Top Ten Things Christians Struggle With

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1 Constantly being told our beliefs are wrong

The truth behind any religion is that it is based on faith. Faith is not factual. There are scientific possibilities in existence that allow for both sides of the debate to argue that the other side is wrong but the truth is that we don't have the proof and we (almost absolutely) never will. What many athiests fail to recognize is that their belief in there not being any afterlife or God is just that. A belief. They have "faith" that there is no God. That is all. They do not "know". Christians do not "know". They believe. We believe. I believe. And, no, having trust does not mean that we "know". I trust that there is a God. That is my faith. My religion. And if you don't believe in the same thing, then you have an equal, opposing religion.

2 Being generalized

Generalization hurts people no matter what the conversation is about. Christianity is certainly no different.

3 Their own sins

Fear is controlling you. I'm sorry, but I can't just listen to you all struggle like this. Reincarnation is a thing. If you do good things in your life, you will be rewarded with a good next life, and vice-versa. You don't have to believe in it, but just know that just because you believe in something doesn't make it true, and that goes the same for me too. Just letting you know.

There's a certain misconception that when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you suddenly become sin-free. He simply gives you a chance to repent, not to be perfect. It also doesn't mean that sinning makes you less of a Christian, it just makes you human.

4 Spiritual falls

For some reason or another, we get weak in the faith, we turn against God, we stop going to church... But in the end, His love prevails. I don't let a spiritual fall derail me, it's simply a chance to get closer to God when I come back.

5 Hypocrisy

A serious struggle in a Christian life is hypocrisy. We tend to preach and rebuke, and that makes it so that it seems we are not allowed to sin at all, or that we aren't allowed to fall away from God or forget praying before bed or a meal... It makes us hypocrites when we sin and we don't like acknowledging it, but it's true.

6 God's mysterious ways

I refuse to blame all the horror in life blindly on the thought that "God works in mysterious ways". I struggle with the idea that God would let evil things happen and just say it's because He's mysterious. I believe God weeps at the terrible state of the world, and that time will come when He does do something about it.

If god created satan and give us the choise to choose his creation ( satan ) how could it be wrong then? For your information, I don't believe in god or satan. I think that god's mysterious ways is just a fancy quote to say when you can't answer some questions or can't explain some things that are happening.

7 Reconciling personal beliefs and the Bible

It is the Holy Spirit which interprets the word of God. You can read the same scriptures on different occasions and take something new from it every time. That is the beauty of the word of God.

Also, the word of God is very clear on homosexuality and touches on the issue of femininsm. I think it is important to remember though God loves the sinner, He does Hate the sin. And homosexuality and anything else which goes against the order of God is indeed Sin not a cultural difference. If you choose to adopt certain beliefs or values, please own it and ask God to show you rather than trying to change the Bible or its message to suit your own lifestyle or beliefs.

8 Career and other life choices

I don't know God's plan for me, so I don't know if my plans are according to His. Is this was God wants me to do with my life? I really don't know.

9 Temptations

There's always the temptation to steal, lie, and cheat. For everyone. But Christians struggle with this a lot because of the extra guilt that happens when we give in or simply the fact that we struggle with temptation at all. Of we're born again in Christ, why do I still want to sin sometimes? I don't know myself.

That's like fighting against human nature.

10 Devoting time to praying and being in the word

Sometimes it doesn't seem like it's important to, and that's just the way it is. However, doing both pay off a lot in spiritual growth and maintaining your fatih.

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11 Being called a homophobe

Christianity condemns homosexuality. You chose to be gay or bi or whatever. You don't see two female birds mating, because lgbtq is not natural.

Just because most (I think) of us don't support it doesn't mean we have a phobia! It's so annoying, honestly.

I am Christian yet I highly support lgbtq an is bisexual myself.

12 Doubting your salvation

Wondering if you said the right thing, felt it enough in your heart, "if I was saved I wouldn't sin like this.", etc.

13 Doubt
14 Compromising Scripture
15 Truth and Reality
16 Forgiveness
17 Being judgmental
18 Perpetual new discoveries in science about life

They 're slowing down the progressions and the education of science just because they are affraid that science will have the answer about life, the universe...and so on.

19 Surrendering all areas of your life to God

Letting go can be the hardest, yet most rewarding thing we can do.

20 Fundamentalists
21 Generalizations
22 Cyberbullying
23 Conflict with other religious groups

This doesn't just apply to Christianity, but other religions as well. Some religious groups can't leave each other alone.

24 Wanting to fit in instead of being a light like were called
25 Evil things Christians did in the past (witch hunts, wars)
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