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1 Catholicism

Catholicism is the most evil institution on the planet. They killed millions of people in their inquisitions in the earlier centuries. They even killed the true Christians. They worship statues and images, forbid their priest to marry, and they abstain from meats certain days of the year. Also, they have two of the devils doctrines:
1 Timothy 4:3King James Version (KJV)

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

2 Nondenominational

In a nutshell : unbiased Christianity. Non-denominational Christians are not exerting unneeded efforts to stress that they are a certain divided denominational title that separates itself from others. We belong to God and Jesus, no other title or rule of man fences in our actions or faith from separate interpretations of the Lord's word. We answer to The Good Lord, our one true original Father. We believe His son Jesus came down to our Earth to teach us the right ways to conduct our lives, and he sacrificed his pure life so that we can be saved through our faith. We believe that we do not need the blessing or approval of church leaders or members of a congregation to be worthy of God's love. God's love is our birthright. We believe that we are no holier that the next Christian that sits next to us because we are all God's children, and we are all loved by Him. A lot of confusion exists about Christianity because there are just so many separate denominations out there claiming that they are the one true path to God. Where some denominations may exist with the purpose to state their seniority or superiority over other separate groups or to focus on their varied interpretations of what God wants for us, at the base of it all it's what divides God's children. Division among us is not what God had intended for His people; on the contrary, He wants us to be unified in our faith. Non-denominational Christians live a religious life that is not held back by the complications that comes with struggling to belong to one of many separate denominations. Non-denominational Christianity is a simple yet enriching walk through life with God.

3 Lutheran

Another reformed guy. Him and Calvin disagreed on the sacraments and on the act of worship.

4 Orthodoxy

As a Orthodox Christian all my life I know a lot about it, First of all, we pray to the saints, frequently. The Theotokos( Mary) Jesus, God and the rest. It's really pious, but not as strict as Catholics. We consider ourselves to be the "fun uncle, who is serious sometimes"

It's literally praying to Jesus himself, not asking other Saints, with all due respect, to do our work by asking God for our needs. But we all believe in Christ our Saviour!

Older than Catholicism and kept the faith without changing its core doctrine.

5 Pentecostal

I've read the Bible cover to cover and everything in Pentecostalism lines up correctly. A scripture Baptists often quote is when Paul said that tongues would cease someday. However, he also said that knowledge would cease in the same verse. Has knowledge ceased yet? No. I believe tongues will cease in Heaven because we'll be in our glorified bodies, so we won't need tongues. As for now, to do the things God commanded us to do, we need the gifts of the Spirit, including tongues.

Pentecostals believe in the original biblical doctrine. They didn't believe in the doctrines made after the death of apostols. This the way to heaven

6 Anglican (Episcopalian)

We are accepting and open-minded but use traditional worship. Very raw

7 Methodist

Best community work and welcoming programs. Practical - and not "in your face." also a reformed version Episcopal church versus all other Protestant sects which are reforms from Martin Luther and Calvin.

Methodism is one of the oldest Evangelical Mainline Protestant Church where other newer Christian groups sprung up. It has approximately 80 million members worldwide.

True Methodists are Orthodox in belief and evangelical in practice.

8 Presbyterian

I enjoy Presbyterianism. I feel like each religion offers different viewpoints and options, but I like Presbyterianism in that it allows the freedom of thought. Not everything in the Bible should be taken literally, and it's good to look at it from different angles and formulate my own interpretation. I'm not very religious, and me and my immediate family do not attend church, but I do believe and I do feel that Presbyterianism is the way for me. It's been in our family for a while.

Only difference between this and reformed is the doctrine of infant baptism.

9 Baptist

John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

10 Quakers

More focus on spirituality. Christianity's version of Buddhism.

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11 Church of Christ

They preach the Gospel. They follow Christ's words on baptism. They believe you go to Paradise when you die if you have Jesus and if you don't they believe you will go elsewhere. They believe in making melody with your heart and not instruments. Very friendly people and have tons of activities for the youth. They believe the Bible is the source of your life and also they believe in reading directly from the Bible.

The true church that teaches real doctrine straight out of the Bible.

Biblically based. Doctrinally sound. God's true church.

12 Evangelical

One true denomination. Repent and accept Christ.

13 Seventh Day Adventist

I am not an Adventist but am planning to be one. In the past, I had been studying with several faith groups that include almost all groups found in this site, yet I haven't found one that teaches like does the Adventist. They teach Salvation by grace through faith, the faith that submits to God through His Spirit's influence in their lives, producing in them the transformed lives seen in the way they love God and keep His commandments - not just the eight or nine commandments as most others do, but the ten commandments including the whole Seventh-day Sabbath. They believe and accept the Bible as the one and final authority of their faith and practice. They have shown deep interest in Physical, mental, social and spiritual care as evidenced in their education programs (owning and operating the largest protestant parochial school system worldwide), healthcare programs (owning the operating one of the largest hospital networks worldwide, and church preaching ministries (with works accordingly, established in 206 countries). Healing, teaching and preaching are what Christ exactly did in his earthly ministry (Matt. 4:23). Their healthy lifestyle emphasis, of course, that I found being documented in the study of the 'Blue Zones' makes me feel that I need to receive Jesus in my life and be conscious always that my body is His temple, and that I do not put anything that defiles or destroy the body-temple of Jesus (1 Cor. 10:31). I have seen many of them in my place and Christ's life in them, indeed, makes a difference. Their "blessed hope" is the coming of Jesus Christ. Very soon, I will be one of them by God's grace.

14 Church of God
15 Salvation Army

This isn't a denomination its an organization idiots!

16 Unitarian
17 Anabaptist
18 Calvinism

I believe that Calvinism most closely follows the Bible. And I don't like that it's called Calvinism. John Calvin just used what early church fathers like Augustus and athenasius and just went deeper. And the early church fathers got their knowledge from the Bible. Therefore calvin got his knowledge from the Bible.

19 Rastafari Movement
20 Iglesia ni Cristo
21 Amish

Having grown up in an Amish area of Ohio, I have great respect for the Amish. However, very few "become" Amish. You pretty much have to be born Amish.

22 Church of England
23 Coptic

Coptic is the best, just look at Egypt, living alongside muslims requires to be a saint.
I've never seen any people as kind as them, seriously this must be the top.

Copts suffer from the time of Saint Mark until now, and yet the Coptic religion still survive until this day.

24 Universalism
25 Episcopalian
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