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181 Pan's Labyrinth

A genuinely fantastic, emotional and heartfelt film. Probably suffers on lists such as this for it's being in Spanish, but nevertheless a truly special film. It is available on YouTube with full English subtitles, and I highly recommend it.

One of the best damn movies ever.

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182 Letters To God

It is the saddest, I cried since the beginning.. I'm easily touched, but this movie just touched me from the start till the very end! :') sad and inspirational!

I have only cried during two movies Letters to God and Corageous this movie is so sad and touching I am not one to cry during movies but this one got me

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183 Children of Heaven

People if you haven't watched this movie, I suggest you give it a try.. A very touching movie.

184 Milk
185 Star Trek Into Darkness
186 The Legend of 1900

Very underrated movie, love it!

187 The Imitation Game

The reason this is the saddest movie of all time is because it actually happened

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188 Galliopoli
189 The Death of a Superhero
190 Mysterious Skin
191 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
192 The Omega Man
193 Radio

How emotional was it when Radio's mother dies? I literally could not stop crying for what seemed like forever! Great storyline and the acting is brilliant!

Amazing Movie. Great storyline. Bravo. Two thumbs up

This is a great movie and also very sad and touching - Worm

Agreed I cried out

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194 The Plague Dogs

How is The Plague Dogs 28th? It's one of the saddest movies I think I've ever watched and it should be even higher considering that it's an animated film too! I don't cry at movie's and neither does my friend and we were both bawling by the end. If you're a strong animal lover and you don't want to cry randomly for the next whole week the I suggest that you don't watch this.

"For those who have seen I know you will agree with me. And for those who haven't seen it... unless you want to be completely depressed out of your mind for about a month, don't watch.

This has to be number one. Unlike all the rest of the movies this is the only sad movie that I have seen that has not one second of comedy. I have never cried for any movie but one I saw this movie it left me in tears and I'm a guy.

Should be in top 3 for sure.

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195 Moulin Rouge!

This movie made me cry until I was out of breath it's so beautiful and sad this should have been in top 10 at least

This film killed me, always brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.
One of the best films I've ever scene!

196 Rent

Tell me I'm not the only one who blubbers my heart out every time I watch this? I've killed so many trees in tissues because of this movie haha

I cried during the funeral scene, and the scene where Mimi almost dies.

That song seasons of love is such a sad song

197 Miss You Already

I am 13 and I watched this movie and I am not a type of person that cries to a movie but "miss you already" is one of the best and saddest movie I have ever watched and I cried for most of that movie and I am a boy and boys don't cry that easily I watched it with my freinds and they found it boring but I didn't

Sad as hell - mood333

198 Romeo & Juliet

I nearly cried seeing this in school when studying this play, and the scene with the two killing themselves always makes tears well in my eyes and makes me cry. - SailorSedna

The movie makes you wanna tell the love of your life that you love them and don't let them go - cheyeanne

Both of the titular characters kill themselves because a supporting character screwed up the plan. - kcianciulli

The ending was sad. - kcianciulli

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199 United 93

Heroes. Every one of them. God rest your souls.

200 The Wings of the Dove
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