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1 Taking forever to get home Taking forever to get home

I remember how sometimes when I was in middle school, I'd get a substitute bus driver who's driving around elementary school kids and be the last one to be dropped off at home. This would sometimes be a problem because when I was in 8th grade (2019 - 2020 school year), I would sometimes watch my show at 2:30 and my school got out at 2:20. If my family was at home that day, they would sometimes get a little worried and they couldn't call me because I always had to leave my phone at home on the charger in my room.

My primary school bus sucked on my bus there was a after school program. Which they had to get out on most there were little kids but there so annoying sometimes the counsellors don't come out. Another bus top we have is on a busy road and we had to wait for this kid every time for her mom to pick her up. Once we had to wait at least 30 minutes for her.

A few days ago, these kids refused to sit down. The bus driver got really fed up, and whenever someone stood up, he'd pull the bus over, and refused to drive until that person sat down. He asked a few kids their names, and one said she couldn't remember her name, which was obviously a lie. Anyway, long story short, it took forever for me to get home.

My bus driver takes the most roundabout route possible to get home. Once, we were only a few blocks from my house and he drove right by it on a 10+ minute detour to drop off some girl. It's so bad that I usually try to get picked up even though I often get home later than if I took the bus; it's just unbelievably tedious!

2 Stupid little kids screaming on the bus like banshees Stupid little kids screaming on the bus like banshees

On Friday, 4/8/2022, some girl who rides the school bus with me was screaming like a demon for no reason. I moved from the back of the bus to the front, but I could still hear her obnoxious screaming and covering my ears didn't help at all.

The other things in this list are annoying but not too irritating, now THIS... This is the worst... OBNOXIOUS PEOPLE... in the morning I go on the bus that is usually crowded, its terrible, there's always a kid who screaming for no reason, there's stupid conversations, kids who smell like crap, the list goes on. Luckily I go on a different bus that's completely the opposite when I go home (oh the irony). once when I went home we combines buses and now I went home exhausted with people screaming in my ear, and barely any space to even move on the seats. sorry for long comment

There were a pack of angry 2nd graders, And they would yell when they didn't get Their way. Plus they would also accuse Other people for doing bad stuff on the bus, Although it was them that did it.

The big kids were hollering in my stinking ear I wish I could swear but I can't. My cousin got a headache. I asked to never go on that bus again and still no.

3 Mean bus drivers

So this sub came about three minutes early before I was even out the door yet. I of corse hear the bus pull up outside me house (the bus is usually late by three or four minutes). So I was already pretty pissed off. Then when I get up to the bus I am greeted by a very nasty look and she said in the most rude tone "where the hell where you, we don't have all day to wait on you"? I tried to be cool about it and said it was 6:46 and that you where three minutes late. She then started huffing and told me and insisted that she was in fact on time and that I should be at my stop five to ten minutes early. She then wrote me up and explained that I will have to find another ride home that afternoon and that if I am going to run on my own schedule maybe my parents can take me to school. She was mean and nasty the whole morning. Luckily she was not my sub that afternoon but there was another less then friendly substitute. Oh yes I never took my bus suspension and no one did anything about it.

My bus driver is sexist to the point where she has gone in front of the school board for it, but got rewarded! Most of the guys on my bus stopped taking the bus because of it. She will yell at me (a 4.0 grade average junior taking college level classes that hasn't been in trouble in 3 years) because I'm "being unruly". She also yells at guys for being in the middle of the bus so she can't see, meanwhile the back windows of the bus are fogged over. When I was trying to be nice to her and wipe the fog off the back window of the bus so that she could see better (I was in the back most seat) she tried to make me (again, a 4.0 grade average junior taking college level classes) go up in front of the school board for somehow "trying to make her wreck the bus" and almost got me suspended! The school will not do anything about her because they won't punish a woman! I'm looking foward to getting my car so I don't have to deal with her anymore.

We had a sub one day and she pulled over because the bus was too loud. She screamed at us to shut up or we will be on the bus for eternity. The kids screamed louder and started crying. She called them dumb cry babies and that if they would shut up we could leave. Then she, a few minutes later after no one quieted down, cranked the radio up. Eventually the supervisor, principal, and SROs showed up. They yelled at everyone then it got worse when parents showed up and demanding their children be off the bus. The bus driver called one of the ladies drunk and she tried to enter the bus. She was tackled to the ground by the SROs. Then she was arrested. They explained to the parents that they could not let anyone off due to security reasons. Eventually all the supervisors, principals, policemen, the driver, and even a few parents got everyone to quiet down. The supervisor and principal stayed on the bus and left the parents in the dust. Most kids ended up going back to school because their ...more

All of the bus drivers I've got since 2nd grade were mean. The one I have this year I probably the meanest I can ever have. First of all, she tells us where to sit. The first few days of school she was nice and let us sit where we wanted. She must have memorized which people were friends and separated the. Me and my friends used to all sit in the last seats, but now some of us sit in the front, some in the middle and I sit in the back. Second of all, she won't let us talk no matter what. My bus got in a crash yesterday and I needed to borrow someone's phone to call my mom and let her know I was ok but the bus driver didn't let me because there was no talking allowed. Third of all, she threatens to report everyone to the school if they do any minor thing like whispering. Forth of all, she comes at different rimes everyday, seriously. One day, my bus came at 7:45 to pick us up and the next day she came at 8:15. The day after that, she came at 7:30 so you never know when the bus is ...more

4 Missing the bus Missing the bus

When I was in high school I used to ride the regular buses instead of the special ed buses. During the first few weeks of school, the buses left me and several other students several times during after school hours. (this was during my freshman year) After calling my mom to pick me up several times, my mom complained to the school and bus company and then I got put on the special ed bus until I got out of high school.

I once missed my school bus because it showed up earlier than usual with no warning. At least I got a day off of school that day.

Yes so here is the thing. I know I am suppose to be out 5-10 minutes early but sometimes I have other things to do and/or get up late. It's usually my fault if the bus comes early or I am not out and the bus is on time or even late. But it sucks because I get in trouble and when my parents drive me they always get the there last minute or late. It just sets me up for a bad day when I miss the bus.

Fortunately the special needs school bus in Britain (Most kids walk to school or local buses have school runs) waits for you. They have a bus driver and another adult who is on the bus to makes sure everyone behaves.

5 If you start school at 7 in the morning, your bus will come at about 6:30

My bus comes at 7:20, which means I have to wake up at 6:00 to get myself ready. My school starts at 8:15, but 3 other kids get picked up after me, which means my bus goes all over town before I finally get to my school. Also, my bus stops at my old middle school before getting to my current high school, which means I spend around 40 minutes on the bus before I finally get dropped off at my school.

At least the good news is, I don't have to stand around freezing for very long on cold mornings since my school has an outdoor campus.

Bus drivers that come at the last minute are annoying. I would rather have a driver who sits in line for thirty minutes then a driver who drops you off every day at the last minute. That way your late at least once a month, no time to see teachers before school, no time to eat breakfast before school, visit with friends before school. Not like I am in a hurry to get to school but it pisses me off when a some drivers come last minute. School starts at 8:00. But we have to stop by two other schools. I think that school started at 7:50. Anyways we had to stop by one school. Then got to mine I would have maybe five minutes before the bell rang. There where countless days where I would walk into school and the bell already rang and I had to rush to class. I was late multiple times as well. I liked her but she came at 7:15 when most other drivers came somewhere between 7:00 and 6:45. It was annoying as hell. The route was short so I guess she just did not want to wait in line or something. ...more

My bus is scheduled to come at 7:10, but its always late so it comes at 7:20...

My bus comes at 6:42, and I have to get up at about 5:30 in the morning. I keep falling asleep in class because of this!

6 Gang in the back of bus

I don't know why this isn't higher; my bus has all the bad kids on it, and they like smoke on the bus, they pass weed around and the bus driver pretends not to notice. One time, we went to sit in a seat that they typically sit in, and they literally headbutted my friend until she fell over. And they play rap music loud enough to drown out every conversation on the bus and talk over it.

From 4th to 6th and probably to 8th, there's always been that group of people who are 'cool' unlike the rest of the kids who sit up front with the lower grade levels. They curse, throw apples out the window, play annoying music, have a louder music contest with the bus driver, throw paper airplanes, roast people, fight people, hit other kids, throw their backpacks, throw pencils... Mmm... when did life become so complicated..?

This is true in my bus. Our city has a stipulation for being innocent and spoiled, but the back of the bus is the opposite of the "innocent" part.

There were literally kids smoking weed in the back of my bus. It smelled terrible, thank God my stop is the first stop.

7 Same stupid pop music every single day Same stupid pop music every single day

My school bus plays annoying pop and rap music by the most annoying people, so I usually listen to music that I like on my MP3 player instead.

In my bus, it's either broken radio or at best, just ads about dentists and economy. Boring.

What the hell is wrong with those people, why won't they stop it. It's pure torture!

A kid on my bus listens to music that no one likes like old Justin beiber Nicki minaj

8 The bus coming late

The bus being late on a rainy, cold, snowy, stormy, or some other kind of day like that can make your morning miserable. I have had two bus drivers who came when ever they felt like showing up even though the bus barn in in my neighborhood. The bus seemed to be always late or early almost never on the minute. I am not talking five or ten minutes I am talking I think I waited 30 minutes once and the bus has came as early as 20 minutes before but luckily when it is that early the send the bus back, But if you miss it at a few minutes then your SOL

If you think the bus being late on the way to school is bad, try having to wait for the school bus to pick you up and take you home after a long, hard day of school.

It is only 2 months after the school year started, and 4 times the bus came one hour late. Enrichment classes were wasted because of this. The bus company cannot hire drivers and are running short on them. Thank goodness I drive in when the bus is over 25 minutes late.

True when the bus makes you late for class because it is late and you miss the instructions

9 Catching every red light Catching every red light

Near my high school there is a traffic light that took OVER 5 MINUTES to turn from red light to green light but then 1 minute later it goes from green light to red light.

This sucks when you're on your way home from school.

10 Being stuck with little kids Being stuck with little kids

You are the oldest student on the bus. Then you have a handful of elementary school students that talk and yell and scream that slow down the bus driver. In my experience, the bus driver had to stop many times to prompt the passengers and assign seats to avoid conflict. It usually takes more than 30 minutes to get home because the annoying brats ruin it for you, even if you were the best behaving person.

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11 The bus driver will not let you put down your window

We don't have a bus at my regular school but when I go to summer school (no, I'm not an idiot), we have to take the bus and it's hot on that bus. There are 2 tiny fans and they're BOTH pointed at the driver, talk about selfish. We can put down our windows but it's still hot. Especially since I live in Chicago the weather gets fierce.

I agree. At least three of the seats on my bus have one or more (notice I said "or more", which is actually the case) nasty stains that someone sits on. My crush sits almost right across from me, and her seat has five nasty spots from a brownie that is at least five years old.

So I was in 5th grade going to a middle school for a tour around hell and my bus driver in 90 degree weather had all of the windows shut and the fans were pointed to him. He wouldn't allow us to put down the windows and it was honestly hard for me to breathe. And de ja vu for the way back.

My bus driver yells at us to keep the windows up, but sometimes she lets us put them down as long as we put them back up. Like if you aren't allowed to put the windows down, why do the busses have them?

12 No electronics No electronics

The bus driver will suspend you from the bus if he sees you with your phone honestly I go on my phone anyway. I'd rather be kicked out of the bus for a stupid reason then not texting my parents for an urgent reason.

I feel bad for people with this rule. On my bus we can use our electronics but we have to turn off the volume or use earphones.

My bus allows it. It can't be loud though.

13 Assigned seats with random kids/bullies Assigned seats with random kids/bullies

Every time I ride the bus I always make sure I brought headphones and my phone. So I can drown the horrible music, little kids, and stupid people out by lite ing to Slayer, Slipknot, Trivium, Korn, System of a Down, Whitechapel, Lamb of God, and Children of Bodom.

Once apon a time I sat on a bus. I was silently reading a book, and all of a sudden, *sNOrT* wHAtS YOur- *SNoRT* -naMe!? *GigGle*-SNorT* *ball of snot hits my eye* Me: what! Bus driver: oh that's bob. He is a EXTREMILY crazy special Ed kid, oh if you don't know, sometimes he will lick you. Me: *faints* bob: *SNoRt*- NigHT NighT- *SNOrT* *starts licking and spitting on my ear

My bus driver memorizes who each persons friend is and separates them completely when they try to sit together quietly. I always have to sit in the last seat and my friend sits in the first seat. I hate the bus.

I'm 15 and my bus driver makes me sit with a 10 year old kid. He does this because I have trouble talking to the kids my age, mainly because their girls and I'm a guy, plus they're weird. And the 10 year old is a lil thuglet

14 Sitting three or more to a seat
15 Bus drivers making you late purposely

I remember how my school bus once didn't show up until 8:00, and then I got to school shortly before 1st period ended an hour later. I was in the 7th grade at the time, and for some reason, she decided to drop off the elementary school kids first before arriving to my middle school an hour late where being tardy is taken seriously.

Years ago we had a driver where most of my drivers would come between 6:45 and 7:00 she would be here at like 7:15 and we barely had anytime to do anything when we got to school. Eating breakfast for one was a challenge when on a good day you would have ten minutes. Some days where 3 to maybe 5 minutes. If the bus was late sometimes we would be late to school. There would be days where I would walk into school and the bell had already rung and had to rush to class. She was a nice lady but she was a pain in the ass when it came to stop times. She was I don't think ever late in the afternoon. When there was subs though sometimes they would come closer to 7:25 or maybe even 7:30.

This was the daily with the driver I had in 6th and part of 7th grade. She would come last minute every single damn day. She would come around 7:15 give or take five minutes. So most drivers would come between 7:00 and 6:45. School started at 7:50 so I had maybe on a good day five minutes. To eat breakfast, talk with a teacher, visit with friends, etc. on a bad day I would be late. I am in no hurry to get to school but come on I like a little bit of time before school. But more times then I could count I would get in school and the bell had already rang. So I would have to rush to class. Don't get me wrong I liked her but she just came last minute. Never had any problems after school. That would be where I would draw the line between nuisance and outrageous. I want to get home lol. Except a few times where there was severe weather but that's understandable. Except when it was just raining and the office would tell you to wait. Like for real if someone did not get their rain jacket ...more

In high school I had to ride a bus with other special ed kids and they were not allowed to get off the bus alone, even if the bus was late to the school.

16 No friends on the bus No friends on the bus

I flucking hate my bus driver he is a smelly lazy bum. And I have nobody to talk to, just so you know m, his name is tom he works mid island taxi

Nobody to talk to

17 Trash everywhere Trash everywhere

Not to mention any ants that might be there.

18 Germs Germs

Talk! In my old lost property, there were used ladies pants, and I'm not even joking. It was so gross, I was looking for a jumper, and I found used gronts instead!

P.S. I hate gum chewers who stick their used stuff under the seat. Chewing gum in our place is instant detention, and yet every table in the English and Science blocks are held together with the stuff! And you can't even eat in Science!

I'm a germophobe, and how buses are so dirty I decided to bring a small hand sanitizer, when the bus driver smelled it he yelled at me to put it away and to not use it again I asked him why and he said it's a bus policy which it wasn't.

When there's humidity on the window and I wondered if a weird kid somehow licked it or someone threw up on it.

YES little nasties be wiping their boogies all over the seat and putting their muddy shoes everywhere! And people taking off their shoes AND SOCKs! w

19 No seatbelts No seatbelts

There are no seatbelts on buses because that would mean you would have to have every single child of all ages be able to in-belt themselves should something happen. Buses have something called "compartmentalization" it has been studied extensively and is why the seats are placed where they are and are also why the backs are as tall as they are. If something were to happen to the bus, the driver is the one that needs to get those kids off. The drive can not get 72 seatbelts unbuckled in the time it could take something seriously horrible to happen to the bus. That is why there are no seatbelts on buses. Cars are completely different. They are built differently, they do not have the same structure, that is why you need seat belts in cars.

My school bus actually had seatbelts, but I noticed I was the only one who even bothered to wear one. If I'm in a moving vehicle that has a seatbelt, I'm strapping myself in.

My bus driver doesn't even ware his seat belt endless we are on base. We need seat belts. My old one once crashed no one was hurt though.

School buses should have seat belts, I know it would cost money but imagine what would happen in the event of a rollover.

20 Smells like sweaty gym socks

Yesterday, I saw dirty gym socks in one of the seats on the bus home from school. I really wish I was kidding right now.

My bus in high school had air freshener but it doesn't work well.

Ugh so many farting boys. Including my bus driver ugh.!

Most bus drivers are overweight and single.

21 Not finding a seat

I can relate to this tremendously! My bus is over full with kids and a lot of the time half of the bus has to sit three to a seat. It's really annoying when no one likes you and wants to sit with you.

Ugh literally no one I knew but two jerks in on of my classes was on my bus. I ended up making myself get to the bus super early at the end of the school day so that I could just find an empty seat.

Once in elementary school all the seats were full. We were not allowed to have 3 kids in a seat at once. I decided to stand, and I got in trouble.

Not being able to find a seat and having to sit with some random person. Sucks

22 Being pulled over
23 Being the kid no one wants to sit with

I'm not exactly the kid no one likes to sit with but everyone on my bus in my grade has their own friends they sit with so I'm stuck all alone. It really sucks.

Well that's the opposite of what's happening to me. I'm the popular guy in the school but unlike some, I'm actually really nice and friendly and don't mind helping you

Thank god school is over! Now I do not have to deal with this! I am a loner. Sure I have 3 true friends and the rest are FAKE!

More like being the kid no one wants to sit with AND gets made fun of and ignored when you try to talk.

24 Long bus rides
25 Carrying a large instrument on the bus Carrying a large instrument on the bus

Well, before we I talk about the main topic, here's my short story about the bus. In California it took two hours to come home. Everyday. And also there's stupid annoying kids ruin it. Vancouver, Washington. Well things get a little better. Not really. There's a bus that would take me home in 5 minutes but the stupid school doesn't let me. Instead they make me go on a bus that takes 20 minutes to go home. And now to the story. Every morning on the bus 95% of the time I have to sit by someone with a large instrument sitting on my lap. What a fun miserable start to my morning. After school only gets worse. My science teacher makes everyone put their backpacks in their locker. I have to grab my instrument. And the bus is the second in line all the way across the school. Oh and I have 5 minutes to get there. Recipie for dissaster?

It is the worst

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