Top Ten Worst Members of a School Staff

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1 P.E Teacher

Okay, this has happened a few times now: the title of my list has changed. The original title of this was 'Top Ten Members Of School Staff You Would Like To Punch In The Face', but I guess it was considered offensive, so it was shortened. Also: why is there now a random 'a' in the title? What the heck, admin?

There are 2 of them in my school. One got fired for being such a dumb *** and the other don't even care about what you do.

They yell all the time & they're really agressive. They treat you like superhumans & make you run fast and lift yourself up high even though its not possible!

2 Mathematics Teacher

My Math teacher is scary. He yells at kids that didn't do anything and calls it "raising his voice".

I don't like math, but I do like fractions for some weird reason. I'm so weird.

I do hate maths but I'm really good at it.

3 Cafeteria Worker

My school always serve chocolate milk with everything. There is a mix, meatballs with mashed potatoes with cheese with corn. I never tried it but it is disgusting and they claim that their school lunch is healthy.

Where do you get your food from? Dog food bowls? No wonder so many kids have food poisoning in some schools!

My lunch lady's recipes probably came from a prison cook book sold to her by fed up inmates for a bail!

4 Headteacher

They're nice normally, until you have to go to them when you're in trouble. THEN you're screwed.

She beats me bare buttocks with a crop/cane/paddles! Until I cannot even sit down sometimes with her hands

Principal for the Americans. School would be better if there was no homework!

5 Head of Security

I have a few kids at my school who know how to disable security cameras. I don't know if I have a security guard, but I probably do.

Not sure if these exist in schools, but they may be the ones behind all the security cameras hidden around...

Yes, of course! Then you can cut the cameras and commit a crime unnoticed.

6 School Governor

Want to suggest shorter school days? Suggest it to the governor. Bring a weapon just in case. Just kidding!

Or a school planning counselor.

7 Matron

In America we call this person a nurse. Usually ni matter how sick or injured you are she'll make you go back to class. Not very helpful.

Or whoever takes care of the health in your school.

8 Librarian

Librarian: lets watch movie about digital citizenship blah blah blah
Kid 1: shut up I'm trying to read
Kid 2: I hate digital citizenship
*movie played*
Everyone: BOOO
Me: if only Pokemon were real...

The librarians in my school, in my opinion, are terrible. Let us read in peace!

At least I'd have all the books in the world. It's like being in heaven.

9 Detention Teacher
10 English Teacher

I like reading, but I don't like having to explain how each little thing in a book is relevant!

They make you do so much writing & reading boring books.

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11 Special Ed Teacher

They treat you like you're dumber than a 1st grader regardless of your intelligence level. Also, they restrict your fun.

12 Drama Teacher

My drama teacher is really weird, and I can tell he does not like me. One time, my group was performing a little play, and he looked really weird when we finished. He also does not pick me. When I raise my hand, he calls on the students he likes. Once, me and my friend were never called. I could go on and on about the pointless one hour, but I'll let you out the easy way.

I hate my drama teacher so much.

13 Substitute Teacher

I hate them exept for one. She let some kids be CEOs and PAs who wrote names of kids who did a good job. at the end of the day, they would do a raffle and the winners got a prize.

Usually gets treated badly and very often the period is very unproductive, sometimes counterproductive

14 Principal
15 School Clerk

Doesn't let people go to lockers after school, and doesn't let you go to your sibling's locker when my sibling is sick. Doesn't let you turn in late work to the teacher's bins after school if you forget during class. Have to ring the bell twice for Lori M. to open the door. Doesn't care about students' grades.

16 Music/Chorus Teacher

My chorus teacher in high school was strict, but very nice. However, my 6th grade music teacher yelled at me because she thought that I was being disruptive. I was cramping for no reason that day and it affected my ability to concentrate.

17 Study Hall Teacher
18 Bus Driver
19 Security Guard

When I was in kindergarten, I saw the Security Guard carrying another kindergarten student while the student she was crying to be brought back and he said she was breaking the rules.I was scared from that but looking back it was kind of funny.

20 Resource Officer
21 Spanish Teacher

What? Come on! My Spanish teacher is so sweet and such a good Samaritan. She has a fridge and a microwave in her room, and she always has at least 10 bananas on top of the fridge, and she gives bananas to kids who need food and lets students eat lunch in her room.

22 Janitor
23 Homeroom Teacher

In high school I had a homeroom teacher that got me in trouble for no reason when a kid made random farting noises and constantly blamed it on me.

24 Paraprofessionals

They say they help the special ed kids/teachers, but sometimes they make everything worse!

25 Bus Aide
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