Top Ten Misconceptions About Christians

As a Christian, many people make some errors in interpreting the Bible. We've also had some stereotypes.
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1 Good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell

A lot of what people are commenting on this is not true. Heaven and hell are real. If you are gay, don't believe in god, or sinful you go to hell, but those who have developed a personal relationship with god go to heaven.

There's no such thing as pure good. Everyone deserves hell because of sin (even saying, telling a lie, or looking at a person with lust is a sin, so none of us are immune). The only way to get to heaven is by accepting Jesus as your savior. However, that doesn't mean you should sin all you want. It doesn't work that way

I think its reincarnation.
If there is someone or something out there that used to be Michael Jackson I wonder if they/it are kinda outraged but don't know why or how.
He died in 2009 so imagine if there was a human having anger, tantrums.
Angry creature...stay away from it.
Well plants can't get angry.

The misconception here is to believe that there is heaven and hell. You live your life and once you're death it's over. Death is the only given sure fact in our lives!

2 Gays go to hell

Guys people are not born gay. I don't believe in evolution, but those who do are the same people saying people are born gay. From an evolutionary perspective, it really wouldn't make any sense for homosexuality to have a biological basis. One of the major tenets of evolution is reproduction and passing on one's genes to the next generation. As one author put it, "The existence of homosexuality amounts to a profound evolutionary mystery, since failing to pass on your genes means that your genetic fitness is a resounding zero."

Gays do go to hell, it says so in the Bible. People chose to be gay, you are not born gay. How do I know that?, because you don't see two female birds mating. People chose to be gay to get attention, but if you repent and become straight again, then you might go to heaven. But this is not a misconception, gays do go to hell.

Just because we accept gays now doesn't mean it is morally right or right in the eyes of God. It even says so IN THE BIBLE. Multiple times. I am sick of people being so arrogate. Once more, we accept gays, but that does not mean it is morally right.

It's not your choice to be gay you are born that way so its TOTALLY unfair if you go to hell! The only way is to live your entire life a lie by pretending you aren't gay and that's not right.

3 God is cruel because he allows horrible things to happen

If you want an in depth description read EndTimesBibleProphecy "Why Does God Allow Suffering". I will make it long story short. So sin was created when Lucifer, the most exalted angel, became proud and chose to rebel because of his free will. Sin was created. If God destroyed them the other angels would be afraid so they would serve him out of fear. God could restart but who said it would not happen again so it would be an endless cycle of destruction and creation. God has to have a plan to get rid of sin forever, Jesus Christ. Bad things happen so we can see the result of sin, death. Once it is seen by all, we will understand. Oh and Jesus sacrificed himself so God has a new gift for us, salvation. Salvation is given if you have a faith that works, but not works itself. Read the link above for a more in depth description.

If god is omniscient it means he know the future and if he know the future it also means that everything happens necessary. And if everything happens necessary it means that there is no free will. You can't change something that happens necessary. If there's no free will then people aren't responsable for their acts and sins. If god should punish me because of my acts and sins it would mean that god is immoral because he knew that I would do them and that I'm not responsable. Conclusion : god is omniscient but also immoral or he is good but then he can't be omniscient. God can't be omniscient and good if he gave free will to men. In more logical terms : there is no god or a god-given free will. That's why bad things happen in this world.

God gave us free will and doesn't force us to love him and follow his teachings. Knowing that, why would he do anything about what is happening around us? He is simply letting us handle things down here on earth. He said to Adam and Eve to work the land in order to survive, so clearly, his idea was to let us do whatever.

There is a wonderful line from the song "Do Something" by Matthew West, it consists of:

I just couldn't stand the thought of people living in poverty, and children sold into slavery, the thought disgusted me! So I shook my fist at heaven, said:
"God why don't you do something? "
He said:
"I did. I created you."

4 The forbidden fruit is an apple

Researchers have maybe found out that it was a fig or a pomegranate but even if they had found out that it was a banana, a coconut or any other fruit, it still remains crap ( the story, not the fruit! ).

It doesn't say exactly, but researchers say it's likely to have been a fig or a pomegranate.

It really doesn't matter what fruit it is. All that matters is the message.

Eve eat this fruit it is good - three mobile. Its an apple.

5 Jesus is a zombie

Although he rose from the dead, this doesn't mean he's a zombie. He was resurrected, not reanimated. Zombies don't have a soul. They can't love or feel. However, when Jesus rose from the dead, he sill recognized everyone and loved them.

6 Christians worship three gods

They are just one. It's like God the father chooses to have a son that would be the savior of the world because, the sins of the people is the one who blocked the connection to God the father. So, he sent Jesus to be the bridge towards Him; since the name of God the father is sacred and cannot be spoken by a person who is sinful and no one is allowed to go to heaven if one of ten commandments is violated. So, Jesus Christ is the bridge or the way to be save from sins. It's just like saying that people hate God the father because of the ten commandments that he sent to us and now, he chooses another way to make us decide to be save through his son, instead of Him.

If this were true, then we would break the Ten Commandments. It's basically three in one. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one being.

This is a false teaching. There is God and Jesus. The Holy Spirit is rather Jesus himself. This "third god" robs Jesus Christ of what he can do himself. read Endtimesbibleprophecy

I think of it like fusion, but they're not gems and no dancing.

7 Jesus was white

It's really sad that people still believe in this lie. He's not white, or black, or Latino, or Asian. He's a Jew!

Yup. Jesus wasn't really white. He was Arab.

Why does his race matter

8 We all force our beliefs on everyone

I hate when atheists say this, we know God exists and we're trying to warn you because we don't want you to go to Hell. Maybe you find it annoying but please understand our intent (if we hated you, we would just let you be atheists and keep our mouths shut)

So, hate us and let keep your mouths shut. We don't care about unrealistic warnings. Let us live our lives like we want to because your intentions have no meanings to us.

9 We're anti-science

Science and religion are not opposites. I am a Catholic Christian, and the more I learn about the universe around me, the more amazed I become at God's work. Christians who see science as a threat to their beleifs are closing their minds to newer knowledge about the way God created the universe.

That's not completely true. Most Christians, including some popes, embrace knowledge and have accepted modern science theories.

Well scientists are constantly trying to prove Christianity is flawed, so you can see how we hate scientists.

Just because they don't believe evolution doesn't mean anti-science. I want to kinda be a scientist,but being a Christian I get a bad reputation in USA remember freedom of religion

10 Jonah was swallowed by a whale

Some translations of the Bible say "whale" and others say "big fish". It doesn't really matter what it was. What's important is the meaning behind the story.

No it was a whale, its in the Bible. You are changing what it said in the Bible because someone swallowed by a whale sounds far-fetched so you say "giant fish" but no one knows what it was. Lets say it was Nessy.

40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. -Matthew 12:40 (KJV)

Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish, not a whale. Whales are marine mammals.

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11 We view everything as satanic
12 All Christians are the same

Although we sort of have a common message of Jesus, God, and salvation, we have some differences. Here's some examples:

1. Calvinists believe that God has already chosen who's going to be saved
2. Catholics believe that fulfilling sacraments and good deeds can contribute to salvation. Priests can't marry, and people give up things during Lent
3. Lutherans believe that faith is the only way for salvation. They don't usually follow the calendar like Catholics do.
4. Mormons believe that Jesus is just a prophet (similar to Muslims), and that he visited North America. They are non-trinitarian. This is the most peculiar out of the groups of Christianity
5. Westboro Baptist Church: Hates all other religions and forms of Christianity; believes that God hates the world, even though the Bible states that he loves us all. This is where the non-accepting stereotype about Christianity came from.

Ethanmeister, Mormons are not Christian. They are two different religion

13 Masturbation is forbidden

Sorry, but I had to censor. Basically, the Bible, there's the story of Onan (Genesis 38:9-10. ) where God condemns him for refusing to give an heir to his brother, not for "spilling his seed". However, in Matthew 5:27-30, Jesus said that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. So it depends on how you define it.

That one always confuses me. It's hard to know as the Bible was translated and vocabulary was different back then.

Masturbation isn't always a sin. It's natural for even children to do it and it has some positive effects (in moderation)

I'm pretty sure that it is a sin.

14 We are sexist

I am a Christian, am I sexist if I am a powerlifter, and the other day, I saw a small woman trying to carry a large box and I offered to carry it for her? If things like that make me sexist, well then I guess I am, but I definitely don't think women should never be allowed out of the kitchen or things like that.

If you read the book of Escher in the Bible's Old Testament, you will see that it completely debunks this myth.

If you think sexism is not letting different genders do certain things then ya, but if you think it means trapping wive in the house until sunday then na

No not really, there were some female prophets and heroes in the Bible

15 Mary was sinless

Jesus is the only sinless human? So, what you are saying is that we are all sinners from the moment we are born. How can god be good if he's the creator of sinners? And don't give me the fairytale about Adam and Eve who lived in paradise but because Eve ate an apple we were doomed to be sinners because that would make god immoral. Why should we all have to pay after so many generations for something someone did in Paradise that was not allowed? What have we all to do with that? God, sin, the bible are all made up by humans. I can't believe that many people still believes in those stories.
Comment from an atheist.

No Christian believes Mary was sinless, Catholics do. Christians are created by the father, saved by the son and sealed by the Holy Spirit, Mary has nothing to do with this. In Satanism, the goddess of sexual perversion is equal to the god of human sacrifice, and Catholicism merely put Jesus' name on the god of human sacrifice and Mary's name on the goddess of sexual perversion, so because Jesus was sinless, they'll try to claim Mary was too, there's your explanation!

I think everybody is sinless because there's no such thing as sin. And when I read the comments it's like some people believe that giving birth to a child is already a sin ( exept for Mary because she gave birth to the son of god? ). But if everybody wants to live sinless it would mean the end of the human race because you can't give birth to a child without being a sinner. The whole concept of sin doesn't make sense if you ask me.

Mary was a very good person but not sinless. Only God and Jesus can be worshipped. Jesus Christ is the only human born without sin. The Bible confirms it. Mary said she needed a savior.

16 Catholics aren't Christians

Catholics are one of the largest divisions of Christians. All Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic.

They are bad kinda changed than the original Christianity or Orthodoxy was... that's why I don't like it... They changed religion like ideology! but it is still Christianity

Why think there not? Catholicism is the biggest church in Christianity.

17 Christians believe the earth is flat

What country would I move to if I wanted to Australia! I love that country.
Guess what Flat Earth idiots say the country is a hoax and that everyone who tries to reach it will die and all the prisoners from England where just drowned to death, and that everything you see is either South America, and the people are actors or robots.

Only the idiotic ones. Flat Earthers tend to be Christians because of a few misinterpreted verses in Genesis. It's sad, but the smart Christians know the earth is round

Seriously? That was a long time ago and many scientists have already proved them wrong.

I cannot name a soul in my family wjo believes that nor can I my neighbors.

18 Purgatory

The result of a mistaken Bible verse. When Jesus is being crucified, and the thief talks to him, Jesus doesn't say "You will have to be cleansed by the fires in purgatory before entering heaven." He says, " Today, you will be with me in Paradise." Purgatory is the opposite of what Jesus told us.

Most of the "misconceptions about Christians" are actually false doctrines from the Catholic Church, this being a perfect example.

Purgatory makes sense. The way Christians talk about non believers going to Hell. How about an in-between.

This is a false doctrine. The Bible never stated about purgatory.

19 You're not allowed to listen to Rock and Roll

I don't know if that is true! Look at YouTube for the clip " Good times " sung by a girlsgroup called ' The Clingers ' from 1969. These four girls were mormons. I agree that in the early fifties when rock and roll was concidered as " animalistic black kind of music " ( just look the critics Elvis Presley recieved in those days by religious authorities ) they didn't accept it. But nowadays it's accepted by Christians to listen and play rock and roll.

There's nothing wrong with music. This was just the result of elders seeing evil in everything they know nothing about.

20 You're not allowed to listen to Heavy Metal

I'm Christian and I listen to metal. Just because I listen to songs that talk about the devil or whatever doesn't mean I'm gonna turn into a satanist or something and start sacrificing goats and drinking their blood...

I thought this was a joke in The Simpsons. When Bart is hit by Mr Burns car and disobeys God and meets the Devil who tells him to listen to Heavy Metal when Bart is leaving to return to Springfield.

We shouldn't be allowed to listen to Heavy Metal... it's so demonic...

21 Christians hate Harry Potter

No and best book series

22 Christians believe gays were sexually abused
23 Christians believe in the bible literally

Drink poison anyone?

These are illegal in the bible
Eat pork, shellfish
Wear mixed fabrics of clothes, have tattoos and have piercing.
Touching pig skin
Long hair
Women wearing pants.

24 They are all Church-goers

I am completely Christian, and I do not regularly attend services. I have my reasons, but they do not have anything to do with a lack of faith.

They should be. If you don't go to church then you probably won't go to heaven

25 The first Christians were all European

As a matter of fact, the first apostles to spread the word afterJesus died were St. John who went to Greece and St. Paulus who went to Rome. Also Israel was part of the Roman empire at that moment, so it's almost safe to say that Christianity started in the Roman empire ( wich doesn't mean necessary Rome ).

It started in Israel and eventually spread through Europe through the Roman Empire.

Christianity started in Israel.

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