Top Ten Scariest Tornado Formations

This is a list of the top ten scariest tornado formations. Unlike what some people believe, there are many, over thirty, different formations of a tornado. And, unlike the stereotype, the cone tornado is not the most commonplace. Or the strongest for that matter. Or deadliest. Or....the scariest. Let’s see the scariest formations ranked here, shall we?

The Top Ten Scariest Tornado Formations

1 Wedge Tornado

ALL OF THESE TORNADOS ARE THE SCARIETS! I was lucky I didn't had one. Well boy we had a hurricane last year and I loved it. But I don't love them this year. Seriously, please stay safe! I don't want anyone to be dead from a scary tornado! I can be a sad ending for everyone. So yeah I'm lucky I didn't had one.

Looks like a whole storm of clouds! You won't know if it is just fog or the actual tornado. jeez, wouldn't like to be on the road with it! - BloodFang

How wide is it? - Userguy44

It sounds very scary. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

2 Bowl-Shaped Tornado
3 Convex-Sided Tornado
4 Hourglass Tornado
5 Cylinder Tornado

Looks great. I like tornados and weather

Scary! By the way please put double tornado on here! It has actually happened before.

EEKK< don't cross its path! - BloodFang

6 Cone Tornado
7 Bulb-Shaped Tornado
8 Cigar Tornado
9 Concave-Sided Tornado
10 Sheathed Tornado

The Contenders

11 Double Tornado

Wow twins

12 Fire Tornado
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