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1 Regular Clothes

Uniforms are just a waste of money for the school and the government. They don't even DO anything! And then I read this Scholastic article on uniforms at a elementary school in NJ, and some little girl they interviewed said "I think the school made a great decision". Wha? And, you'd have to wear the same uniform every day! And if you rip your uniform or lose it, whatever, you can get SUSPENDED. This is crazy. Stop the madness!

Just saying my school banned bikes that where "to big and threatening" We had a bike unit and I am 5'6 and 12 we had to ride these bikes that are to small for my little brother he like 4 ft. THe teacher said that the bikes where free.We weren't allowed to bring in our own bikes even after the tires deflated and the bike ligit fell apart and people got injured. For if your bike has big tires "it looks scary"

2 Hats

I think they're worried that the student behind you won't be able to see the teacher. But really, I am the 3rd smallest in the class behind the 6th tallest and I have to twist my head to see. Why bother with hats. Just strategically seating chart and everything is fixed

Hats don't even hurt anyone! If someone wants to express them self by wearing a cool hat then they should be able to.

My old school banned hats because apparently if kids wore them backwards it's imitating a "gangster".

3 Chewing Gum

I guess I can get it to a certain point. But it's still a pretty stupid rule. I mean, maybe certain people shouldn't be ALOUD to chew it, like if they stick it in someone's hair, but not EVERYONE!

My school bans it. It's because people stick it under desks, and you still find ancient gum in some places every now and then. The rule does not affect me because I hate gum.

It probably wouldn't be banned if some of the kids weren't so lazy and threw away the gum in the trash instead of sticking it under the desks.

4 Music

We weren't even allowed to listen to music while working until last year. Seriously, what's wrong with it? I get that some people get distracted, but if anything, I feel like I work better with music. It's not like I'm playing it out loud to the whole class.

I like to listen to music while I do math. It takes a little longer but I do just as well on it and I kinda have fun.

Unless you was in a special needs school. The teachers had some music.

5 Talking

What?! The first amendment doesn't say your allowed to talk when your teacher is breaking his or her back trying to teach you!

Ok they have banned this. Why are schools trying to take away our first amendment rights? I'm so glad I'm homeschooled.

You have the freedom of speech, but you can still get punished for it. You come to school to LEARN, not SOCIAL HOUR.

6 Swearing

The teachers are hypocrites. About a year ago, a kid in my study hall said, "Damn it! " under his breath and was sent to detention or possibly even ISS (in-school suspension). Then, only a week after that, a heard the same teacher who reported him tell a kid that they were pissing her off.

At my school there are tales of kids getting detention for literally saying "What the" and that's all, but people usually swear when there aren't any teachers around and get off scot-free. I've never sworn at school before. And yes, my school is strict.

7 The Bible

The reason why the Bible is banned is because of the Freedom FROM Religion Foundation, a group that has a specific hatred towards Christianity and wants to rid it from America. Surprising how Christianity has only 2 pages in average Social Studies textbooks while every other religion has a whole chapter for it. Bible study was PERFECTLY LEGAL until the FFRF came.

I saw a student who just carried a bible and took it out and read it on extended day and nothing happened but religion is still banned in my school still.

8 YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees on February 14, 2005. In November 2006, it was acquired by Google for US$1.65 billion. YouTube is ranked as one of the most visited websites, securing... read more

My middle school unbanned YouTube when it was my last year there. It's pretty nice to browse YouTube videos instead of doing classwork, but due to a funny little thing called sound required for most videos, I'm usually just dicking around on Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, (Somehow not blocked.) Atari Breakout, or whatever other websites I could access.

We had this "special" kid in one of my classes once. Every average day, he would usually be on the tablets for most of the period on YouTube or occasionally playing games. He was mostly watching stuff that's popular with kiddies nowadays, Minecraft, FNaF, etc. He was notorious among our class for easily being the most annoying part of the classroom. He would always throw tantrums when he couldn't watch Minecraft and we would always tell him to get off the tablets. He has faked doing his work before while he had YouTube open. Lemme just say that tablets were a COLOSSAL problem in that class period! Multiple kids would play on the tablets instead of doing work, and a chill teacher didn't really do much enforcing. Not sure if YouTube being blocked would have made my experience with him much different, but it definitely distracted this kid.

Then in ELA Class we had a different kid. He wasn't a "special" kid, rather he was some kind of memelord. We hung out a lot in that class although we didn't reach what I considered friend level. He was also a notorious user of YouTube, (& Google images) usually watching videos instead of paying attention to whatever we were reading. When we watched an Anne Frank film, I caught him watching, of all things, downfall parodies, starring you know who! That Anne Frank film experience is a show for another day. Anyways, it's nice YouTube can be unblocked, but teachers should learn to enforce usage of it.

9 Hugging
10 Energy Drinks

Nobody in my school really drinks these but they are banned, or at least frowned upon. But soda is allowed.

I don't know why they won't sell Monster in my school. I know that you need to be 12 to drink it but they can't restrict it just the high schoolers since we shaare the same school

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11 Leggings
12 Phones

My school is getting stricter each day about this. If a teacher sees you with a phone that they only allow in your locker, they will send you to the meanest assistant principle ever who makes a huge deal out of school by the way, and she'll yell at you for hours straight. Even if your checking your phone at your locker she will yell at you. This rule honestly drives me insane.

Copenhagen they don't have the right to take your stuff and not give it back at the end of the day if they are taking phones for a whole school year report them to principal.

13 Tippex

This is banned from my school. Apparently too messy.

They ban ALL white-out correction fluids!

14 Dictionary

Aren't dictionaries important in a classroom? Especially English. Why would you ban those?

My high school English class made good use of dictionaries. Why ban them, for crying out loud?!

My school, more specifically, my classroom, has a wall of dictionaries and thesauruses.

15 Coffee

One of my teachers is a coffee addict. She drank 4 cups a day and had a coffee maker in the classroom!

TEACHER: Tim, don't drink that coffee!
TIM: *drinks and aggressively smacks people*
Yep... I now know why coffee is banned

Who would even drink coffee at school? Unless you're a teacher?

16 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.
17 Urinals

I would rather use that then the dirty cubicals that are covered in you know what.

That's good. Those things are disgusting.

18 Snowball Fights

This is idiotic and spoils the fun during the winter. The teachers act like the snow is a dangerous weapon that'll send you to the hospital. The snow won't hurt anyone as long as you have winter clothes on.

Really, I've only seen snow once. We weren't allowed to play in it, but only got to play after the snow was gone. Pretty messed up, unless the snow was polluted or something.

At my brother's school, they let you make snowballs, but didn't let you throw them. What you gonna do with those snowballs, huh?

19 Pokemon Cards

At my Elementary school, I was in a gang of 5th graders who traded Pokemon cards, and it was 5th grade only. Just because the younger kids at my school are really stupid and always whine, cry, and beg for free EX cards. When we told them, " Sorry, only 5th grade " or " We only trade cards, we don't give them out for free " They got mad and told the teachers. A couple days later our stupid principal banned them. But I go to middle school now... so hopefully we can start this card thing again!

Did you know at my school, Any card games wether it be poker or something good like MtG, Pokemon etc ay considered gambling.

20 Headphones

Actually, I brought mine and it hung on my neck for the whole day, with no music though.

I always bring these in school! Especially when you have to do projects!

No way I would NOT take my headphones!

21 Spotify

The School laptops that they provide for the online classes block this and it is just completely ridiculous. What I can't listen to music and do my school work at home.

22 Tag
23 Dyed/Differently Coloured Hair

If it weren't a rule, I would have electric blue colored hair instead of this nasty dark brown hair I have now. Then again, my mother wouldn't let me because she thinks I'm still a kid. I'm 13, a teen!

It's stupid to ban this from schools. People have freedom of their hair colour!

Ugh, the school is already dull enough. Add some color!

24 Wikipedia Wikipedia is a multilingual free online encyclopedia created on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. The website is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system. Individual contributors, also called editors, are known as... read more

Schools shouldn't stop students from reading it - instead they should help them to understand that they should only trust Wikipedia content when it is backed up with a reliable source. Vandalism of Wikipedia from school computers is also a problem, though Wikipedia admins can block the IP addresses from editing if it happens.

25 Makeup

Why would they ban makeup for the students when the teachers can wear it all they long and apply it all day long while if we even wear 1 inch of lip gloss, we get suspended... I say that is a load of bullcrap

That is so pointless. Its not like the kids are going to actually apply it in class.

Easy just go with the "natural look" a lot of kids in my school get away with that.

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