Top 10 Ren and Stimpy Characters


The Top Ten

1 Ren Höek

Ren is absolutely funny but a bit scary and I like him because of that

Ren is best cartoon chihuahua!

Lol I love how he just flips out like a lunatic

I did not know that he was a chihuahua and now that I makes so much sense.

2 Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat

My favorite character on the Ren and Stimpy show should get his own show.

3 Mr. Horse

Whats your thoughts on this top ten list Mr Horse?..

Yes, sir, I do like it!

Me: How do you feel to be at #4, Mr. Horse?
Mr. Horse: No sir, I don't like it. - Svampbob164

4 The Fire Chief

Oddly enough John K. Based the fire chief character off his former boss Ralph Bakshi he even got Ralph to voice The Fire Chief in Fire Dogs 2 from Adult Party Cartoon. - egnomac

5 Svën Höek

Duh, he is ole, you are Sven. He is ole, you are Sveennn.

6 Powdered Toast Man Powdered Toast Man
7 Muddy Mudskipper
8 Wilbur Cobb

Wilbur deserves to be higher! I don't care if he was overused in the Games era! He was better than most of the other characters! - Svampbob164

9 George Liquor

It was sad when Ren attacked him ):

10 Haggis McHaggis

I love Haggis McHaggis. I love the episode hard times for Haggis.

The Contenders

11 Old Man Hunger

Oh God, complete elimination of the show

12 Fly
13 Chuck
14 The Ghost

He looks like Elmer Fudd.

15 The Announcer Salesman
16 Stinky Wizzleteats
17 Jerry the Bellybutton Elf
18 Kowalski
19 Tinker Galoot

Ren Hoek's conscious's conscious... Never said a word other than "MEAT"!

20 Anthony

Anthony's first appearance is in "A Visit to Anthony". - CartoonsGirl

21 The Baboon
22 Log

Who rolls down in stairs in pairs and rolls over your neighbor's dog? It's great for a snack it fits on your back it's LOG, LOG, LOG!

23 Ren's Mother
24 The Nerve Ending Fairy

Character who appears when Ren loses all his teeth, leaving his mouth full of "stinky gum holes." - CartoonsGirl

25 Abner Dimwit
26 Ewalt Nitwit
27 The Gilded Yak
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