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21 Macy's Announced the Closing of 81 Stores
22 Death of "Fast" Eddie Clarke

Heavy metal will never recover from this loss, rock in peace my friend

Heaven just got a whole lot louder - SoldierOfFortune

RIP Eddie. Motörhead is now rocking in heaven. - Aragorn98

23 Rape and Murder of Zainab Ansari

I'm just glad this horrific incident has at least gained some awareness in the form of a Wikipedia page and some news outlets. But like CrimsonShark said, it's a shame this poor victim doesn't get as much awareness of her terrifying encounter with her killer as other victims do. I really hope the Pakistani government will bring this horrid excuse of a human to justice and make him pay dearly for his crime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This should be on top, no person deserves this. #PrayForZainab - AnimeDrawer

Logan paul's dead body video is disgusting, but it's nothing compared to this. Zainab's horrific rape and murder should be much higher on the list. - PeachyBlast

Basic premise: A 7 year old Pakistani girl was brutally raped and murdered, before the killer dumped her body in a heap of garbage. Thus, began a hashtag movement #JusticeForZainab and the Pakistani population is shocked, saddened and angry.

Except its not gonna get as much attention because the incident happened in a developing country. If this happened in a developed country (I.e. The United States), it'd be headlined all around the globe. - CrimsonShark

24 Death of Dolores O’Riordan

I don't know who she was, but I remember my dad was pretty upset the day she died. - Absolite

25 North Korea participating in the 2018 Olympics

Boy, is the IOC going to have a lot to say about this! Seriously, they better take all precautions with security if all the athletes and people at the Winter Olympics are going to be safe from the threat of North Korea. Something tells me North Korea participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics won't be much good news to the Winter Olympics and the safety of everyone participating at the games. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 Winter Storm Hunter

They say this storm has hit the Midwest, Northeast, and even parts of the South as well. I know this myself, especially considering I live in the Carolinas. Thankfully, nothing bad has happened to me and my family yet, but man, as of the time I write this comment, school and work for us has been closed since Wednesday for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT! That's almost an entire 5-day weekend to ourselves. But on the tragic side, I've heard a lot of bad stuff out of the news regarding this weather. So many car accidents due to the black ice, people freezing to death (including a homeless man found dead in a tent), and probably much more to name out of this. I pray for the safety of everyone and anyone affected by this winter storm. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

27 Plane skidding off runway and nearly falling into Black Sea

168 people were on board, thankfully no one was hurt or killed. - Gregory

28 Walmart Closed 63 Sam's Club Stores

I know right?! BS - LightningBlade

29 Baghdad Suicide Bombings

2 suicide bombings occurred, killing at least 38 people and injuring 105. - Gregory

30 Stefon Diggs touchdown
31 Death of Jessica Falkholt

We're not even through 1/12th of a year, and we already have the most tragic celebrity death of 2018.

And why I say most tragic is due to circumstance. Jessica, an actress known for her role in Home and Away, was struck in a car accident on Boxing Day 2017. Drivers of both cars and and her parents were killed instantly. Jessica and her younger sister Annabelle were taken to hospital with severe injuries. Annabelle died three days later.

Jessica remained in critical condition until January 17th, 2018, passing away at age 28. So, her direct family and herself have unexpectedly passed away, and she still had a lot to go for her acting career. - CrimsonShark

32 Death of Doreen Tracey

Original Mouseketeer for Mickey Mouse Club, From 1955-1959, had pneumonia.
She was 74
R.I.P.✝️ - Gregory

33 Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

This one was ridiculous and the accuser was so incredibly hard to believe. It sounded more like an awkward date that ended in awkward sex - Phillip873

I'm so sick of these sexual harassment accusations

34 California Screamin’ at Disneyland Closing on January 8

Wow...Why Disney?

An iconic ride at Disneyland, closed to make way for an Incredibles ride called Incredicoaster.
Disney wants more money from people, and considering this is part of the Incredibles 2 promotion.

Please Don't Turn Into The 2017 List😒 - JPK

35 Florida Boat Caught Fire
36 Car Crashed Into 2nd Floor of Southern California Building
37 Floor Collapse in Jakarta Stock Exchange
38 James Franco accused of sexual misconducts
39 The Collapse of Carillion
40 Providence Mall Shooting
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