 People Prefer This Franchise Over the Classic Sonic Games

What?! Classic Sonic games are still perfect, especially Sonic 2 on the Genesis! Sonic Adventure mangled the whole Sonic franchise.

40 Crush 40 Is Untalented

Since when?

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