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Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Developed from an earlier group, the Rain, the band originally consisted of Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.


Hah, Oasis is, in my opinion, the second greatest rock-band since The Beatles, and Noel Gallagher is without a doubt the greatest songwriter since Lennon/McCartney. They're often criticized for sounding too much like The Beatles and other bands from the 60's, but in my opinion, they don't really sound too much like The Beatles, and if they did, that would be like criticizing a girl for looking too much like *Insert name of beautiful woman here*...

Bottom line, The Masterplan, Don't Look Back In Anger, Acquiesce, Live Forever, Cast No Shadow, Don't Go Away, Stand By Me, Stop Crying Your Heart Out and I'm Outta Time are ALL masterpieces that doesn't get the credit they deserve.
Oasis would be legendary if they made music in the 60's.

Everything Noel touches is cheapened by his mediocrity. I love watching him pronounce what is and isn't " quality " music - as if HE would have any idea what quality is! Hey buddy, your own work is second rate at best, so try a big dose of self awareness and humility. Plagiarist and first class idiot. Oh, and Liam is a flaming pile too.

oasis is one of the most underated bands of all time, their music is simply amazing..in every aspect. its a shame that such a great band doesnt get the attention bands like the rolling stones and the beatles got.

The people that vote on here are either depressed teenagers, hence why the Green Days, three days graces and breaking benjamins are so high, OR those pathetic people that say they were born in the wrong generation and like classic rock because their dad grew up with it. Maybe it's because I'm from manchester, or because I was born in the 90's, but Oasis moulded me into me, no other band has even made my hair stand on end in comparison to how Oasis has made me fly over the past few years.

Went through a massive Beatles phase my sophomore year, got me looking at various British bands. I stumbled upon Oasis; the name was familiar, as I had seen it among the various other bands in the music sections of any given store. I had been curious about their music, and when I finally sat myself down to listen, my Beatles phase died. Oasis quickly became my favorite band, and my love for their work has only grown over the years. I also credit Oasis with introducing me to Britpop (I'm American); Britpop's quickly become my favorite genre of rock. My love for this band has gotten to the point where I cannot listen or enjoy any other band as much. This is my band. This is my Jam. Live Forever.

Oasis at 55. This world is a sad, sad place. Kids of today rocking out to Linkin Park, A7X. Oasis makes you think, made you cry, made you dance, made you dream. Oasis makes you live forever, it makes you want to slide away. Extremely disappointing to see this gem of a band being identified with one commercial hit. I wish I could vote a hundred times for them, I really do.

I recommend you to listen 'Don't look back ini anger". You know this song has no meaning, but why most of people still sing it like an anthem? Oasis can make their unmeaning song become the meaningful song for the people and make their meaningful song become an everlasting memory. You can get it when you listen to their song. 'Wonderwall' is the phenomenal one which can approve my opinion about oasis. And 'Supersonic' is a simple song but rich in musicality though it has only a simple riff. You can rock out the world with this song, and I think they are many people outside who has the same opinion like me, such as Messi, CN BLUE band from Korea, and others.

For a period between 1994 and 1997, the best band that ever walked the face of the earth, period. Primarily down to Noel, who was the best musician, singer and writer in the band. Unfortunately history will also remember this band as the greatest underachievers in the music industry. Should be mandatory to school kids about their music at music lesson...

This is complete bull that a bunch of no name bands are above oasis. The biggest and best band of the 90's in my opinion the combination of noel's powerful lyrics with liam's kick arse voice make stack them up against the best of history. The best band since the Beatles, oasis will never die.

Unfortunately there are too many American voters here. Oasis belong in any top 10. Side note: I don't actually think they're the best ever - I would give that to floyd. But it's disgusting that they're not top 50! If there are any Americans reading this, please give oasis a chance, listen to "what's the story morning glory" and "definitely maybe" albums in full!

Oasis have changed so many lives and influenced so many people, don't look back in anger, champagne supernova, live forever, supersonic, half the world away, stop crying your heart out, wonderwall, she's electric, whatever, rock n roll star, the masterplan, morning glory and slide away as well as so much more, stunning songs we will never forget. Noel Gallagher is the most legendary man on this planet, LIVE FOREVER!

shows how much americans know about music. listen to this band and you will realize just how good they are. over 80 amazing songs - sss866

Nobody knows what a good band is unless they've listened to some of their music. It's simply a classic. There song Live Forever is genius. The solos played are amazing, the druming beat is correct, and the voice gives it a new style.I put this band up there with the beatles. - Undertaker15-0

Oasis should be in the Top 10 list! They are without a doubt the greatest and most exciting band to come out of Britain since the Beatles and Stones. Noel Gallagher is by far the greatest songwriter of his generation, and Liam is one of the best rock vocalists in history.

definitely maybe. they are probably the best band of all time. they are not as popular as the beatles or the stones but they the best according to the english ppl. and im not even english

Noel gallagher is the song writer of many current generations and I doubt the world will see anything that rivals his talent in a long time. combined with the voice and personality of liam oasis is amazing and deserve top 10

They changed the face of Britain in music, fashion, attitude and made it cool to be British. Working class heroes, they made everybody believe that they could make music and be in bands. They would have changed the world to if they didn't screw up a few American/Australian tours. Best band ever...easy. Beatles not far behind.

What is going on?! How are the likes of ABBA and Three Days Grace above Oasis? And Metallica as the best Rock band ever? People don't know what music is anymore. Live Forever.

Oasis made singles with 'B' sides on that should have been released, Noel admits that now but imagine how much bigger they would have been if the likes of 'The Masterplan' had been released as a single, or 'Talk Tonight'. They simply are the greatest band of all time!!!!

Basically, the best band since the Beatles for pure song writing ability and consistent quality. Whilst the newer albums stray away from the Definitely Maybe/Morning Glory raw feel, they still have the same quality of songs, with a more diverse sound. How they are only rated at number 52 is beyond me.

48? That's got to be a very poor joke. There isn't a single bad Oasis song!

54th? Under Tokio Hotel? Metallica the best? This is madness! How can this be? Oasis are disbanded, but they still rock! Well, don't look back in anger...

Really, really, really poor excuse for music or a band.

Songs that's pretty much everyone knows and can sing along to yet still managed to keep a fresh and unique sound to this day

Oasis are my inspiration, they're lyrics are the best, noel is a king he truly is, it's the Beatles and then its oasis.

Oasis are today's Beatles,. Haven't you people listened to wonderwall? For god's sake/