Top 10 Papabile (Pope-To-Be) After Pope Francis

Well, it may be too early to say who could be next Pope after Pope Francis, but here are the prospects.
The Top Ten
1 Cardinal Robert Sarah

Sarah's dedication to the true teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are needed in a time when the church is under attack for her stances on same-sex marriage, abortion, divorce, etc. The church needs someone to unashamedly stand up for her.

A holy man who is a Christian first and a humanist afterwards - in other words, he has his priorities right. He is also wise and a good communicator.

Solid conservative. Speaks the faith loudly and clearly. Church needs his leadership now more than ever.

2 Cardinal Luis Tagle

For years, Tagle has been shortlisted as a front-runner to be the next pope, having been dubbed the "Asian Francis" for his emphasis on caring for the poor, his desire to soften the way the church speaks of LGBTQ individuals or divorced and remarried people, and his overall missionary spirit.

Laughs and cries with his sheep. He will definitely be tough on issues like the sex scandal agitating America.

He was an authentic preacher of God's benevolence and love. The word that would really expose the true and real presence of God.

3 Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Tagle is too young, too emotional (laughs and weeps too much). He needs a therapy to correct that. Parolin is not charismatic. O'Malley is too serious. The best: Schönborn. Excellent personality. Very bright, speaks several languages including very good French. Profound theological backgroung as a Dominican. Problem: Was recently (May 2019) operated for prostate cancer.

The most likely European candidate who isn't Italian.

Probably ruled out due to health problems.

4 Cardinal Pietro Parolin

From Italy. He is the one of youngest (by age) cardinal available from Italy and this time Italy would really want an Italian Pope.

Love this man. So charismatic, with him as Pope, I believe people would flood to the catholic church.

I would want a more conservative pope but with fresh ideas on making the church appeal more to young people, primary by new arrangememts to the music

5 Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

We need a good and holy man from the United States of America to be the Holy Father.

6 Guido Marini

Marini is quite young yet, and his pontificate would therefore be a long one. He is a brilliant man, and very practical. One question in my mind is how strong is he, and the other is does he have a good historical, not hysterical, outlook on Vatican II, and the need for clarification/correction in several documents, and finally, would he renew Pope Benedict's Moto Proprio on the ancient liturgy which actuallyprecedes the Council of Trent? I find him quite articulate, and I have a hunch that he would make a great Pope. He is a wise man.

7 Cardinal Raymond Burke

Time we had a pope of unity, who cares for all Catholics, not the few; a pope who will worship Jesus, Our God and King. A pope who loves The Holy and Blessed Trinity and Our Lord in His Eucharistic Sacrifice and Sacred Species.

Would be a terrific Pope I think. I hope he can be dynamic as he is orthodox especially in the area of the sacred Liturgy

We need someone to reverse the downward slide of the Church under Francis.

8 Archbishop Lauro Tisi

Is rebuilding his diocese brick by brick. He will bring a springtime of spiritual renewal to Italy and the world.

A courageous priest who has stood up against mafia corruption. Would clean up the Vatican.

Turned around the finances of his diocese. We could use his financial probity in Roma!

9 Cardinal Konrad Krajewski

A modest, selfless man combining a pastoral focus with a fine liturgical sensibility.

He is basically Francis bis. He will see into truely important things like poverty and environment.

Strongly identified with the postivist aspects of the current papacy.

10 Cardinal Peter Erdo

Next pope to be is Peter Cardinal Erdo.

The Contenders
11 Cardinal Sean O'Malley

No other Cardinal could have the trust of the people on the Sex Abuse crisis than O'Malley. A man accepted by both the left and the right.

12 Cardinal Peter Turkson
13 Cardinal Angelo Scola
14 Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Could squeeze through as a compromise candidate, though surely not anyone's first choice.

15 Bishop Athanasius Schneider

A man who has survived communism and knows what it is all about. A holy man who will get the church back on track.

16 Cardinal Vinko Puljić

A hidden treasure of the Church.

He is one of the oldest serving cardinal from Bosnia and Herzegovina

17 Cardinal Willem EIjk
18 Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith

True Catholic leader who fighting for the justice of his people after easter day attack. For 207 deaths and disabled people.As well as speaking for the rights of Sri Lankan people against the corrected government and politics in Sri Lanka. (One and only religious leader who are directly challenging the corrupted government in Sri Lanka.)

19 Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard
20 Archbishop Sérgio da Rocha

From Brazil. Age on his side, we never know.

21 Cardinal Thomas Collins

Cardinal Thomas Collins, if elected Pope, would bring the whole Church, including the curia and the all the landmasses where the Catholic faithful reside.

Cardinal Thomas Collins will bring the whole Church back to the practice of the scriptures.

He would eliminate present and devastating confusion.

22 Rev. James Martin
23 Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung

This is would be an absolute surprise. He is from South Korea.

24 Fr. William Joensen

I Want Fr. William Joensen to be elected pope and become pope Joensen and pope Joensen will going to to usa for a 13 day state visit beginning with New York City and a good old fashioned ticker tape parade down the canyon of heroes from the battery to City Hall and Ceremony at City Hall then to Washington D.C for another ticker tape parade and a state visit with Donald Trump and then to Philly for another ticker tape parade and then to Boston for another ticker tape parade

I will vote for fr. William Joensen

25 Bishop Paolo Rudelli

I want Bishop Paolo Rudelli to become Pope Rudelli, and Pope Rudelli will go to the USA for a 15-day state visit, starting with New York City and a good old-fashioned ticker-tape parade up or down the Canyon of Heroes, from the Battery to City Hall, and a ceremony at City Hall. Then, he will go to Washington D.C. for another ticker-tape parade and a state visit with Donald Trump, then to Philly for another ticker-tape parade, and then to Boston for another ticker-tape parade, and finally to Chicago for another ticker-tape parade.

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