My Sister's Keeper


I feel asleep with the T.V. on. When I woke up this movie was on the channel I left the T.V. on from the night before. I started watching at about the half way point. By the time the movie was over I couldn't help but to tear up and part of me wished I slept through the movie. This movie has forever effected me, but I'm reluctant to go back and watch it from the start. I was in a solemn state for days after watching my sister's keeper and am not used to movies evoking such emotion.

One of the saddest films I've seen. The girls are amazing. I just hope my kids grow up to be so kind.

This film is so sad I cried the whole way through. All I kept thinking is how does her sister do it. How does her sister watch Kate get worse and worse every day. If my sister had cancer and had to watch her die I would be crying in my bedroom everyday so I really do not know how Kate's sister does it!

This movie is really sad I cried through the hole movie and did you know that it is based on a true story I just wish cancer was never around I love this movie so much it is the cutest movie out and shows love and true meaning to life.

I started crying by pattern. I said is if Taylor dies, I am going to cry nonstop. Then when it got to the part where they find out he's dead I balled my eyes out. I even cried at different scenes that your not even supposed to cry to.

The saddest film I have ever seen, a fab film and brilliantly done! This should be number 1 by far. So so so sad! Loved it when they took her to the beach, I think its just so sad because it's happening everyday kids dying of cancer! Xxx

It's hard decision, I watched pretty much all the movies on the list, and they are all sad movies and made me cry, but My Sister's Keeper, is amazing, I cried since it started. The story just touch you right through your heart! :') great one!

I think this the best saddest movie because this the life of girl that have cancer and her mom made her sister just to gift the girls organs to her sick daughter. At the end the girl with cancer died and Cameron Diaz cried when she saw her daughter died.

To be honest It was an amazing movie till now it's the best movie I watched and from all the sad movies I watched I didn't cry as much as I cried In this fantastic movie, again it's a wonderful movie to watch!

My mate bet me I couldn't watch the whole of this film without crying, I kept it up for the first hour until she met her boyfriend and that was it for me. I actually sobbed! And I'm not much of a crier

This movie made me cry so much I didn't realise I could actually contain that much extra water, it was such a moving story which so many people can relate, it definitely should be top ten if not top one saddest movie

SO sad I cry every time I see it! There is just so much power in it and it is something that seems so real because it can happen to anyone. It has so much emotion that it can make anyone tear up at anytime in the movie.

Was very sad, but it makes you think about your actions and the real life situation. Kate is beautiful and she always keeps an optimistic ming, even with her condition. It really is beautiful!

There was not a second during this movie that I was not either crying my eyes out, or stuffing napkins up my nose. I really love it and is one of my favorite movies to watch when I need a good cry.

Cried throughout, the story line is one which anyone could suffer from. Making the whole film that much more close to home and realistic. Recommend if you're looking for a real tear jerker

This movie was honestly sad, a great movie but sad, no mom should have to watch her daughter die from a disease, I recommend watching this movie, but you will be crying.

WOW This Should Seriously be number one, It is an amazing movie... its Very Sad and I felt so bad when she thought her boyfriend left her but he was dead, Ugh So sad! :(

I earn my living by hitting people (hockey player). I have had facial stitches no anesthetic. All part of the job, but this film made me cry like a little girl

This made me cry the whole way through. This film should be the 2nd saddest film out of 10 because I don't cry normally. But this film made me heartbroken

I cry every single time I watch this, and I have seen it more than 100 times. It is amazing in every way and the actors convince you she is dying of cancer.

The saddest film I have ever seen. I can watch this over and over and it still gets me every time. It is simply an amazing and heartbreaking movie!

I cry every time I see this movie! The song "It feels like home" makes me cry too because I immediately think about this movie when I hear it.

I don't usually cry at films cause I know its made up but this film is so sad! Even worse how my gran died of cancer and its heartbreaking!

Made me cry... But it doesn not beat titanic though I think it should be in the top 10... Very touching movie... Got connected to the characters

I usually don't cry on movies but I totally cried in this one! A great example of the amazing power that people hide in their souls.