Hachi: A Dog's Tale


Hachi is one of the best movies! I really cried! It hurts a lot! And it's a true story in Japan! That dog is very loyal to his owner and the part that made me cry is when Hachi ran away from his home even when it's far away to wait and greet his owner! The saddest part is that he didn't know his owner died and he's been waiting in the train station for years! He never gave up waiting until the end of his life! And he only met his owner a few years ago! That's what's made him a loyal dog! I recommend this movie to everyone! The best true story ever made!

The only people who did not vote for Hachi, are those who have not seen Hachi.

I am a 37 year old man who never cries during films. This movie however, had me crying like a blubbering mess. Now I'm a dog lover to begin with, and I do think that having a bond with dogs will lend itself to the film's emotional draw, but this movie is flat out beautiful. The movie's ending is so sweet and happy, but at the same time it is yanking your heart from your chest.

Every single person who sees this film will be forever changed.

Oh my God, I knew what would happen to Hachi in the movie. However, on my bus trip to New York City watching this movie I couldn't help but cry. The whole bus burst into a million tears, people were asking others for a tissue. I cried at 75% of the movie because I had a dog that looked just like Hachi that died two years prior. I'm not a very sensitive person, didn't cry at Titanic, etc. This story in itself is amazing, nine years Hachi waited for his master to return, becoming a regular at the station where his master would arrive from work each day. Then you see this scene. A scene where Hachi remembers all the times he had with his master... And you break to pieces.

I've seen most of these movies on this list, and I have to say that Hachi is the only one that truly made me cry. The others are sad indeed, but Hachi is downright sorrowful. It is a remake of a well-known Japanese folktale that comes with the masterful telling of the relationship between a dog and his owner. And like other sad dog stories, one of them dies (at first). However, it isn't the dog but rather the owner. This is something truly unique as it continues to tell the story of the dog after his master's death. It feels so much worse to see how a loyal dog like Hachi being unable to move on even ten YEARS after his master's disappearance. His loyalty made him spend his life forever waiting at that train station.

Just saw this movie last night for the first time. I was very familiar with the true story and this interpretation was incredible. I especially like the symbolism of the fetching. On that last day Haichi had Parker, he knew something bad was going to happen. Didn't want him to go to the station and tried to make him miss the train. Then, after all the time, he grabs the ball and gets to the station in time to get Parker to play fetch for the first time - because, as the Japanese professor said, he finally had a reason to fetch - to keep Parker from leaving, knowing that it would be the last time Haichi would see him alive. The flash back scene while Haichi is dying is one of the most emotional scenes in a movie that I have ever seen. Made me go and give my pets a LOT of attention to let them know how much I appreciate them!

I haven't even seen it, just because I know the story and I wouldn't make it through. I cried during the trailer. If you ask any guy what the saddest movies are, they will tell you this, Marley and Me, I am Legend, Where the Red Fern Grows, etc. There is something special in the love between man and dog.

I may have shed a tear for Titanic, but that was due to sympathy to those who lost their lives. But this movie, I truly couldn't hold back those streaming tears. Heart-wrenching. Made me think of getting a Hachi of my own. Dogs are truly the only things on Earth that can love you more that itself.

Marley and Me was a comedy with about ten sad minutes towards the end. Hachi was a love story between a man and a dog with over an hour of heartbreak at the end. I enjoyed Marley and Me far more. Heck, I bought a copy of it. But Hachi was far, far, far sadder than Marley and Me. No comparison. It should definitely be in the top five. The only reason it isn't is because not that many people have seen it.

I honestly don't know how this is below Marley and Me for the sadness aspect. Marley and Me is really only sad towards the last few minutes, but Hachi just broke my heart through and through. I cried for a good 45 minutes of the movie. Mind you, it wasn't just a couple of tears, it was full on streams. No other movie I've seen has made me do that. If you want a serious tear-jerker, this is the one.

I've never got even close to shed a tear watching a movie in my life...until I watched this film. It broke me. For real. I didn't cry like a baby but most of the second half of the film I had my eyes full of tears. The ending is devastating. And knowing this really happened and probably still happens with another dog out there makes it even worse. I have a dog and don't wanna even think about losing her. The movie is beautiful but I'll never see it again. I can't.

Absolutely amazing. I have never completely broken down and cried full out in a movie before until I watched this. Don't get me wrong, everyone of these movies brought tears to my eyes. They were all very emotional in their own right, but Hachi tears you apart through the very end. Why oh why did they not let him go to his funeral?!?! To imagine seeing that dog return everyday hoping that Geres' character would step off the train. I completely lost it when the age progression to effect and the widowed wife saw Hachi at the station. Too much

I just watched this film. I cried for at least 45 minutes of it, possibly more. It definitely beats Marley ^^ Me and possible some of the others. I find that movies with animals and tragedy are the most tear jerking. If you don't like to cry, don't watch this. Emotional piano music throughout the entire movie doesn't help. AND it is based on a true story. :""( SO SAD!

I was looking for sad films, then I thought the first one will be Hachi: A Dog's Tale, but when I seen it was the 9th one! Really it should be number 1, that's why comment, and also I comment to let people know that if they see this film (True Story) they will cry for the rest of their lives (Like Me) and they will agree to what I just said.

I had to go to the bathroom and calm down after watching the ending, I couldn't stop crying so I had to watch Disneys Dumbo right after, that was the only thing to cheer me up. But I kept crying and tearing up whenever I looked at or petted my dog. This movie is truly the saddest I've ever seen since that Glee episode I had to watch with my older sister. I couldn't stop crying. If your looking for a movie with a cute dog, loyalty, happiness, and just plain heartbreaking, go get 'Hatchi: A dog's tale' on DVD or watch it on Netflix because It won't let you down on crying. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

I first heard of this story when I was in grade school during the 90s and knowing its story, it is heartfelt. Time passes and seems to forgot about Hachi's story until last year. I didn't know that there is a movie adaptation last 2009. When I saw it, I felt again the sadness of a dog longing for his master. Two scenes that caught me is the scene with the wifer after 10 years and the scene hachi recalls his life with professor before dying. The scene with the wife is full of sadness and regret. Why it took them 10 years to see each other? The scene where he recalls life with the master is both happy and sad. You may have wished that they have bonded more.I researched some books and in real life, hachi seems to have bonded more time with the wife after the professor's death and the hachi goes to the former grdener's home at night so hachi is not totally homeless.

I'm a 43 year old man and I'm not afraid to admit Hachi turned me into a blubbering mess, especially after the 56 minute mark. Watching Hachi spend the next 10 years waiting for his master, not knowing that he would never return, just tugs at every heart string. Now, when I re-watch the Futurama episode "Jurassic Bark" (based on the true story of Hachiko), when it shows "Seymour Asses" waiting outside the pizza parlor for 12 years waiting for Fry and finally closing his eyes and never waking up, just like Hachi (with that sad music playing), I burst into tears.

I was watching this and I try so hard to stop my tears but it flows from its own, I sob and sob a lot. Dog is truly man's best friend because of its loyalty. And mind you this is based on a true story. Hachi waited years and years for his master.. Truly the saddest film ever...

I can't believe this movie is at #6! It's the only movie I've gone into depression over, seriously, the last time I watched I was depressed all weekend. But seriously though, this is a movie that you can watch a million times and still cry at, it deserves a higher rank than this. Besides, the story is of the most loyal dog in all of Japan.

This movie should definitely be the top, I have seen it multiple times, same result:BUCKET of tears. It just breaks your heart. A bond so strong, it couldn't be broken even after death. I cry from beginning to end---happy tears to sad devastating tears. Beautifully made!

! I cried during several sad movies, but I sobbed while watching this! This should be #1 on the list! GREAT MOVIE! This movie will get you whether you are an animal lover or not. If this movies doesn't make you shed a tear, you have no soul! The loyalty is incredible!

I'm not a big crier, I have seen quite a few movies on a few "saddest movies list" and while many are great and touching, I haven't cried in any. This is not the case with Hachi. I was crying like a little baby at the end. In the past 5+ years I have only cried twice. When I watched Hachiko and when I said my farewell to my wife and son that I wouldn't see for six months.
I got the movie again two days ago, and just fast forwarded it a little bit and had to stop because just a few scenes were going to make me cry again, then I started remembering it at work and my eyes started watering again.

Saddest movie I've ever seen.

It's so sad... It changed me man. I don't know in what way, but it teaches you some things that you can explain. Always Wait for things that you truly care about. I couldn't look at my dog, Eddie for the next three days without tearing up.

Any movie where a dog dies or is killed turns me into a bawling aby so this movie truly gets to me.. Just thinking about it now can start the waterworks. Such a beautiful and simple story, Hachi's unconditional love and faithfulness is portrayed perfectly. At the end, I cry because Hachi's years of waiting are over, and he is rewarded with an eternity spent with the human he loves. If you have a dog, you will appreciate his companionship even moreso after seeing Hatchiko.

Hachi is for a fact more sad than the current top 5, I doubt anyone can watch Marley and Me without crying but Marley and Me has nothing on Hachi: A Dog's Tale, also just to add, the soundtrack is beautiful and its such a well crafted film. Hands down never cried so much watching any other film, saddest film I've seen ever :'( :'(

Coming from not a very emotional person this is the one movie that has ever made me cry. And I mean a lot at the beautiful ending depicting the companionship and eternal loyalty of a dog to his master. I could only weep over Marley and Me, probably a better movie in many ways, after balling my eyes out at Hachi.