Top Ten Similarities Between Sonic the Hedgehog and Dora the Explorer

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1 They both arent at home that often

I can belive that, and I do.

Why the hell are you comparing a preschooler show and a video game? Are you five years old?

Um...LOL - DCfnaf

Doras house is shown in some episodes sonics island where he was born was never shown maby t might get shown in an upcoming game - epictoonsfan1

2 Both collect stuff to help them on the way

Dora collects adventure starsmsonic collects coas emeralds - epictoonsfan1

3 Both have video games

The show Dora is basically a computer game itself.

Sonic has many dora had 6 one of them was called dora saves the crystal kingdom - epictoonsfan1

4 Both are getting movies

Live action teenage Dora.

Dora Is getting a Film? , Oh My Goodness - VideoGamefan5

5 Both have sidekicks

Really? , Sonic Is Awesome, While Dora Sucks Garbage - VideoGamefan5

Sonic has tails dora has boots - epictoonsfan1

6 Both have lego sets

However dora has more - epictoonsfan1

Sonic had LEGO sets?

*Runs off the store* - DCfnaf

7 Both have great songs

Sonic songs are good Dora songs are dumb

Open your heart and the dora theme song are great - epictoonsfan1

8 Both have spin offs

Go deigo go and tails sky patrol - epictoonsfan1

9 Both have a lot of friends

They have some annoying, overrated friends like Modern Amy Rose, most of Dora's friends, Princess Elise III, Omochao, Modern Charmy Bee, Vanilla the Rabbit and etc.

Also, Sonic the Hedgehog has epic friends like Team Sonic, Team Dark, the Chaotic, you name it.

Why the hell are you comparing two very different things? These franchises have nothing in common.

Why are you comparing a hedgehog and a Mexican? - TwilightKitsune

Boots isa benny tico big red cickon senior toucan backpack map val baby jaguar the pirate pigys and more sonci has tails knuckles amy cream and cheese big shadow rouge vecter charmey and espio and more - epictoonsfan1

10 Both have something play when they accomplish something

The fieasta trio shows up when dora overcomes an obstacle and sonics plays at tthe end of a level - epictoonsfan1

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11 They both like to explore
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