Top 10 Signs You Like a Cartoon Character


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1 You smile every time you see him/her

I have all these symptoms

Me when Children In Need Comes on. I really like Pudsey Bear.

2 You're falling deeply in love

I am certainly falling deeply in love. - CartoonsGirl

I sure am with 2 cartoon characters. - cosmo

3 You start watching the show more often

Yep, I was born 1 year before it was cancelled. Thank God it is on the internet

4 You wish they were real or you were a fictional character

I wish they were real. I have 2 major cartoon crushes. One is obvious in my username and the other one I am not telling. - cosmo

There are some fictional characters (cartoon or not) that I really wish were real because I like them so much, either as a lover or a friend.

Yeah, I have a cartoon crush. But I'm not telling. - nintendofan126

How many cartoon character crushes did you had? Just curious you don't have to tell me. - CartoonsGirl

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5 You buy merchandises from the show they are from
6 You daydream about them

I massively dream of Invader zim getting his episode and gets back on air. I want friends to see it.

7 You have dreams about him/her
8 You love him/her more than your parents
9 You can't stop liking him/her
10 Can't stop loving him/her

Zim and Gir. For is funny and cute. Zim is Awesome and has a great voice

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11 You draw him/her

I think about drawling Gir in his dog suit also including his robot head, (I would only be drawling Zim in disguise) The reason I don't is because I would feel embarrassed to let my brothers or parents see. But the one that I will feel less embarrassed if I draw Gir cause my family hates Zim more well one brother of mine only likes Gir.

I do a lot but they come out terrible. I am not gonna show anyone my horrible drawings though. - cosmo

I want to do this and post this in my room

12 You have too many screenshots of them

I have so many pictures of Raditz from DBZ and Blix from Legend. I can't even count them. I also have countless pictures of Sasori from Naruto. I can't help it, they're just so awesome!

Yep that's me!

Me lol

13 You blush a lot when you see him/her
14 You get jealous if someone else likes the same character

Jealousy is a major sign that you love someone or something so much that you don't want anyone else to have it. You want it to belong to you and only you.

Hehehehehehe!... I know right!

15 You wish you created them yourself
16 You want to see more of them on TV
17 You feel warm and tingly
18 You like the character's design

That's pretty much the only reason I watched Ed, Edd n Eddy as a kid. The characters had such great designs.

19 You want to marry him
20 You hate when people insult them
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