Best Rock Bands of All Time

Rock and roll is a genre of music that emerged as a defined musical style in the American South in the 1950s, and quickly spread to the rest of the country, and the world. It later evolved into the various different sub-genres of what is now called simply "rock".

This list is a collection of the top ten rock bands of all time. This includes bands that can be categorized as rock and roll, hard rock, southern rock, metal, punk and just about any other genre that has evolved from 50's rock and roll.

The Top Ten

1 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

I think after going through quite a few lists that unfortunately the very young generally have more to say than the older group who might not necessarily even ventured onto a computer. There is a top 5 without a doubt, not in any particular order and they are Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd ( I never understood there popularity but it is there just the same ) and the newest member to the to group AC/DC

Groups should not even be considered unless they are loved worldwide and have been together for many many years with little change and still be able to command high venue sellouts and also in most cases if not huge radio play than at least high radio request. Many great great bands are biting at the doorstep of the big 5. Rush, Queen, U2 and Metallica, Black Sabbath to name a few.

I love these lists and they hold huge interest and although you will never get it just right for everyone they do make for great talk.

Pink Floyd deserves number 1 position, and the no.2 is Led Zeppelin

Between Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, I can never choose who really is the greatest band of all time. Both deserve to be #1. Currently, Led Zeppelin are #1 but that can always change. This band truly are what dreams are made of. When Jimmy Page plays guitar, it sounds like three guitars at once. John Bonham is hands down the greatest drummer of all time. John Paul Jones is absolutely key to their sound. He's come up with some genius bass lines and riffs. And Robert Plant is the greatest rock and roll singer ever! His voice is so versatile. Every single one of their albums are so well produced. Even though the Beatles made so many great songs, it's hard to go past this incredible band.

Led Zeppelin, the true Hard Rock originals placed at No.2! Sort of pains me. It should be in number 1 slot. And Metallica doesn't deserve that number 1 position. I have heard Queen, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, The Who, Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica but none have that understated elegance in Rock Music, perfect tunes, great Guitar riffs, fantastic drums and of-course the lyrics. I have been a fan of all above mentioned Rock Bands at various times but finally getting hold of many Led Zeppelin albums made me an honest fan of them. Also at times I feel embarrassed that all these years I had been listening to average to run-of-the-mill rock songs (My Pre-Led Zeppelin years).

I still don't understand Led Zeppelin being #1. The Beatles deserve #1. Led Zeppelin ripped off all of their good songs. Like Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, etc.

This is very hard : The Beatles have God-level legacy, Queen has incredible creativity and versatility and Pink Floyd takes you on a journey across the universe. They are all bands I praise but I think Zeppelin comes at the top of the mountain. Drummer John Bonham studied Blues, Jazz and other styles of music to develop unique technique and feel (considered by many musicians as the best rock drummer). Jimmy Page is, in my opinion, the most creative at writing riffs. However I consider Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour as the most musical/emotional guitarist for writing solos. John Paul Jones is Zeppelin’s secret weapon (he adds so much groove to the songs). For vocals, I think Queen’s Freddie Mercury is the best, but Zeppelin’s Robert Plant is The Godfather of rock singing. Most singers on this list, including Mercury, have been influenced by him. Every album is an experience. Solid discography.

2 The Beatles The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented more.

The Beatles hit America in the early 1960s and were all over the radio. I remember being about 4 or 5 and in the car with my mother when "She Loves You" came on the radio. I told my mom that I would never listen to that kind of music! I had not been exposed to popular rock music and was still a student of classical music only. But when a few years went by and I grew up a little, rock music was everywhere and I loved it! It was even in the lexicon of the orchestra in high school - we played a version of "California Dreaming" that was fun to play.

Obviously, the Beatles became the number one band in the world and changed music forever. I rate them number two because of my personal preference for Led Zeppelin as number one.

See I am a 14 years old boy saying these and I am from India . I have visited the Beatles ashram in Rishikesh . I am just gonna say that they are the greatest band of all time . I don't understand why today's kids are not aware of this ? I always see them listening to modern artists but common you gotta listen to all the artists of all generations to understand who is good and bad ? And as far as I have listened they are the greatest of all time . I don't need to tell this , it is their records sold and they have the most no 1 hits in billboard hot 100 . Led Zeppelin , queen , rolling stones ,Metallica are all one of the greatest bands of all time but they are nowhere near the Beatles . John Lennon and Paul McCartney are one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time , with George Harrison being a one of the great guitar legendary skills as well as songwriting, Ringo Starr being a great drummer . Though I have to thank that the generation before the Beatles like Chuck berry ...more

The importance of the Beatles cannot be overstated, not just in music history, but in the history of human civilization. Every band that came after them has been influenced them. From the early love songs, catchy pop tunes, experimental music, and straight rock n roll, the Beatles are the greatest band to ever exist.

It seems I was born in the wrong generation, because I see that Metallica is the first. The Beatles is a legend, unbelievable phenomenon in the music history.

You should feel that you "born in the wrong generation", at least you can still listen to it, and brag that you have superior music tastes.

3 Pink Floyd Pink Floyd was an English progressive rock band formed in 1965 in London, England. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitar), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters more.

The masters of emotions. Such beauty and power in their music. Zeppelin, Queen and The Beatles, wonderful as they are, do not measure up to Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, people vote for Queen and The Beatles simply due to hits and YouTube views. If one listens to any Pink Floyd album, from start to finish, a revelation will be at hand. Metallica being in the top 5 is ridicule. Their songs and concept albums are pale compared to Pink Floyd. For me and most professionals I know, Pink Floyd are at the no. 1 spot.

I honestly think Pink Floyd should be at number one. The combination of Waters concepts and lyrics and Gilmours guitar/vocals (as well as the fine musicianship of Rick Wright and Nick Mason)produced a force that generates Pink Floyd addicts to this very day.

I recently saw someone write "Pink Floyd has never written a bad song. There may be a weak song, or a song that requires thought to understand, but never a bad song". I agree with this 100%. This is one of the few bands that has never released a 'filler' album.

I made an account to reply to the comment above mine, which states that Pink Floyd only has 4 good albums and their popularity is unjustified. The albums before Dark Side are not even close to being bad. The albums made with Syd Barrett are considered to be revolutionary in the genre of psychedelic rock, and even after Barrett left, albums like Meddle and Obscured by the Clouds are amazing, with Echoes specifically being legendary. In my opinion, Pink Floyd's rise to popularity is completely justified.

This band practically created progressive rock and has reached the top in every style of rock they have touched. Their albums, starting with Piper and going through masterworks such as Atom Heart Mother of Wish you were here, they just can't be compared to anything else. There have been many good imitators of the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, but Pink Floyd... there will never be anything like it.

Although the Beatles is definitely the most influential, Pink Floyd is better than Led Zeppelin by a mile, and in my (unpopular) opinion, better than the Beatles. It has a variation that Led Zeppelin just doesn't have.

4 Queen Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

I find that freddie mercury a so good vocal have and that no men of the wide universe where we live not other creature can sing so as freddie mercury!

And the different styles that freddie mercury can do in different songs is
Not possible!

Exactly that's my problem with Queen, it's all Freddy, none of the other super talented people, they only remember Freddy. You just proved my point.

Queen are the best rock band of all time! They got really awesome music!... From lyrics, musics, vocals... Everything! They are a package of amazing people... Theatrical and flamboyant Freddy Mercury, guitar virtuoso and hit writer Brian May, Funky groover and another hit writer John Deacon, and my favorite Roger Taylor he rock in drums, also a hit writer, got really wide range of voice from raspy to falsetto... (they're all awesome composers) its already been a long time since they started their band but they are still popular to the young ones or new generation since there are a lot of queen songs are being used in movies or being revived or covered by new artist (cause their song are just so great no words can describe)... I think queen songs are the most played song of all time as compared to others. On radios, music channels, and even in karaoke. (according to my observation)

-peace I'm just a fan

Queen was, without a doubt, the greatest rock band of all time. Their versatility, their bombastic sound, their theatrical performances all make Queen the most unique. Most rock bands songs all sound the same, speed metal guitar solos or laid back rock songs. Queen mixed it up; what other band could come up with completely different but amazing songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody or Killer Queen or Another One Bites the Dust? (of course they had tons of great song, I'm just naming the most recognizable ones. ) With four genius in the group, each one capable of writing masterpieces, how could they not be number 1? And if you don't agree with me, consider this: Freddie Mercury had the greatest voice of all time, the type that made flowers grow, rainbows appear, and brought people back to life (if he had ever tried)

Find one band that can be matched in talent with Queen. You can't. Freddie Mercury is the greatest lead singer I've ever heard, and I listen to A LOT of music. A Night at the Opera is one of the greatest album of all time, and Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever recorded (Listen to the harmony and the insane falsetto by Roger May, the drummer, and not to mention the lyrics). But the best part about queen is that each member had their own songs they created. You can tell the difference between a Freddie song and a Brian May song.

Also, as far as "rock bands" go, I would probably not put Metallica in here, but if I did they wouldn't make it above number 5. And Journey is always put so low, but why? And The Who at number 37? ROUGH

5 Metallica Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.

Metallica opened my world. Metallica opened my eyes. Metallica opened my ears.

Metallica released my soul. Metallica are the best metal band that will be playing in the whole universe. Great performers!
In fact... I listen nothing else matters now!

I can appreciate that you loved their music. It's not that they weren't good, it's that they had a particular genre of rock (hard) that was GOOD and it may have influence on this genre of rock. It didn't have the diversity to change the direction of rock music in general, which I think must be a factor in reaching top ten status.

All of the terrible death screamo bands on this list wouldn't exist without Metallica, the greatest metal band in history, and certainly one of the best bands of all time.

Most brutal, Angriest, and Precise band. Metallica - No one can top there song and legend status.

James - Amazing Front man, plays Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Singer, Song writer, and one of the best rhythm guitar players in the world!
Kirk - Great soloist, Amazing 'Feeling' in his playing, speedy, great taste in guitars.
Jason - Cool dude, Easy going, Hella Bassist, plays guitar as well! Was a main and backup vocalist during live performances!
Lars - Great drummer, Energy, and Vision
Cliff -... Um the rest Metallica have gotten to where they are? Can't really say Cliff Burton without thinking *Responsible for success*
Rob - Great bassist, Diverse, Great sense of humor, Good stage presence, and can play guitar, drums and some-what sing.

Whether Rock or Metal for the list, Metallica is an obvious winner. People can whine about how overrated they are, but hell, people voted for a reason! Yeah this is not professional/official list but you can see Metallica's topping or at least be in most list.. Proving their greatness.

I doubt if there will be another band that can create such an influence in near future. Yeah they are more metal than a rock band, but Nothing Else Matters!

Guns n Roses should be at least top 5 and how can they fall under Linkin Park and 30 STM. Ouch!

Linkin Park used to be a great band but with all the craps came out from them now, they don't deserved top ten. Not even top 20. A7X should be place higher than Linkin Pork and 30 Seconds of Craps. Enough said.

6 AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014 . They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1979, after which they hired Brian Johnson more.

AC/DC is a band that got famous for making formulaic and generic hard rock. Their songs all sound the same, and they never really tried doing anything new. People are saying that this band is the greatest rock band ever created when there are other artists on this list that have done more things for music and have more interesting sounds than AC/DC. People are saying Queen and The Beatles are less of a rock band than AC/DC even though both bands have done more for the genre than ACDC. There is more to rock music than catchy hard rock. Such an overrated band.

AC/DC's dubious 6th place on this list is a clear indication of the ignorance the current generation of iTunes only kids who think Linkin Park is vintage and 30 seconds to Mars is bad-a$$. Pick up a vinyl record or even a compact disk, if you know what that means and listen to some real rock music and then come back to this list and make an educated decision. In what sane universe does Jared Leto wearing far too much eye make up garner a better spot on a top ten list than AC/DC or Pink Floyd for that matter? This list needs to be renamed, "My favorite rock band, " to make any sense at all because this certainly is not a list of "The Top Ten Best Rock Bands of All Time. "Surely rock bands that earn a spot on an all-time greatest list, should as a requirement, have a reasonable amount of staying power, not to mention talent. Perhaps if AC/DC were to sell out and allow their albums to appear in the iTunes store, the people voting on this list would be better informed and this list would ...more

My absolute favorite band! Forget talking about Back in Black and Highway to Hell! Shot Down in Flames, Touch too Much, High Voltage, Ride On, Hells Bells, Hard as a Rock, Moneytalks, Are You Ready, The Razors Edge, Sin City, Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, If you want Blood (you've got it), For Those about to Rock (We Salute You), and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap are all songs by AC/DC that are without a doubt some of the best rock songs of all time. Angus Young is just amazing, and Bon Scott and Brian Johnson both have voices that fit perfectly. No matter what, there are more legendary songs by AC/DC than any other band on this list. Even their newer albums sound amazing. Not to mention the amazing Thunder chant on Thunderstruck during live performances! And Angus just creates a spectacle with all of his head bopping, running around the stage like a maniac, the guitar spasms, and the duck walk all for the fans amusement. What a great band all the way around. No matter how many ...more

They are absolutely the best in the heavy metal subcategory. They are so much deeper than anyone there is and I'm sorry to say there will be. Not one band has such legendary squad - world class in every position - solo, lead, bass, drums and of course vocal - Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Angus Young is undoubtedly the best guitar player to ever live. Not any band has lyrics of songs that they do. Rebellious and conscientiously honest in their view of life, society and fun.

As far as wider hard rock category, I'd say they share number one spot with Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The Beatles I'm sorry to say trails. Metallica is not even top ten. What are they talking about? Accept, Iron Maiden are definitely higher than Metallica.

7 The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. The first settled line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums). more.

They should be above nirvana, not only are they more influential but they are better, Mick is a great singer, Kurt sings like a depressed Chad Kroeger.

Here is a fact. They can't ALL be in the top ten. Admittedly some shouldn't be in the top ten or are too high up in this list. Only ones that should be there are Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Metallica at number one? The only good albums they've made are "Kill 'Em All", "Ride The Lightening". That is IT. The Rolling Stones have made like forty which are all decent and most of them are brilliant.

Rush should be here also. And they are. Maybe they should be higher, but you can't have EVERYBODY in the top ten.

About twenty of the top thirty should be t
Where on earth are Black Sabbath? Although they started off as a twelve bar blues band, they INVENTED heavy metal and Tony Iommi is a metal god. Without them there would be no Metallica! 47th Black Sabbath are.
The Who at 38? Tool at 43? Porcupine Tree not even here at all? Dream Theater not here? Cream so low down?

I stopped reading when you said Metallica only has two good albums.

I speak of what I think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me all you want but you wont break me so here goes nothing I guess. The Rolling Stones have seen everything and done everything Led Zeppelin haven't and neither has the Beatles and Pink Floyd aren't worthy of being above The Rolling Stones in my opinion Michael JACKSON is the greatest singer while ELVIS PRESLEY is number 2 and MICK JAGGER is at number 3 I think MICK JAGGER is underrated he did still sing well even after many years some would have lost it quickly after some years but MICK haven't and KEITH RICHARDS is an great guitar player in my opinion he's way better than Jeff Beck, George Harrison and John Lennon maybe even better than JIMMY PAGE and Jimi Hendrix KEITH RICHARDS is underrated as a guitar player. The Rolling Stones are way better than the Beatles because The Rolling Stones had remained together even if things weren't perfect the ...more

The best rock band of all time is The Rolling Stones, no doubt. When you listen to them you can hear how their songs sound like something else from the newer generations because every rock band have taken inspiration from them. Led Zeppelin is number 1 on this list and that's wrong. The most successful HARD rock band is Led Zeppelin, but it's not the best rock band, so if you are wise, don't vote Metallica or Led Zeppelin, and especially not something like Linkin Park. My favorite rock band is Cream, but I had to vote Rolling Stones because they deserve to be #1 and everything else is a crime.

8 Nirvana Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.

Who the heck is tokio hotel? Why isn't nirvana in the top ten? They changed music forever! How is a band like Ah-ha or X Japan ahead of nirvana! I've never even heard of them! Nirvana should of cracked the top ten at least! This list is rigged! Metallica number 1? They're a really good band but number one maybe a bit much. I think the beatles should've made it number 1

I'm a big nirvana fan but did they really change music forever? Certainly not in a big way! I feel Grunge pretty much died the same day kurt did. Did they influence any bands? I'm sure they did but that can be said for 100's of bands.

They are grossly overrated and some of their songs are just AWFUL, the slts one was terrible, no wonder Kurt himself hated it.

Created a music genre and kickstarted a whole music revolution within only five years and three albums. Plus gave the world some of the biggest rock hits ever. Just think of teen spirit, heart shaped box, lithium, come as you are, in bloom etc. And they didn't stick to one style either, just look to their live in New York album. Such an important band for the music world, and I would it up there with queen and pink Floyd in the list.

Kurt was a great songwriter and guitarist, and Nirvana's songs are very influential. Nevermind went to Diamond which is amazing. Nevermind just put grunge into the mainstream in the 90s. Also Kurt was against homophobia, racism and sexism which is also why I think they're great

9 Guns N Roses Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1985. The classic lineup, as signed to Geffen Records in 1986, consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. Apart from hard rock they are also more.

Guns N' Roses is the best band in the world.. everybody might not share that opinion but
it should at lease be there in the top 5... the voice and singing of Axl, the guitar of slash, the drumming of Alder... do you need anything else? Locomotive can keep you going all year... and Sweet child o' mine has the best solo in the world... nobody can say no to that without being unsure...every time I consider other bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zepellin (which themselves are outta this world, by the way) to be better, I just listen to a Guns N' Roses song and realize that they can never come to Guns N' Roses's level! Please vote this band upwards...

Ever since I've first heard paradise city my life has changed in a way I can't explain. Everything fits in a perfect way to form the most badass band planet you could never recreate. The way Axl's voice slithers from the microphone makes the best damn frontman on the planet, Slash can create magic with a Les Paul, Duff has the most unique and rock n' roll bass tone and voice, Izzy's heart and soul made the band unique and his song writing is quite honestly amazing and Stevie tops the band off with songs like Rocket Queen and Mama Kin that blow your mind. If someone asked me what my dream band would be it would be these five guys that changed my life forever and I can never thank them enough for that. Thanks guys.

No one quite has the range that Guns N' Roses had. Sure, they're most known for being the original bad boys of rock with riots and no shows peppering their tours. But they have the largest range out of any of the "greats". From Welcome to the Jungle and Rocket Queen, to Patience and November Rain. They can play anywhere from acoustic to hand banging hard rock. Add to that Axl Roses being one of, if not, the most entertaining lead (next to maybe Fredie Mercury) and the incredibly seamless yet absolutely mental hard-rock/blues guitar riffs from Slash and you have the best rock band of all time.

If you want to define "great" as "most influential", then by all means give the title to the Beatles, Pink Floyd or Zeppelin. But in terms of music that is both emotional charged, complex, and at times, range-inducing, then no one can touch Guns.

Guns N'Roses are the greatest Rock N'Roll band of all time for 10 reasons-

1. They are made up of the Greatest Vocalist of all time, two of the greatest guitarists of all time, the best bass player in the world and the most awesome drummer ever. And when these five men played together, the earth stopped moving and everyone stared in awe.
2. Their songs are awesome.
3. Every song they sing/play is genius.
4. They changed the Rock N' Roll industry forever.
5. You can listen to their songs over and over again without wanting to stop.
6. Anyone who listens to them instantly becomes a fan.
7. Their music is addicting to listen to.
8. They can change people's lives with their music (they changed mine).
10. Axl Rose is fit.

10 The Who The Who is an English rock band formed in London, England in 1964. The most recognizable lineup was Roger Daltrey (lead vocals), Pete Townshend (guitar), John Entwistle (bass guitar), and Keith Moon (drums). They are best known for their live performances and hit songs Baba O'Riley, My Generation, and more.

The Who should be higher than 9th. They belong in the Top 5! They have better lyrics than any other band (apart from Pink Floyd) and they have a countless amount of great songs! Plus, every single band member was extremely talented as musicians. Quadrophenia and Tommy are hands down the two greatest rock operas of all time. Vote for the Who, because they should not be lower than AC/DC and Nirvana.

Anyone who talks trash about The Who doesn't know what good rock music is!
With such mesmerizing live performances, a big diversity of incredible albums, huge impact on rock music and 4 extraordinary music artists, only someone clueless and ignorant would hate this band!

The Who should be higher than 10th. In my opinion, they deserve Top 5. Every single member of this band was so talented at what they did. They made three legendary albums in a row (Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia). Plus, their lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

The Who's legacy is undeniably huge. First of all, they invented the rock opera, so all of you people who obsess over Green Day's American Idiot and My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade can thank this band (as if those albums can even compare to both Tommy and Quadrophenia in the first place). Second, they were the ones who started smashing and kicking their musical instruments about and made it mainstream in the process. Last, the scream in "Won't Get Fooled Again". The Who are a band that must be seen in order to understand their impact on music that changed the industry forever.

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11 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath were a Heavy Metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1968 by guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi, singer John "Ozzy" Osbourne, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward. more.

People who vote on this list don’t play instruments. Sabbath are on the same level as Zeppelin. If you played their music, you would ask yourself how is it possible to write music like that especially in their time period. Every (literally every) metal band in the history of this green earth exists because of them. Without a doubt, the most influential Rock act since the Beatles.

Grown to admire ozzy's singing style, problems with his vocal range still. The rest of the original lineup=superb. And bands like exodus and overkill and hundreds more can kick tallica's butt any day.

The list system on this site provides the same dilemma as the the MLB all-star game. People who know nothing about music are free to vote for their pop bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and have their votes drag down great bands like Sabbath.

But Sabbath isn't just a great band. They CREATED metal. Paranoid was one of the most influential metal albums of all time. Songs off of that album (and their self-titled effort) like War Pigs, Iron Man, and Paranoid laid the foundation for metal music. As much as I love Iron Maiden, Sabbath played a much more important role in creating metal. Ever since metal was forged in the early 70s, its bands have been following Sabbath's model.

Zeppelin is number one (a spot that they definitely deserve). The Beatles are number 2 (They were the original "band. " I completely agree with this). Other than the Stones and the Who, really no other rock band can touch Sabbath. Because, if you erased Black Sabbath from history, bands like Maiden, Priest ...more

I think nothing comes close to the Beatles, but Sabbath is top 5 for sure. It's a tie between Sabbath and Zeppelin in my opinion. And what about Purple? Pink Floyd is great but not better than those 3.

12 Rush Rush was a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

The epitome of "power trio". Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are the greatest at their respective instruments and Alex Lifeson is supremely underrated as well. An amazing, absolutely mind-blowing band.

Rush is simply the best overall rock band of all time. So diverse in changing with the times. Every album is unique. They didn't have a ton of radio success so if you haven't tried them you must. The change your life; any fan will tell you. The musicianship is just unbelievable.

Okay. I bet half the people here voted for bands they've heard of or because of a song they heard by a band. Seriously, listen to Rush. They've been around since 1973 and have always been a 3 piece band. Since 1973, they've released 19 albums, all are Gold or higher. Every album has at least one or two hits that most people recognize. They started out with hard rock then moved to progressive, and that change was amazing. With Neil Peart smacking the drums and writing science fiction-like vocals, Geddy Lee slapping the bass, hitting those extremely high notes and playing the keyboards and Alex Lifeson shredding on guitar, the music doesn't get better than that.

Neil Peart is an amazing drummer. There's not one beat that he can't keep. He uses every piece of his drum kit to make music and his arms and legs always seem to be moving. Aside from that, he makes most of the lyrics for the band. You can thank him for that.

Geddy Lee is like a one man band. He plays bass like ...more

Rush are the most under-rated rock band in history. Sure, they made 13th best ever on this site, but Green Day and Nirvana are both listed as better than them. Are the voters twelve?
Rush were there in 1973 putting out solid rock music practically before their balls had even dropped. They went on to define Progressive Rock. And then unlike Genesis et al who morphed into "dad's music" or countless others who fizzled-out or fell apart, they embraced new musical styles, learning from newcomers and they grew, whilst always sounding like themselves. No other band has been as versatile, as musically relevant or as lyrically ambitious. Nor, I must say, have many singers progressed as well as the much-maligned Geddy Lee. ACDC have been making the same album since 1982! Let's face it. Rush are too sophisticated for the average rock fan. Their place in Rock History is a sad indictment of the genre.

13 Green Day Green Day are an American pop punk, punk rock, and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1986. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative more.

Nothing compares to the "Jesus Of Suburbia"! Its like their songs are for everybody, every audience that sings back their songs is not just reflecting what Green Day are saying with that song.. It is also.. Reflecting their lives being in that song.. Billie Joe is an amazing performer, musician, song-writer and singer, Mike is awesome underrated bassist ( with the best bass lines in history ) and Tre' Cool is the most bad ass, funny, pure energy, and great Rock and Roll drummer ( with awesome drum solos )... Their line up is the best

With the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody, Jesus Of Suburbia is better than all of those songs in my opinion

Despite the hate they get for not being "real" punk, they still sell out stadiums and have written some of the greatest songs ever. Basketcase? Incredible songwriting.

I love Green Day! They're absolutely amazing! They changed how I think, how I react, how I even live!

I heard "Holiday" when I was 4 on the radio. I remember asking my older brother: "What's the name of that song and who sings it? ". My brother looked at me and said: "It's called Holiday and it's by Green Day. " Since I was kinda young to be listening to their music, I had to wait a while until I could properly introduce my love for them. They've changed my life somehow. They've been there when I needed someone... When I needed help... Through their music, they've taught me so many things. I don't know where I would be without them; I don't know WHO I would be without them.

Billie Joe's smart, funny and an amazing singer and guitarist. He really shows what he believes through his songs.

Mike's the best bassist in all of history. He can move his fingers in a way that completely captivates my soul.

And Tre... Oh Tre. What can you ...more

When one mentions punk rock, one must mention Green Day. For over 25 years, they have declared and proved themselves to be one of the most influential music legends of our generation. It has revolutionized the meaning of good music - the band is as strong as it is diverse, with amazing drums, incomparable bass lines, all supported by possibly the most talented and energetic live singer of our time. They are nothing short of pure talent, and they have a whole slew of songs to defend their worthy title as kings of the punk rock landscape - Basket Case, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, and their anti-political phenomena of American Idiot as a whole. Few bands, if ever, will ever come close to topping the standards that Green Day has set.

14 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden are an English Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm more.

I thought this list was about best rock bands ever. But when I saw the first spot I see no reason why Iron Maiden should not be in the top tens. Listen to their songs "FLIGHT OF ICARUS", "WASTED YEARS", and of course their classics like "HALLOWED BE THY NAME", "THE TROOPER". The vocals can't be called any other flawless. Even their newer songs like "RAINMAKER" etc. Are really really good. Everyone should understand this- Had Iron Maiden given more gap between the classic albums they released in succession (1982,1983, 1984, 1986, 1988) and promoted them with some mainstream media support, they would have sold more, much more albums than all the bands mentioned above Maiden in this list

Maiden is one of the very few bands that could last for over 30 years and still have the same image as when they first came out; and still be writing, making, and playing as well as ever before. Their recent album releases rival the all around greatness of their first couple of breakthrough masterpiece albums, and they show no sign of slowing down. When you have one of the greatest and most influential bassists, drummers, vocalists, and 3 of the greatest guitarists in metal, Iron Maiden is the only thing that can come from it.

Their greatness can not be overstated, and I believe they should have been in the top 3, along with Zeppelin and Metallica.

Together for about 30 years. Not one bad album. Everyone has something to offer even the less popular ones.
Virtual XI, has some of the most unique songs from the band though they don't get much recognition because people are to blind to see past the lead singer changing. (And Steve Harris writes most of the songs so the quality of their work has no reason to decrease).
X Factor has one of my personal favorites, Man on the Edge and other darker styled songs.
No Prayer for the Dying has some really nice slower songs like No Prayer for the Dying, and then some darker songs like Mother Russia and Run Silent Run Deep. There is even a real radio friendly song, Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter.
Fear of the Dark, my least favorite album, has some of their best songs, Fear of the Dark, Afraid to shoot strangers, and Judas my Guide
Killers and Iron Maiden have some of the catchiest riffs I have heard in any song.
Then you look at the bands list of ...more

Iron maiden are the best for many reasons 1 being they have 3 masters of guitar who play amazing solos, one singer who over the many years that he's been singing can still sing the way he did nearly 40 years ago, their drummer who's fast playing always has an over excited grin on his face, their master of bass who created the band and plays amazing bass solos whilst at the same time tries to make them easier for the fans to learn how to play them and last but not least EDDIE THE HEAD! The bands amazing and musty formed incredibly detailed mascot who has made the band well known throughout the whole world and the things that they've done throughout the time that they've been around + taking care of and playing for their dying/deceased drummers medical treatment which I see as awesome because Clive was AWESOME! He brought us the amazing drum solo for hallowed be thy name :o that is classed as epic in my books :O I don't see how they're behind certain bands like 30 seconds to mars and ...more

15 Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Alternative more.

They've brought to the world an all new Genre. Its called, Linkin Park. The combination of Chester (Amazing voice) and Mike Shinoda (Rap) is just insane. They're awesome. No one can match chester's voice when it comes to shouting like that and yet find it so pleasing. Linkin Park forever. They've produced music that no one can ever forget. Lives always somewhere within. Somewhere very deep.

When I was younger, Linkin Park was my favourite band. But then I realised that bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Metallica are way more talented and diverse. Every Linkin Park song has the same structure and they have no outstanding talent whatsoever.

They can't be beat they change their music they have so many hit songs they are in TRANSFORMERS. They have the most views of any rock band on youtube

New divide, what I've done, crawling, in the end, numb, faint, breaking the habit and so many more hit songs. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST

Plenty of other bands have their songs in movies. And you can't use a views argument because YouTube didn't exist when Beatles, Zeppelin, etc. existed.

It's the most crazy, most rocking and the exotic rock band ever evolved...

All the likes on these Linkin Park comments are nothing but hacks. If thousands of people really voted for Linkin Park on this list, they would be at least in the top 3.

I wish I have a screaming voice like chester. His pleasing voice is different from other screaming vocalist, because his screaming voice is an angelic that pleads to our conscience, not like other vocalist who likes to scream but their voice is like racing the dead and the demonic spirit. I love their new style of music. I can feel the affection of his heart trough the goodness of his songs like. " You are not alone for the Haiti"- leave out all the rest. When my time comes forget the wrong that I've done- New divine, And your voice was all I heard That I get what I deserve So give me reason To prove me wrong To wash this memory clean, What I've done Cause I've drawn regret from the truth Of a thousands lies So let mercy come and wash away. This band is Bizarre

16 Aerosmith Aerosmith is an American rock band, sometimes referred to as "the Bad Boys from Boston" and "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band".

How is Aerosmith below stupid Linkin Park, Nirvana, and all them bands that are just inspirations off of Aerosmith?! Aerosmith has already shown they are One of the best bands ever- visiting Japan in their worst times in 2011 after their earthquake and rocking for them- selling 168 million albums in 40 years- countless hits- they even covered the Beatles, the Doors and other bands- making the original songs look like nothing. Admit it- Steven Tyler is the best rock band singer, or possibly just singer in general- Joe Perry is the best guitarist to walk the Earth- and so is Brad Whitford. Tom Hamilton is the best bassist and wrote their hit "Sweet Emotion", and Joey Kramer creates the thunder unlike ANY other drummer- he can drum so fast the strobe lights can't even catch him!

Aerosmith crowded so many arenas over the years- there was once so many people the arena was LOADED and the streets surrounding it were so crowded of people who wanted to hear them! Their shows are amazing ...more

Aerosmith is bloody brilliant- To think they are actually below knock offs of Aerosmith is really sad. Tyler's got lyrical talent and amazing vocals- Perry is chock full of catchy riffs and Hamilton is great for a band that's not bass heavy.. The fact that these guys have lasted from '71 to now, still throwing out hits is just amazing. This list just shows how far people's musical knowledge has fallen.. Because these guys should be in the top ten.. Easy.

My Chemical Romance..

Aerosmith should be in the top 5's, there are so many hits, there's so much talent, so much beauty in this band! every time I listen to one of there balads (What it takes, Pink, I don't wanna miss a thing, Dream on, Angel) I tear up. Honest to god I know queen is amazing, so are all the other bands on this list but really? Should queen be number 4? I mean they have a good number of hits but I swear to god if I hear we will rock you/ we are the champions one more time I'm gonna hang myself!

Still love queen don't take it the wrong way.

How on Earth are half these bands ahead of Aerosmith? The combination of Steven Tyler vocals Joe Perry's God like guitar playing and riffs. This has to be one of the best live performance bands I have ever seen and the only two I haven't seen on this list is Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Aerosmith has produced two of the Greatest rock anthems of all time with Sweet Emotion and Dream On. Definitely in my Top 5 Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd Lynard Skynard.

17 Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American funk-rock and alternative rock band, that was founded in 1983. more.

Best Band to Grace this Earth Period. Been listening to them since I was a little tike and let me tell you something I'm a modern day Plato from listening to these guys. Kiedis theory isn't perfect but it's close, his insightfulness has been the foundation of my constitution of which I live by today. He's taught me more than any teacher could ever teach me and I love him for that, now back to the band. They fuse all these great sounds that we as humans know, love, feel and can't explain and the peppers extract those feelings from us and take us on a ride of a beautiful thing we call life. They are more than just a band to me, they are my medicine, I bleed the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If I had one wish other than everlasting wellness for my family, it would be that these guys would find the fountain of youth.

I'm sure the bands above these guys are extremely talented and have been incredibly successful in their careers, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers are just a legend still being born. They've inspired the creation of many other bands and I really believe they deserve a Top 10 spot. Who doesn't know of RHCP? Who doesn't enjoy at least one of their songs? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the greatest rock bands in history. They can generate a different sound, vibe and mood with every album released.

Red Hot Chili Peppers. I really hate to go out and say something is the best band ever, because I really hate to give a biased statement, but the chili peppers deserve the title of best band ever. It's because they are centuries head of their time, one of the few bands ever that can mix the nice groove of funk and still have the edge of hard rock. They know how to make an album with the perfect balance of the elements of groove, emotion, and rock. They are all great musicians and masters of their instruments. Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the few bands ever to ever have such power in their music. Such a strong power can save lives, for yet, they did save mine...

Red hot chili peppers are the best band alive. Well that's what I think. I have grow up listening to these boys and they are what makes my life good. When I listen to these boys they take all my sadness away. They are like the excitement in my life. Even though I wasn't born when rhcp was most famous, when I first listened to them I felt like I was just blessed. I know everyone on this planet can not love there songs and flea is just one of the most amazing people that has ever been born. So I just believe that they should be at number 1 or at least in the top 5 let alone the top ten. God bless red hot chili peppers, you've saved my life!

18 The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Jimi Hendrix Experience was an English-American rock band that formed in Westminster, London, in September 1966. Composed of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jimi Hendrix, bassist and backing vocalist Noel Redding, and drummer Mitch Mitchell, the band was active until June 1969. During this time more.

I consider all Jimi Hendrix led bands to be beyond any other rock artist in any given milieu. The only reason I can think of JHE languishing at 28 at the time of writing this, is that even to understand JHE you need to be an experienced musician; his riffs created genres, his lightning fast solos are to this day considered to be untouchable, he was the first to use guitar feedback as music, Mitch Mitchell's drums CANNOT be recreated by anybody other than himself.
Whoever brings a little bit of Hendrix into their playing style is considered to be a gifted player. Joe Satriani, Slash, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Frusciante (RHCP) among others all consider Jimi Hendrix to be their influence. Heck, even Jimmy Page acknowledged Hendrix to be the greatest.
This goes for the amazing Eric Clapton band Cream as well.

I love the Experience, have 2 of their cd's but the reason they aren't up there in the list is because Jimi Hendrix IS the band, no disrespect to the other guys but they are shadowed, Jimi always had a back up band, and it wasn't always this, they are the best of his bands, but he had Band of Gypsies and a couple other groups at different times. This is why groups like David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars aren't in the list, because the BAND isn't noticed, the LEGEND is, and what a super legend is Hendrix! Rock and Roll hall of famer and The Rolling Stones best guitarist ever.

Come on! How can I find The Jimi Hendrix Experience this far down on the list? The best guitarist of all time deserve a much higher place on this list.

Look at some of the bands above... How would any of them be able to beat the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Listen to "Machine Gun", "Voodoo Chile", "All Along the Watchtower" and then come back here. You'll see who really deserves the top spot of this list!

The fact that Jimi Hendrix is in this band should have already put it on number 1. Hendrix was a legend and even though his career was short-lived, his influence in rock music will stay forever. This man has made the best guitarists we know today not to mention invented distortion and thereby creating millions of hard rock and metal bands today. He created Rock music as it is today.

19 Radiohead Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwoood (bass guitar), Phil Selway (drums), and Ed O'Brien (guitar).

Radiohead should be Top 10, not 19th smh. Their music is so relatable, and Thom Yorke is a genius songwriter. Plus I love his vocals. Jonny Greenwood is a very underrated guitarist. Ok Computer and In Rainbows are both masterpieces.

Easily one of the greatest, if not the greatest rock bands ever. I'd put the top 4 as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Led Zeppelin. But they can all be interchangable

Radiohead are truly one of the greatest bands of all time. Both OK Computer and Kid A are one of the greatest albums of all time. To add what I just said, do you think any kind of music artist would make such a daring change with an album like Kid A? Radiohead are a fearless band, always changing their sound and challenging the listener with each album. Thom Yorke is one of the greatest singers of all time, while Jonny Greenwood is one of the greatest guitarists of all time as well. Radiohead are also the only '90s British band to maintain their popularity in the US, since Oasis killed their popularity in the US while Blur never stood a chance in the US. Overall, Radiohead changed the music industry forever and we couldn't be any more thankful of them.

If anyone doesn't vote for Radiohead, it's only because they haven't had the opportunity to listen to their music. I've always been a "radiohead", and as a result, I've listened to a very wide range of music throughout my years. To be real general, I'd categorize my taste in music as being eclectic, with a preference for any music that sounds beautiful and actually has meaning (given there are lyrics in the music to analyze). That means that there exists some classical music that I find amazing, as well as some present day "house" music that I feel just as passionately about. With that being said, from what I've personally heard myself (which I'm confident should serve as a solid foundation to base my opinion on), there have been no musicians or bands as close to perfection as Radiohead are as of the moment (keep in mind, Radiohead can only exacerbate how strongly I feel about this claim as time goes). I don't believe that the word "genius" is actually a word that can be attributed to ...more

20 The Doors The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore.

The Doors leader/lead singer, Jim Morrison, could only sing 5 notes, he couldn't dance nor play an instrument. So why would The Doors be so damn good? His poetry stands out and just fills your head with such deep thought. The other genius was Ray Manzarek who knew exactly how to put Jim Morrison's poetry into music. Two geniuses meshed together so brilliantly and created a top notched band!

just look at some of the bands higher up on this list, than The Doors, clearly that's because they only listen to all the 80s and later rock. Although I find some hope with Zeppelin being number one I can't see The Doors anywhere below t10. In my opinion they should be in the top 5 but they might not be for everyone.

The Doors deserve to be in the top 15, because if you actually know the Doors than you will see how many hit songs they had made in only 4 years. They have a lot more hits/talent than most of the bands that were voted better (I.E. metallica...Metallica sucks). And the Doors influenced another big rock band in the 70s know as Led Zeppelin. Led is good, but they plagiarized way too much. The Doors took the 60s from happy "I want to hold your hand" to a rocking "Break on through to the Other Side! ". The Doors showed their talent by taking jazz/blues grooves and mixing them together and putting in Jim's hypnotizing lyrics (I.E.The End, Ship of Fools). Jim's voice too was spectacular and I love to see how much it changed from 1967-1971. The Doors pulled all the stops from "Crystal Ship" to "5 to 1" to "The Soft Parade" to Roadhouse Blues" to "L.A. woman". Some interesting facts are that Robby Krieger finger picked, which isn't that easy to do. Again, I will say that the Doors changed the ...more

The End and Riders On the Storm. Two of the greatest songs of all time. The End, playing in Apocalypse Now, when the helicopters are flying over Vietnam, is so eerie and mesmerizing.

What... So many mediocre bands ahead of these legends. I will name a few bands that are ahead of these legends that have no business being near the top 10. Bullet for my Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, System of a Down, Muse, Green Day? ABOVE THE DOORS! The Doors at #46! You kidding me! Come on, this is why I can't stand my own generation sometimes. No sense of history or in doing cool and fun stuff! They were a personification of the rock and roll life: Sex, Drugs & Partying. Morons with no musical understanding vote for those safe, soulless bands with no depth, creativity or talent in their art. This list dismayed me with the Beatles not being number 1, Jimi Hendrix being ranked around 30, Linkin Park and Green Day being in the top 10, while The Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden are not. This goes to show the ignorance of people's understanding of rock and roll. But to put the Doors at 46 is just moronic. Move the Doors up for the love ...more

21 U2 U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have more.

It's hard to argue the case for U2's greatness, primarily because of their HUGE popularity. Artists that are this big are usually pretty dismal quality wise with the odd obvious exception. U2 is the foremost of these exceptions - they are possibly the greatest rock band of all time and definitely the biggest. A lot of people don't like them because of this massive success, but they achieved it on the back of genuinely original, transformative music. No one sounds like them ( although they certainly try ) and their positivity and power stands out a mile amidst the general sea of anger and depression of most modern music. I love them regardless of how much money they make - if all " big " acts were this fantastic I would live full time in the mainstream.

Since All That You Can't Leave Behind the band has become more and more what their fan base wants ( expects? ) them to be. Nobody does U2 better than themselves, but I sometimes wish they would throw practical thinking to the wind and not think about the commercial market at all. Each recent album has about 7 or 8 songs I love on them but also some obvious attempts at trend following that, in my opinion, stand out glaringly. If they are going to go in the direction of their "classic sound", go all in and don't dilute it with sops to the popular sounds of the moment. They are leaders, not followers! Still one of the greatest bands of all time.

20th? They should be top FIVE. They are in my opinion the second best ever behind the Beatles, just take into account all they have done over the years AND ARE STILL DOING TODAY! U2 is generally agreed upon as one of the best live bands ever, almost universally agreed upon that they did the best Superbowl halftime show ever, in my opinion they have consistently the best lyrics of any band ever, their songs aren't just the shallow stuff you can find from any other band about "I love her, bla bla bla" they all have deep meanings way beyond that like Beautiful Day and Walk On for example. And U2 is by FAR the most talented classic rock band still playing today, and they are still really good unlike other classic rock bands who still attempt to perform like The Who and The Rolling Stones. And they are still MAKING good music too, there are several good songs on their new album Songs of Innocence which just came out last year.

Sorry, ridiculous list. U2 at 19, 20? The only band to win the Grammy for Album of the Year twice. Record number of Grammy wins. Biggest band in the world for four DECADES. Hugely influential in musical style - POP, Achtung Baby, Joshua Tree setting the scene for following music for years to come. All this list shows is how little the internet "music fans" actually know about music. Ask anybody actually working in the music industry who the best Rock Band of all time is and you'll get a totally different list. U2 below Green Day, Iron Maiden, Rush, Aerosmith etc.? You're having a laugh. Ask anybody with even an ounce of music knowledge to name 10 songs from memory from any other band on this list and I'd bet good money they can't.

22 Van Halen Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.

What U2, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N Roses ahead of this? no...
U2, Radiohead, RHCP are good bands no doubt, but are kinda mellow.
And GNR... sorry, but they suck. Aside from their first album and a few songs, just bland music.

Really, twenty four? How, just tell me how. Van Halen deserves to be higher, at least in the top ten. They were the first band to combine heavy metal with hard rock, and truly produce their own sound. If their first album was their only album they would still be in the rock, and roll hall of fame. Here's one name for you... Eddie Van Halen. Him alone is one reason why they should be higher. Eddie is arguably the best guitarist in history. Just listen to Eruption sometime, or even Runnin' With the Devil, Panama, Mean Street, or Light Up the Sky. 194 is an album that did not only change rock history, but also pop music with its synth, and songs like I'll Wait, Jump, and even the instrumental piece 1984. Just tell me why they aren't number one.

Van Halen is one of the greatest, most iconic American rock bands. They're the only 80s hair metal band (with the exception of Guns n Roses) that actually had the talent and songwriting skills to back up their egos. They are instantly recognizable. Eddie was a pioneer of shredding and had a unique tone that was impossible to match (he had a melodic shredding technique that no modern rock band has been able to mimic, with the exception of maybe Tremonti). Alex and Michael had an awesome, heavy, rocking rhythm section (which helped contribute to their relaxed, but heavy sound). And David Lee Roth's (and later Hagar's) voice helped tie everything together to create the greatest party music of all time (nothing new can touch it). Van Halen needs to be up with Aerosmith, Metallica, and the Eagles as one of the best American Rock bands ever.

Oh yeah...their classic stuff is top notch. Roth MADE this group with his distinctive voice and over the top style. I am sure they realized this by now. Happy Eddie is doing well as he is still the number one lead guitar man, and still playing!.

23 Foo Fighters Foo Fighters are an American rock band, formed in Seattle in 1994. The band was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl after the death of Kurt Cobain and the dissolution of his previous band. The band consists of Dave Grohl (lead vocalist, rhythm guitar, main songwriter), Pat Smear (rhythm guitar), Nate more.

Okay something is very wrong for foo fighters to be this low on the list let alone Dave grohl was the drummer for nirvana then before be had a band be recorded drums guitar vocals his self then played them over to make songs he does the drums for tenacious d and plays the devil! And foo fighters have over 20 amazing songs and he drums for queens of the Stone Age and in my eyes has amazing vocals doubt him listen to monkey wrench where he sings for ages without breath! Then growls he has more talent in one hand then kurt sorry kurt rip mate your a legend also cause really what would the best song of the 90s smells like teen spirit be without the drums laugh out loud but anyway here's my list of my favorite bands im18 by the way led zep foo fighters Metallica avenged sevenfold blink 182 nirvana the offspring good Charlotte the Beatles ratm wolfmother not a band but chris Cornell thirsty merc John butler trio hey at the end of day I've miss heaps and I could go on for two years laugh out ...more

Dave Grohl is an inspiration. Can play any instrument he wants and has a voice from heaven. The man was in two of the greatest bands on the planet, that must count for something. Oh and Taylor Hawkins is a badass on the drums, I wouldn't doubt it if he was actually almost better than Dave. Dave is the best drummer ever to live other than John Bonham. Kurt could have been biased when he said he was the best drummer ever but I'll take his word.

The Foo Fighters are the definition of the perfect stadium rock band. Dave Grohl has the amazing ability to make even those in the nosebleeds feel like they are in the front row, jamming along. The band has such intense feeling for their music and all of Dave's lyrics still remain as important to him as the day he wrote them. The Foo Fighters are a truly spectacular band who deserve to be much, much higher on this list.

Foo fighters kick ass they have won 6 Grammys and they are nominated for 6 more 2011 for the album wasting light. Dave Grohl is a genius he made the entire first album by himself he's so passionate about his music he's a good dad he doesn't do any drugs. I went to the wells Fargo center in Philly to see them and they were great and they played for 3 hours plus Dave's guitar tech even got me a flyer signed and a guitar pick from Dave Grohl. Nicest people ever totally down to earth

24 Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin is a American post-grunge/alternative metal band formed in 1998. The bands members all changed in the time between 2010 to 2014, with the exception of Ben Burnley (Vocals). The Ex-Members included Chad Szeliga (Drums), Aaron Fink (Guitar) and Mark Klepaspi (Bass). more.

I'm a 16 year old kid, obviously I am going to pick a modern rock group. But you must understand that I grew up with rock. All my life I've loved Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. I can gladly say my second favorite song is, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and my third, "Comfortably Numb". But my all-time favorite song is, "Failure" by Breaking Benjamin. They have a sound that is so modern and melodic that I can feel the emotion their music brings. If you haven't heard Breaking Benjamin, you should. Start with, "The Diary of Jane" and move on from there.

This band is simply amazing. Benjamin burnleys voice is superb. The guitar riffs are splendid. The quality of their music is marvelous. Songs such as the diary of Jane, had enough, crawl, dance with the devil, dear agony, what lies beneath etc are definitely must-listen sings. It is sad to know that not many people have heard of this band. Basically people just listen to the popular bands and ignore the " talent packed" bands such as BB. That is why BB is kind of underrated. Their songs give me solace whenever I'm distraught or I'm feeling crestfallen. This band deserves to be in the league of the other top bands!

One of the greatest. They don't just make you like the lyrics, they make you feel the song. Ben is just an amazing musical singer and guitarist. Aaron is a great guitarist and a funny guy. Mark and chad play very complicated parts and are very nice and selfless. They are some of the nicest people. One of the bands that proves that not all music is bad nowadays. If you haven't heard of them, go listen to them. They are amazing!

*Easily* my favorite band ever (and that's saying something, when I like to Within Temptation, Epica, Kamelot, Nightwish, et. al. ). Benjamin Burnley is a brilliant singer who is backed by an excellent band and a whole slew of amazing songs. Out of my 20 favorite songs, 7 of them are by Breaking Benjamin, led by the incredible "Diary of Jane", "Dear Agony", and "Anthem of the Angels. " Dear Agony is the only album I own with a perfect rating on every song (Sorry, Phobia, but "Topless" and "You Fight Me" don't make it, even though the rest are stellar).

25 Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is an American heavy metal band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). more.

Um why is Linkin Park ahead of A7X? They had 2 good albums! That's it! Avenged Sevenfold has the most unique sound to this date. They have one of the greatest guitarists of all time and probably the best duo of guitarists I have ever heard. And M Shadows probably has the most unique voice for a rock band I've heard. Yes, nobody will ever beat Metallica but Avenged Sevenfold at number 9? Whoever voted apparently doesn't really know what good music is. 30 Seconds to Mars is trash, Tokio Hotel is trash, and Linkin Park should be off this list. A7X foREVer

A7x (Avenged Sevenfold) the best music artists in the world. All of their songs are the best, all! A7x and Metallica in the top, what Tokyo hotel, x Japan,30 seconds to mars, Linkin Park do here anyway? Maybe Metallica is better than Avenged Sevenfold but Avenged Sevenfold are young, maybe they pass Metallica in the future, maybe not we will see. After all, Avenged Sevenfold has the greatest guitarist of all times (Synyster Gates), the greatest former drummer until he died (The Rev) and the vocalist who can change his voice in a million ways (M. Shadows) But I think Avenged Sevenfold is the best MUSIC ARTIST (from all music genres) and from the best music genres (rock n roll)

Okay. I like Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars and all, but they're not the best band of all time. And I'm not just some emo kid randomly voting for my favorite band (even though they are my favorite, but for the reasons I'm about to tell you. )

M. Shadows has one of the most unique voices to this date and is great at writing lyrics that actually have meaning to them unlike some bands (no names) where its just like "oh baby I love you" over and over again. He can scream, he can sing softly, and he can sing aggressively. My favorite vocals from him are from So Far Away- you can tell they're straight from the heart even though Syn wrote them.

Synyster Gates is terribly underestimated for a lot of stupid reasons- age, looks, the fact that he sometimes acts a little crazy when he's drunk, a ton of things that are irrelevant to his actual guitar playing skills. Listen to the solos in Buried Alive, I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 2 and Afterlife and then try to tell me he doesn't ...more

This band is one of the best bands, not as good as Led Zeppelin and Metallica, they are Extremely good, I'll the you the Reason why.
(1) They Had The Best Drummer, Who Passed away, but with the new drummer, they're doing good I Guess.
(2) They have the best Guitar line up, You have one Who goes As fast a Train another who Catches the train, Zacky and Syn are considered to Be one of the Greatest Guitarist
(3) They Have a SINGER who IS A. W. E. S. O. M. E, he has a REally Hard Voice, but songs like Seize the day, Dear god and Buried Alive Are So Well Constructed, for a Singer who has a Broken Voice singing Songs like This is Un-Believeable
(4) The Meaning of the songs, The Songs that A7X Created, Have Changed My life, What they Expressed has Changed My life, Songs like So Far Away, Dear god have Epic Meaning
(5) The guitar solo's, W.0. W, Solo's of Bat Country, Afterlife and Seize The Day, Scream, Nightmare, WoW You just can't Stop, Their Solos are Incredible,
(6) This ...more

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