Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Be a Jehovah's Witness

I don't mean to offend anyone who is part of this group, but I have my personal reasons to not join these people anytime.
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1 You cannot celebrate holidays

Not only is it pagan and goes against Jehovah, but it comes from Satan. He's the one that made this world wicked since he challenged Jehovah's rule and sovereignty. So he made these celebrations to distract humans from the most important things (which is Jehovah and his Word). If you don't believe this, then just celebrate the holidays. If you also don't believe me but want to see evidence of this, read Revelation 12:9 in the New World Translation. It's as simple as that

To be fair, Orthodox Christians do not celebrate birthdays either. However, what it is they do instead is, celebrate the feast day of the Saint whom they are named after.

2 They are permitting of sexual abuses

Totally true. In fear of bringing a bad name to Jehovah's witnesses they will do their best to not let this information get out and will threaten to disfellowship you if you go to police for this reason. Easy enough to do a search online and see all the news articles about them getting sued.

Most members are allowed to commit sexual abuses yet the victims or any witness to the case cannot report the incident to the authorities, no matter how severe the case is. Plus, most members will try to hide their wrongdoings whenever possible

3 You will be indoctrinated into thinking secular society is evil

People don't seem to understand what the Bible is REALLY trying to say. What it really means is that this whole system of things is wicked due to Satan's challenge to Jehovah of who deserves the rightful rule over mankind (Revelation 12:9). Being the fair and nice God that he is, Jehovah allowed Satan to prove his point. Therefore making the world we live in today, so Satan rules the world and makes it bad for us humans. This is why it's wicked, not because of people disagreeing with our thoughts as Jehovah's Witnesses.

4 You will be shunned and expelled if you decide to leave or are suspected of questioning doctrine

That's just the way it works. What do you expect when you don't agree with something anymore? It would be weird to have people that go against Jehovah's words and that don't agree with it in general to still allow them to go the Kingdom Hall. What would you do there? What's the point?

Even you're family will shun you. The entire group will label you as a "diseased" person and other members will avoid you at all costs. Anyone who still has contact with you is also at risk of getting expelled themselves

That's why I am never leaving as a Jehovah's Witness.

5 You can't save your friends with a blood transfusion

The New World Translation Bible says that blood is sacred to Jehovah, it is not to be messed with. That's why blood transfusions aren't allowed. If you're a witness, you would know that you can rely on Jehovah to ressurect you back in the Paradise. If you're not a witness, then just take the transfusion. It's that simple

I had great relatives that were and died from that.
Now I think it's a dumb reason to be one and they should get rid of that law or else.

Simple, if he suffers an accident that can be cured only by transfusion, he's already pronounced dead (even if he's a witness himself)

6 Your relationships between friends and families will be strained if you leave

To Neonco31: One way you can fix this is to not be so close to the certain people that will go completely against you. You need to remember that not everyone will agree with what you think, everyone has opinions and ways of acting and stuff like that. So you need to let those people be and let them act the way they want to. Jehovah will also bless your efforts for staying strong and not joining the family member that left him, for he knows that there will be hardships and disagreements.

If you leave the group, everyone in it, even your whole family will ostracize you for departing, no matter how much they love you. Essentially, Jehovah's Witnesses destroy relationships just for their group's own sake

7 You can't be LGBT

No, it is wrong. Why does this list exist?

8 They deny the Holy Trinity

The reason why we Jehovah's witnesses deny it is because it says that "The Holy Spirit, Jehovah, and Jesus are one." This is not true because it goes against the Bible. Look:
John 1:18 - "No man has seen God at any time; the only-begotten god who is at the father's side is the one who has explained Him." First off if no one has seen God at any time, then how could people see Jesus on earth if they are one? It also says that the Word (also known as the only begotten god), is at God's SIDE.
If Jesus went down to earth as talked about in Matthew and died for the ransom to be paid, does that mean that God was gone for that time? Jehovah God can't die, so this proves the Trinity to be wrong.

9 They are a cult
10 They have restrictive eschatological beliefs

There's only 144,000 because Jesus needs co-rulers with him to help him fight in the end of this wicked system of things. Jehovah allows the people who didn't get a fair chance to make it through the end to learn about him and make a choice. Only those who are truly wicked and that go against him completely will be put to death, but not in a horrific and torturous way. Do any of you not find it beautiful to know that there will be a resurrection of the dead (including your loved ones to be ressurected)?

Only 144,000 People Go To Heaven based on their beliefs, the rest will just resurrect on Earth while any non-Witness will be slaughtered by Jehovah on Armageddon. Also, they don't believe in spiritual immortality meaning a Witness will continue to live as a spirit after death while a non-Witness is dead forever.

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11 They refuse military enlistment or to salute national flags

That's choosing to serve the people who rule this wicked world, which is ultimately Satan. Why would we (as Jehovah's witnesses) subject ourselves to our enemy (which is the national flag connected to the world)? That makes no sense

All I know is that if everyone was Jehovah's witnesses there wouldn't be so much bloodshed no wars.. man today ate blood thirsty I'm sick if all I hear.. talking to Jehovah'switnesses is peaceful and at least they teach the truTjey love zgod god enough FOR mee biblr and the hope we have

12 Strict authoritarianism

Free-thinking is a serious sin according to their beliefs so as polygamy (ironic since most Biblical characters have many wives themselves), questioning church doctrines, celebrating holidays, political activities, homosexuality, interfaith activities, and too much contact with the outside world. Several other vices are included too

13 No free will

What people don't realize is that the truth will set you free! Jehovah gives everyone the choice to choose to serve him or not. I don't understand why people are making an argument with all these top ten reasons and stuff. If you don't like the religion then just don't join. Don't try to make a whole debate about it.

14 You have to go proselytizing, door-to-door

To clusium: Jehovah has warned his people in articles and information that people will not always agree with our way of thinking (I'm a witness myself). But we need everyone to have a fair chance to make the choice to serve him or not. People will be rude and make awful comments, so you dismiss them and move on.

At least at your initial conversion anyway. Imagine all the abusive responses which you may receive!

15 You can't celebrate your birthday

Celebrate your mom, I mean aren't them the whole reason why you are here. Always thought is an stupid reason to celebrate

This is dumb I think it's okay to celebrate your birthday you might not make it to your next one, so it nice to be happy you live another year

It sucks that I can't celebrate my birthday I think it's okay to celebrate your birthday

16 They complain all the time

You will be told to the head of the meeting if you if do any non-witness things inside the meetings.Then they would also disfellowship you if needed

17 You cannot hang out with the opposite gender alone

They got mad at me for having a crush and I hung out with her alone once and they got really mad

18 They don't take the bread and wine on the memorial of Jesus's death
19 They don’t give you any personal space
20 You can’t have sex before marriage
21 They doctored the Bible
22 They don't celebrate Jesus's resurrection
23 You can't have friends outside the kingdom hall
24 You can’t get higher education
25 They don’t allow abortions
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