Top 10 Saddest Nickelodeon Animated Show Moments

For this list we will be looking back at the saddest moments from Nickelodeon cartoon shows note we will be excluding any moments from Nickelodeon theatrical animated movies though moments from made for TV movies can still be included as well as anything from Nick Jr.

The Top Ten Saddest Nickelodeon Animated Show Moments

1 Gary Runs Away (Have You Seen This Snail?) SpongeBob SquarePants

Saddest episode of Spongebob along with Friend or Foe. They are also two of the best SB episodes in my opinion - Spongehouse

Sad - lemur


2 The Ending (The Mountains of Beyond) - The World of David the Gnome

Very sad and depressing ending for a show on Nick Jr as the titles character Dave his wife Lisa and their friend Casper journey to the mountains as they prepare for their last day on Earth as gnomes can only live to be 400 David bids farewell to his long time fox friend Swift as they assent up the mountain David and Lisa literally pass away in each other's arms as they turn into apple trees as Casper follows shortly. - egnomac

3 Mr. Hyunh Gives Ups His Daughter (Arnold's Christmas) - Hey Arnold

Arnold learns from Mr. Hyunh that years ago he was raising his daughter Maya in their home country of Vietnam when the Vietnam war breaks out and attempts to leave the country via a helicopter but with so many people trying to leave the country there was room for only one person Hyunh makes the ultimate sacrifice and allows them to take his daughter in hopes of giving her a better life, it would years before he could leave the country and moved to the city were his daughter was taken but has been unable to find her which is why he's always sad around the Christmas season. - egnomac

4 What Have I Done? (Really Loud Music) - The Loud House

Luna wants to enter a contest and after writing a song she believes everybody would like she gets in but the producers Doug and Michelle don't like her appearance and completely changes her until she's unrecognizable though Luna is willing to go along with this she later comes to regret it as she laments over her situation as she sings about how she just wants to go back to being her true self as the real Luna Loud and not some fake. - egnomac

I remember that episode. - Luckys

5 Iroh Sings Leaves from The Vine in Memory of His Son (The Tales of Ba Sing Se) - Avatar the Last Airbender

Very sad where Iroh pays respect to his late son who dies during the siege of Ba Sing Se years prior as he proceeds to sing "Leaves from the Vines" as he breks down in tears as he mourns his son, its even sadder considering that Iroh's voice actor Mako died before the episode aired as he was honored at the end of the segment. - egnomac

*crying quietly* B-brave s-soldier boy...c-come marching home. - RoseWeasley

6 Mrs. Gordon Passes Away (No Hope for Courtney) - As Told By Ginger

During the episode Carl's teacher fed up with his antics and practical jokes decides to retire which upsets him as he desperately begs her to return as she agrees however to everyone's shock Carl's class finds out that Mrs. Gordon passed away as Carl is left in tears over the news, originally Mrs. Gordon was suppose to return in the end but after her voice actress Kathleen Freeman passed away the ending was changed and the episode was dedicated in her memory. - egnomac

7 Rebecca the Elephant Dies (Forget Me Not) - The Wild Thornberry's
8 Lincoln Learns About Mr. Grouse's Family (11 Louds a Leapin') - The Loud House

Lincoln ends up learning that their grouchy old neighbor actually comes from a big family just like him but has been unable to visit them not only that but he hasn't seen them in years. - egnomac

9 Chuckie's Mom (Mother's Day) - Rugrats
10 Goodbye Daddy (Fake Dad) - The Ren and Stimpy Show

In the episode Fake Dad Ren and Stimpy become fake dads to a prison inmate Kowalski and even though it wasn't easy it was still very sad in the end after their time is up and Kowalski is taken back to prison and as he's driven back he repeatedly cries out "Goodbye Daddy" as Ren also is brought to tears as he and Stimpy wave goodbye to him. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob Breaks Down Crying After The Customer Yells at Him for Forgetting His Drink (Pizza Delivery) - SpongeBob Squarepants

This episode is better than ripped pants and is the best of season one because we see squidward actually cares for spongebob because he marches right up to the ungrateful customer and deli every his pizza right in his face

12 Heffer’s Backstory (Who’s For Dinner) - Rocko’s Modern Life
13 Lincoln Getting Kicked Out The House for Being Unlucky (No Such Luck) - The Loud House
14 Donnie's Birth Parents Are Killed By Poachers While Protectig The Animals (The Origin of Donnie) - The Wild Thornberry's
15 Harold Breaks Down Crying While Telling Arnold How Everyone Has Been Making Fun of Him for Being Fat (Weighing Harold) - Hey Arnold
16 Ginger Has a Appendicitis Attack and Ends Up in the Hospital (A Lesson in Tightropes) - As Told By Ginger
17 Stimpy Searches fro Stinky (Son of Stimpy) - The Ren and Stimpy Show
18 Chuckie's Bug Melville Dies (I Remember Melville) - Rugrats
19 Maude Dies (Carl and Maude) - As Told By Ginger
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