Most Shocking Moments in 2018

2018 has had a shocking start, so here are some things that shocked the world.

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1 Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

...I've been talking about politics and current events for some time now, and I know as someone who's not even 14 yet that it's bad for my mental health. But this hits too close to home.

There have been 18 shootings in America since 2018 started, and we're not even in March. This is the deadliest high school shooting in history, and let's not forget that one of those 18 shootings happened in Winston-Salem, which is DANGEROUSLY close to where I live. And yet, Trump and his NRA-cronies are only making it worse. They're cutting over $25,000,000 from school counseling and mental profiling. Last month, Trump signed a bill deregulating guns based on mental illness. He visited like two victims for 6 minutes and then went STRAIGHT to golfing. He blames the FBI for not taking action and brings up Russia. The shooter was a Trump supporter, and is getting sympathy headlines from news articles alongside the fact that he's trying to bypass the death penalty.

These shootings aren't ...more - WonkeyDude98

My heart goes out to all of those in Florida right now. 17 people were shot dead in this attack, making it just barely worse than Columbine. What makes this worse was that the perpetrator was a rabid white supremacist and extremist who was suspended from roughly seven schools previously, but no one cared about his behaviour despite the tip-offs until he actually performed the act. While gun-control does come into play here, it's more of the fact that no one payed attention to this guy's behaviour before-hand despite the fact that this was a disaster waiting to happen. - Swellow

I live close to this school (not in Parkland, but close), and the past few days have been scary. With tightened security and a friend of mine threatening to bring a weapon in self defense and getting suspended for three weeks, it's hard. My condolences go out to the families who suffered from this shooting. - Absolite

I also live within 15 miles of Parkland, and I was really scared the day of the shooting. - allamassal

When I was going to school we never had anything like what we have now in our schools. All these school shootings need to stop no one deserves to die

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2 Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"

As an American, I am officially ashamed..

And people say Trump isn't racist. Don't go using the "mainstream media" excuse here now. The fact that Donald Trump let this slip out of his mouth only finally proves how racist and horrible of a person he is. And I thought him cutting funding for historically black colleges and attempting to ban transgenders from the army already made him as prejudiced and discriminatory as he already was. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah. The sad part is that I'm not even making this stuff up. Just Google it and you'll see that what I say is verifiable by various sources. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I just saw this today (on this list only) and now I'm thinking "Why is Donald Trump our president?! " - PhoenixAura81

I am an American I don’t know how he came into office

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3 2018 Flu Outbreak

Why everyone should get Flu shots - Metallic_Lore

I got the flu and a cough that lasted a whole month. But it is gone now. Everywhere, there is people with the flu.

Nearly 100 years after the infamous outbreak and it's still one hell of a problem.

Apparently a bad comment made by Donald Trump and a school shooting that only killed 17 people is worse than a flu outbreak that had 80,000 people die

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4 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

The worst part is people forgave him.

He deserved to be dishonored in an excruciating way even I haven't watched the video but I sense disturbance - Kevinsidis

It's not just that he showed a dead body on video for the public to see, it's much more than that. Him and his friends were told not to take any film or photo of dead bodies they came across, but they did and disrespected that poor victim and his family. They mocked the suicide victim, and made him some kind of side show for them to use for views, which is inhumane.

Imagine being one of the families of the victim. You came across the video that you see of your spouse, sibling, parent, or friend who hanged himself and is in a video of punks laughing their ass off about him.It would crush you to see that someone you were once close to ended up killing himself, and was just treated as a joke.

Also Logan's followers are young kids who watch his videos. They either become terrified from what they've been exposed to, or think that it's okay to do what Logan did. Having a irresponsible role model who doesn't have compassion for the victim is not someone that we want to have ...more

The man is a legitimate psychopath. There is no empathy in him. As he and his waste-of-oxygen friends laugh over the body of a man who took his own life, his raving fanbase ignores common decency. - Sop

Fun. Enjoyed The Video. Deserved.

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5 False Alarm of Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Threat

Incompetent & negligent government employee makes worst possible mistake; won't be punished. Tell me again why we want more government employees in charge of more facets of our lives.

Just goes to show how incompetent governments are all over the world. Thought I was gonna get nuked this past weekend. - Zach808

I'm Sure That Was Scary As Hell - JPK

How were people that stupid - iliekpiez

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6 Tide Pod Challenge

I can't wait for the Loose Wire in a Bathtub Challenge.

First, the cinnamon challenge. And then, the burning and/or eraser challenge. And now, the Tide Pod challenge? What's next? The Stick a Pencil Down Your Throat as Far as You Can Challenge? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that challenge did exist. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah you're right because a this point most teens will die of poisoning but hey, I ain't the idiot who created this challenge. - LaST_LiGHT

I can't tell you how STUPID AND BRAINLESS people who do this challenge are! People who do this challenge are going to get themselves KILLED! WHY do people do this, to not be a wuss, to be popular? Well that is just major stupidity and DO NOT EAT TOXIC LAUNDRY DETERGENT! - PhoenixAura81

Can't wait for the flat iron in bath challenge! - sowells_brianna24

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7 12 People, Including 5 Children, are Held Captive and Discovered Chained to Their Beds in California

Those parents should go to hell - ikerevievs

This is sad. I hope the parents are put in prison for life. - Randomator

Their parents deserved to die a slow, and painful death by cannibals (okay maybe I went too extreme, but don't care they still deserve a harsh punishment). - XxembermasterxX

Their parents should rot in jail forever. - CharismaticKat

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8 Death of Stephen Hawking

Is truly an upsetting and shocking moment. One of the smartest minds in history lost just like that. RIP - CloudInvasion

He was a mastermind. Rip Stephen Hawking you will be missed - Randomator

Even though I'm not agree with him about his beliefs about god and the creator I loved him as great scientist who never gave up and always tried hard and fought his illness god bless his eternal soul

"What if he found the last digit of Pi and the government freaked out? " -My friend - DogmeatAndRex

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9 Baghdad Suicide Bombings

Yeah, these were really scary. - CloudInvasion

2 suicide bombings occurred, killing at least 38 people and injuring 105. - Gregory

I love liberalism. Voting a trump quote over these innocents crying.
Edit: I meant dying. Oopsie whoopsie, I did a poopsie. - TeamRocket747

10 Slayer Disbands

Not yet they're doing one last tour. But it might end by 2019. Well the slayer fans will be raining tears when it happens. - Skullkid755

I can understand, they've been together for over thirty years, nearly forty. But still, it's sad. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Now that is just being butthurt - 445956

Nobody cares - pugiscool

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The Newcomers

? Drake having the most weeks at #1 on Billboard

I know this isn't near as bad as school shootings,Trump calling countries names,or the death of Avicii, but this still should be on the list. - oneshot

? Meghalaya Coal Mine Collapse

On December 13, a coal mine in Meghalaya collapsed, leaving 15 miners got trapped.
They’ve been trapped for 31 days so far, and they’re all presumed dead after only 3 helmets were exposed.
Rescue operations are currently underway and I’ll update this comment to bring further information. - Gregory

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11 Donald Trump Refusing to Apologize for S***hole Comment

And this isn't considered as bad as a YouTuber making insensitive jokes. At least Logan Paul isn't the face of a country. - PositronWildhawk

What a monster. - Gregory

It's not like any Trump hater will forgive him if he apologizes. - TristGamer

Do you expect him to apologize?

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12 California Wildfires

I know many people who have been affected by these fores, including some people who lived in Paradise. My family lives all over California, so I check the news every day to make sure that the fires aren't too close to them. - SirSheep

Not shocking happens every year here - namesnipe

Trump: not important
Trump After: Oh - iliekpiez

Three people have already been killed from these fires. What people need to know is that they should evacuate. Don’t stay, you’re putting your life at risk, and then people will eventually have to save you, while risking their lives. Please evacuate if you are told to do so. - PackFan2005

13 Santa Fe High School Shooting

Considering this shooting took place so close to a week or two before high school graduation, as a high school senior awaiting graduation, I have to say absolutely no senior, let alone any school student from any grade level, should have to experience a tragedy like this near the end of the school year. As always, I can only say I give my condolences to those who were affected by yet another school shooting this year. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Trump will just pray and do absolutely nothing about it but run his mouth. - railfan99

8 to 10 people have been killed. This is the second major school shooting we've had this year, after Parkland. As if that wasn't enough, someone went to the school with a gun, MAGA hat, and an American flag. Just imagine how traumatized students would feel about that. The only reason this isn't on here is because it just happened. - allamassal

This school was three hours away from my school. - sowells_brianna24

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14 2018 Doomsday Clock

Thanks a lot kim jong un - Dvafan2

Hopefully all goes well at the meeting.

I just looked that up and I noticed it had an Iron Maiden song title in it (the sing itself is awesome). - PhoenixAura81

Welp. I hope ww3 doesn't breakout before gen 8 of pokemon. This is a little too close.

15 Texas High School Shooting

Who cares for shootings

Get this above slayer disbanding, how is a band disbanding above a high school shooting? - BlazingParasol

So Sad - JPK

I’m just so sick of these shootings! - railfan99

We should just stop shootings, and help the families, yet we should make it through mental health problems, think twice, and stand up against our choice of them. - Gregory

16 Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

This one was ridiculous and the accuser was so incredibly hard to believe. It sounded more like an awkward date that ended in awkward sex - Phillip873

I'm so sick of these sexual harassment accusations

Anyone with a brain could already tell how creepy this guy is just by watching a single episode of Parks & Rec. His mannerisms are so gross.

God, Women are so evil. - kcianciulli

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17 Harrisburg Shooting
18 Southern California Mudslides

It's mayhem here in SoCal, there has been fires and mudslides left and right. I remember my school became a shelter for people that lived in the outskirts of my city because there house was so close to the danger - Phillip873

So far 17 people have died and 43 went missing.
Pray for SoCal. - Gregory

19 Alabama School Shooting
20 YouTube Moral Drama

My goodness, is there anything right about our society?! - SpectralOwl

Yes one thing Marilyn Manson.
When he's retires humanity will be screwed.

Ever since Logan Paul’s corpse video, the YouTube Community is starting major drama over Logan Paul’s video.
The drama also revolves around Shane Dawson’s video about pedophilia. - Gregory

21 The Philadelphia Eagles Won the Super Bowl 52

Finally, a good shocking moment on the list - AliciaMae

I thought that the Minnesota Miracle was a shocking moment, but whatever. - Nonpointed

Fly, Eagles, fly! - galaxyfox


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22 Marvel Creator Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment

Please, PLEASE don't tell me sexual harassment is still a thing in 2018.

Hey nurses, 95 year old men that recently lost their wife commonly do this, so ask for male nurses instead of going to the internet. - 445956

At this point feminists are trying desperately to get more men without jobs and replace them with woman they will continue until they rule over us - ikerevievs

Sexual harassment does not matter at all.

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23 Facebook lost daily users

Yay! Maybe people will go on TheTopTens instead!

Thetoptens is a dying site, those who don't delete their accounts this year need to keep it from losing advertisers - TheInsomniac

I only recently got a Facebook, but got banned almost immediately. Wonder why? - NuMetalManiak

Well good, that's more like it - SpectralOwl

Shocking in a good way! - Userguy44

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24 Toys R Us Announced the Closing of 180 Stores

Say goodbye to your childhood and say hello to Trend Central. - CloudInvasion

That was my favorite store when I was younger.

Toys R us goodbye I enjoyed going to your stores when I was a small boy R.I.P

So sad and nostalgic! Bye-bye Baby's R Us too! Waaah!

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25 Death of DJ Avicii

Mainly shocking because he was only 28 years old. - allamassal

This one was completely out of the blue. No one would've ever seen it coming at this day and age. - CloudInvasion

Not that I'm big into conspiracies or anything, but some believe that he was just about to expose elite pedophilia before he was killed

He was my favourite I didn’t hear about his death until two months after it! I saw it...

And I was like ‘Wikipedia is trolling me right’ and starting crying in my bed! I posted loads of videos on YouTube and Tik Tok about his death.

I was so depressed

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26 North Korea Participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Boy, is the IOC going to have a lot to say about this! Seriously, they better take all precautions with security if all the athletes and people at the Winter Olympics are going to be safe from the threat of North Korea. Something tells me North Korea participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics won't be much good news to the Winter Olympics and the safety of everyone participating at the games. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

North Korea doing anything fun is indeed quite shocking.

Looks like this is the last Olympics then :( - XxembermasterxX

27 S***hole Sign Projected Onto Trump Hotel in Washington DC

Oops ignore the previous comment I put he deserved that punishment.

Sometimes, the reaction to the tweet is worse than the tweet itself. - Nonpointed

That’s a little overboard, don’t you think?

What's with Trump and the s***hole thing?

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28 Shane Dawson’s Pedophilia Comments

It shocked me to hear the rumors about Shane. I really like the guy, so it sucks that all of this is going around. I'm not sure how this started or who started it, but whoever did is most likely a scumbag. - Absolite's Shane Dawson. The guy makes a bunch of weird sexual jokes. Doubt this was done genuinely. - DCfnaf

I don't know who this is, but I'm sure he's a sicko.

Issue is they weren't funny - iliekpiez

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29 Rape and Murder of Zainab Ansari

I'm just glad this horrific incident has at least gained some awareness in the form of a Wikipedia page and some news outlets. But like CrimsonShark said, it's a shame this poor victim doesn't get as much awareness of her terrifying encounter with her killer as other victims do. I really hope the Pakistani government will bring this horrid excuse of a human to justice and make him pay dearly for his crime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

UPDATE: The murderer has been caught. He has been identified as Imran Ali, a serial killer who also killed around 5 other girls in a time span of 2 years. - CrimsonShark

Thank goodness he's been caught. My only hope is that he's truly brought to justice and doesn't cop out with a suicide attempt to escape his well-deserved punishment for his crimes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Murder is wrong regardless of who it is - ikerevievs

That must have been a terrible life-scarring death - PhoenixAura81

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30 North Korea Announces Ending Missile Tests

Finally that dumbass kim jong un is learning not to mess with other countries - Dvafan2


Something previous leaders couldn’t accomplish. Now, let’s turn our attention to Iran, who seems more threatening at the moment. - PackFan2005

31 Logan Paul's Apology for Dead Body Video

How is this "shocking"? Of course he was going to apologise, even if it wasn't accepted by the majority of YouTube. - PlanetDeadwing

Why are both the video and the apology video on the same list. Why are both shocking. What is wrong with the people who add these items. Why do they care so much. Why are questions like these the best questions ever. And why don't any of them end with question marks. - Nonpointed

It was shocking that a video with a dead body was on youtube for 3 weeks :0 - Manowar9

This is not shocking. Considering all the backlash he received and the desperation for attention Logan has always warranted, he was bound to "apologize" for this. Move this down.

His apology was fake, because it is from Logan Paul. - BorisRule

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32 Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Counts of Indecent Sexual Assault in Retrial

Sick freak. Anyone who repeatedly violates the sexual boundaries of others deserves everything they will eventually get

I can't believe They're still go on about this - s646451

I used to enjoy Bill Cosby. I even grew up watching The Bill Cosby show. But when I watched the news about Bill Cosby raped couple of women, I was disgusted by his actions and stopped watching his show. Even my mother was disgusted by him. Bill Cosby is a sick idiot. - flowergriffon

There is no evidence that he raped more than one woman

33 16-year-Old Girl Killed After Going Over Rainbow Falls
34 Bomb Cyclone

The coldest new years eve ever - ikerevievs

It’s so horrible that this caused so many problems for people in America. If you want send all that snow to me, in Scotland. We have had barely any this year. Well, at least where I am that is.

It's the coldest storm to hit the U.S. in 4 years, and caused a huge blizzard throughout the northeast, and many people were stuck inside their homes.
Yet it snowed in Florida and other places that don't usually get snow. - Gregory

35 Forest High School Shooting

I know a few people who went to that school and when I heard about this I was MAD! - railfan99

36 Bella Thorne Revealed that she was Sexually Abused as a Child

This isn't shocking, sadly. I'm positive she has a drug problem as well

This was sad

37 Car Crashed Into 2nd Floor of Southern California Building

How? - Cyri

38 Sears Announced the Closing of 100 Stores

2017 has been one of the worst years for the store industry, hundreds of stores were closed, and Toys R. Us went bankrupt. - Gregory

JCPenney is much better anyway (even though they aren't doing too well themselves)...

Sears Canada closed, and Sears US is next, sadly. - railfan99

In other news, Water is wet. - kcianciulli

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39 Apple Spectre Meltdown

Wow. Now I am for sure happy that I don't have any apple products.

It affects all devices not just Apple

It literally affects every device with a CPU. It is not just Apple.

It affects every device with a CPU.

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40 Logan Paul Tased Dead Animals

How was this shocking? If you believed his apology the first time, you are pretty naive, to say the least. - Zach808

What is wrong with people these days? This guy needs a mental health check immediately. I've seen enough crazy people to know that it all starts with messing with dead animals. - SirSheep

This isn't really shocking when you realize it's just another publicity stunt. - Swellow

This Logan Paul seems to be a real idiot! - Userguy44

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41 Google Removed the View Image Button From Google Images

But you can just right click the image and click "open image in new tab", then you can still have it. - Hotheart123

To prevent copyright infringement. - Gregory

This should be #1. - PerfectImpulseX

This? Out of the shootings, the attacks and the hundreds of deaths from them, this should be #1? - 3DG20


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42 A man claimed a poor woman's house

Don't worry the woman got her house back - toptenforlife

43 A New Study Revealed that Autism Doctor Hans Asperger Aided Nazi Child Euthanasia

What the hell?! Now more people on the internet will make more nazi and autism related jokes combined!
(Not intending to shoot the messenger) - SpectralOwl

Not the best news for anybody who's Autistic (Like me)... - CrimsonShark

It’s not for the ones who are smarts it’s actually for the severely ones sadly...

44 Ksi vs Logan Paul Fight

The results were so shocking, I feel bad for all the people who flew there just to see the 2 draw, I even felt bad for the people who paid for a stream - B1ueNew

The biggest bait in modern history, made absolutely everyone tune in and buy tickets just to see literally nothing - Enmanu16

I hate the two so much, I just want KSI to lose so his career ends since he has been popular since like 2013 or 2014, Logan paul has been popular since 2017, - B1ueNew

1 underhated idiot vs 1 overhated idiot - B1ueNew

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45 Amtrak Train 91 Derailment
46 Butch Hartman Left Nickelodeon

That was a surprise to hear, but hey, it was likely to happen sooner or later. - CloudInvasion

It truly took me by shock that after 20 years of being a big part of Nick Animation, Butch Hartman was finally leaving Nickelodeon. In the two decades he's been on the network, his hit shows The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom blessed our childhoods. Adding T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen is a Beast into the mix, Hartman was one of the most prolific animators at Nickelodeon, second only to Klasky-Csupo. While his past and current shows may end, they will never be forgotten. And for what the future holds, it's only just beginning for what endless possibilities there are to come for Hartman. Butch Hartman, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the wonderful shows you've given us on your time at Nickelodeon and may your future endeavors be just as successful. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well he was a jerk to his fans and by the way new Nickelodeon is better than the old one - pugiscool

47 Los Angeles Middle School Shooting

Horrifying! I'm sick of all these shootings -railfan99

48 Trump Threatening to Shut Down the Federal Government If He Does Not Get His Wall Funded

Someone please sketch Trump in a diaper whining about his wall. It's not protection for the country, it's merely a symbol of racism and isolationism. My god, this manchild gives me more reasons to hate him every hour... - WonkeyDude98

It was more than Trump, honestly. Both sides are whiny losers.

Okay Liberalism, show me proof. - TeamRocket747

Its schumer who shut down the gov over a completely unrelated issue - Dvafan2

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49 Azalea Park Shooting
50 Jake Paul Said the N Word on YouTube

I love how when people defend PewDiePie for saying the slur, but when Logan Paul does it, everybody is on his ass. - Mumbizz01

Exactly Just Because PewDiePie Is The Most Popular Thing On YouTube Is Why People Are Defending Him - s646451

Why is it becoming normal to say the "n" word when the person themselves is not African? I see people in my school say it all the time and they are not African.

Jake Paul is human cancer he is a terrible role model - ikerevievs

When I watch meme compilations, I hear the n word all the time (with the ending spelled with an a or the two g’s are replaced with two b’s). I’m kind of blasé with this one. - PhoenixAura81

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3. Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"
1. Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting
2. Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"
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