Top 10 Most Shocking Cartoon Moments

This are just some of the most shocking moments in cartoon, moments you didn't see coming or left you completely speechless.

The Top Ten

1 Cartman Feeds Scott Tenorman His Parents - South Park

The moment that made Carman the evil mastermind he is today Scott Tenorman tricks Cartaman by selling him his pubes this results in Cartman going to great lengths to get his money back and after Scott humiliates him and destroys his money Cartman unleashes is ultimate plan of revenge by having Scott's parents killed and grinding them up into chile and feeding them to Scott Tenorman who is horrified by the news and just to rub salt on the wounds Radiohead shows up and mocks him for crying as Cartman licks up Scotts tears in victory. - egnomac

2 Fernando Gets Killed - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Out of all the moments from the show this was the most shocking as Fat Albert and Fernadno attempt to save Fernando's brother Tito from being killed in a gang war Fernando pushes him out of the way as he's killed by the rival gang member as Fernando's dead body is shown on screen before the police show up Tito then vows to retaliate by getting a gun and killing the one who killed his brother until Albert sets him straight telling him if he does that then they will kill him back and that his brother died trying to save him and its all gonna be for nothing because he's going to end up dead to. - egnomac

Hey hey hey, this is Fernando's final day - DapperPickle

3 Linka's Cousin Boris Dies from a Drug Overdose - Captain Planet
4 Plankton Gets Driven to Suicide - Sponge Bob Squarepants

I think plankton deserved that because he is a prick

Just how did something like this get past the censors its bad enough that Mr. Krabs dressed as Pearl to constantly torture Plankton but to go so far as for him to try an attempt suicide and this was a show mostly aimed at kids. - egnomac

One Coarse Meal is without a doubt the worst episode of the entire series.

5 Rude Dexter and Rude Dee Dee - Dexter's Laboratory

Just their whole presents in the episode is shocking from them constantly swearing and being rude to mom telling her that her cooking taste like S-T, and even with the bleeps in place you can still make out what they are saying, - egnomac

6 The Author is Revealed - Gravity Falls

Nah, I was more underwhelmed. - DapperPickle

7 Buster, Plucky and Hampton Get Drunk, Steal a Cop Car and Drive Off a Cliff to Their Deaths - Tiny Toon Adventures
8 Rose Shattered Pink Diamond - Steven Universe
9 Tom Gets Executed - Tom and Jerry

After Jerry and Nibbles succeed in stealing the food Tom was suppose to be guarding the two celebrate before we cut to a scene with a guillotine is shown as it drops down as Tom is apparently executed for failing to stop Jerry from stealing all the food as the two mourn Tom's death as before marching off as the episode ends. - egnomac

I would put the episode where they sit on the train track but alright. - DapperPickle

10 Hacker takes over Cyberspace - Cyberchase

The Contenders

11 Korra and Asami Become a Couple - The Legend of Korra

To be honest I never saw this coming sure they acted like good friends but who could have guessed they would end up together in the end as the last image of the series is of both Korra and Asami going together to the spirit world holding each others hands which is probably why Nickelodeon refused to air the finale. - egnomac

12 Principal Skinner is an Imposter - The Simpsons
13 Quagmire murders the Simpson family - Family Guy
14 Phineas and Isabella Kiss - Phineas and Ferb

When I think Phineas & Ferb I think how cute Phineas and Isabella are as a couple

15 Tom and Jerry Commit Suicide - Tom and Jerry
16 D.W. Swears at her Mother - Arthur

Dora Winifred Reed what did you say to me!.

17 Arthur hits D.W. - Arthur
18 Ice King's Final Tape - Adventure Time
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