Most Shocking Moments in 2018

2018 has had a shocking start, so here are some things that shocked the world.

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1 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

The man is a legitimate psychopath. There is no empathy in him. As he and his waste-of-oxygen friends laugh over the body of a man who took his own life, his raving fanbase ignores common decency. - Sop

The worst part is people forgave him. - naFrovivuS

This video actually came out on the last day of 2017 - zeroclubsboii

This is evidence that this mans reputation does not get better, he just gets more cancerous - Vegeta40049

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2 Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"

As an American, I am officially ashamed.. - Aragorn98

And people say Trump isn't racist. Don't go using the "mainstream media" excuse here now. The fact that Donald Trump let this slip out of his mouth only finally proves how racist and horrible of a person he is. And I thought him cutting funding for historically black colleges and attempting to ban transgenders from the army already made him as prejudiced and discriminatory as he already was. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah. The sad part is that I'm not even making this stuff up. Just Google it and you'll see that what I say is verifiable by various sources. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I just saw this today (on this list only) and now I'm thinking "Why is Donald Trump our president?! " - PhoenixAura81

Trump isn’t racist they say. Oh but what do you call this? unbelievable trump!

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3 2018 Flu Outbreak

I got the flu and a cough that lasted a whole month. But it is gone now. Everywhere, there is people with the flu. - AnimeDrawer

Nearly 100 years after the infamous outbreak and it's still one hell of a problem.

Why everyone should get Flu shots - Metallic_Lore

I suffer from a very severe form of Hypochondria, and this flu really scares me a lot. I can't even go a full minute without thinking of it.
How is a comment from the President worse than this? - wrests

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4 False Alarm of Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Threat

Incompetent & negligent government employee makes worst possible mistake; won't be punished. Tell me again why we want more government employees in charge of more facets of our lives.

Just goes to show how incompetent governments are all over the world. Thought I was gonna get nuked this past weekend. - Zach808

I'm Sure That Was Scary As Hell - JPK

They pressed the wrong button apparently. No joke, that's exactly what happen. How in the f----? - cjWriter1997

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5 Tide Pod Challenge

First, the cinnamon challenge. And then, the burning and/or eraser challenge. And now, the Tide Pod challenge? What's next? The Stick a Pencil Down Your Throat as Far as You Can Challenge? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that challenge did exist. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah you're right because a this point most teens will die of poisoning but hey, I ain't the idiot who created this challenge. - LaST_LiGHT

I can't wait for the Loose Wire in a Bathtub Challenge. - naFrovivuS

At least there won't be another brain dead challenge after this... Cause everyone who did this challenge will die! - SpectralOwl

Just a bunch of people being retards - ikerevievs

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6 Southern California Mudslides

It's mayhem here in SoCal, there has been fires and mudslides left and right. I remember my school became a shelter for people that lived in the outskirts of my city because there house was so close to the danger - Phillip873

So far 17 people have died and 43 went missing.
Pray for SoCal. - Gregory

7 YouTube Moral Drama

Ever since Logan Paul’s corpse video, the YouTube Community is starting major drama over Logan Paul’s video.
The drama also revolves around Shane Dawson’s video about pedophilia. - Gregory

8 Donald Trump Refusing to Apologize for S***hole Comment

And this isn't considered as bad as a YouTuber making insensitive jokes. At least Logan Paul isn't the face of a country. - PositronWildhawk

What a monster. - Gregory

It's not like any Trump hater will forgive him if he apologizes. - TristGamer

What good is that going to do? If he does, you’ll all write it off as insincere and you won’t even forgive him anyways. - DCfnaf

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9 Shane Dawson’s Pedophilia Comments

It shocked me to hear the rumors about Shane. I really like the guy, so it sucks that all of this is going around. I'm not sure how this started or who started it, but whoever did is most likely a scumbag. - Absolite

This surprised me because I really like shane dawson. But he apolgized so at least he did that.

Yet again, someone starts a witch hunt on a youtuber by slicing together a bunch of clips taken out of context. It's just Shane with his edgy humor as usual, people. Now, whether or not he should be joking about this is debatable, but it doesn't make him a pedo. - Zach808

YouTuber Shane Dawson made comments about sexual events associated with children, such as “googling babies”, and it started a lot of drama among the community. - Gregory

It is rumoured that Logan Paul's manager started the Pedophilia comments to steer off the drama from Logan's video. It really did surprise me that someone would create such a disgusting rumour about Shane Dawson. - tdln

10 Bomb Cyclone

It’s so horrible that this caused so many problems for people in America. If you want send all that snow to me, in Scotland. We have had barely any this year. Well, at least where I am that is.

It's the coldest storm to hit the U.S. in 4 years, and caused a huge blizzard throughout the northeast, and many people were stuck inside their homes.
Yet it snowed in Florida and other places that don't usually get snow. - Gregory

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11 YouTube Trending Logan Paul’s Dead Body Video

Screw YouTube for trending such a vile, horrible video. - Gregory

Why would you trend a video of a person making fun of a corpse? I list my faith in humanity. - AnimeDrawer

Shame on you, youtube. Screen these videos before shoving them in our faces. - Zach808

So annoying - KianaLexi

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12 Logan Paul's Apology for Dead Body Video

Is this guy even human? Sure, he’s human-shaped and technically has the same organs, but I can’t see any empathy in this guy at all. The dead body video is bad enough, but making a huge deal about apologizing while making tons of money from ad revenue on the video? It would’ve been better if he said nothing at all. - Zach808

How is this "shocking"? Of course he was going to apologise, even if it wasn't accepted by the majority of YouTube. - PlanetDeadwing

Hey, if you're doing something humiliating in public, might as well make some cash with it. - SoldierOfFortune

Why did you do it in the first place then Logan Small?

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13 S***hole Sign Projected Onto Trump Hotel in Washington DC
14 Apple Spectre Meltdown

Wow. Now I am for sure happy that I don't have any apple products.

A huge glitch in the chip is allowing hackers to steal data, and it is named for that reason.
It is affecting every iphone, ipod, ipad, and apple laptop. - Gregory

15 Marvel Creator Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment

Please, PLEASE don't tell me sexual harassment is still a thing in 2018. - Aragorn98

At this point feminists are trying desperately to get more men without jobs and replace them with woman they will continue until they rule over us - ikerevievs

First Bill Cosby, then Matt Lauer, now this guy!?!?!?! - SavageLG

Source: Daily Mail. Enough said. - Tia-Harribel

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16 Sears Announced the Closing of 100 Stores

2017 has been one of the worst years for the store industry, hundreds of stores were closed, and Toys R. Us went bankrupt. - Gregory

Sears Canada closed, and Sears US is next, sadly. - railfan99

RIP Sears Canada :(

17 Jake Paul Said the N Word on YouTube

You don't have to be African to say it. It just means ignorant person, not some racial slur, not originally. Just like Gaylord doesn't mean homosexual lord. And he said one swear word. I don't like Jake Paul, but this isn't as terrible as people think it is. - Lucretia

Why is it becoming normal to say the "n" word when the person themselves is not African? I see people in my school say it all the time and they are not African. - AnimeDrawer

I love how when people defend PewDiePie for saying the slur, but when Logan Paul does it, everybody is on his ass. - Mumbizz01

Let’s be honest: Was anyone surprised by this? This is tame by these guys’ standards. Not that it isn’t awful, but being racist, insensitive pricks is par for the course for them. - Zach808

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18 12 people, including 5 children, are held captive and discovered chained to their beds in California

This is sad. I hope the parents are put in prison for life. - Randomator

Those parents should go to hell - ikerevievs

13 sons and daughters of the Turpin family, ages between around 4 and 29, all shackled, deprived (a 12 year old in the family weighs as much as an average 7 year old, and the 29 year old weighs as much as an average 14 year old), not given proper education, medication, or cleansing, all the while suffering physical abuse from their parents for years... and they might not even get the life sentence and may get bail. This is the world we live in, folks. - WonkeyDude98

19 Kmart Announced the Closing of 64 Stores
20 Bella Thorne Revealed that she was Sexually Abused as a Child
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1. Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"
2. Logan Paul's Dead Body Video
3. Southern California Mudslides
1. Logan Paul's Dead Body Video
2. YouTube Moral Drama
3. Shane Dawson’s Pedophilia Comments

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