Top Ten Best Simpsons and Family Guy Characters

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1 Stewie Griffin - Family Guy Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin is a main character from the animated television series Family Guy. Obsessed with violence and matricide, Stewie is the youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin, and the brother of Meg and Chris Griffin.

An abnormally soft drinks

Stewie is awesome. The people that are watching it for the comedy get a lot of laughs at his jokes, the sci fi people get there time-traveling stuff, and the people with the good ol fashion values (on which we used to rely) get there share with Brian and Stewie's adventures. - kennymccormick2169

2 Peter Griffin - Family Guy Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

What could be better than a rude, fat man? - IronSabbathPriest

He is the foundation of Family Guy - kennymccormick2169

I hate peter griffin

3 Bart Simpson - Simpsons Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson is the oldest child, and the only son, in the 1987 show The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Groening. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

Iconic character.

The Simpsons > Family Guy
(Cancel Famly Guy)

4 Homer Simpson - Simpsons Homer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

How is Homer Simpson NOT numerous one? He is the most ICONIC character of them all.

A little to dumb, but funny for all ages - kennymccormick2169

It's too funny to be number 4

Family Guy over Simpsons? I personally prefer everything about Simpsons to Family Guy.Homer is so dumb,and it makes him a great character.Also he's relatable for quite a lot of people.

5 Moe - Simpsons

The best cartoon bartender

His ugliness led him to fame

6 Glenn Quagmire - Family Guy Glenn Quagmire, often referred to as just Quagmire, is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

A sexual ill guy that will make you laugh non stop all day

I don't know this character sucks, I just love Moe!

He's better then Moe, that's for sure. Glenn Quagmire is actually a very important FG character. (And 99% of the cartoon sexual content are involving him.) Giggity Giggity! - kennymccormick2169

7 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - Simpsons

From India with love

8 Chris Griffin - Family Guy Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy.

It is a big drone that is not good in the show

9 Brian Griffin - Family Guy Brian H. Griffin, popularly known without his middle initial as Brian Griffin, is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.

Nah nah... I really don't think Brian is a good character anymore. He was an amazing character in the early seasons, kinda like Lisa or Marge in the early seasons of the Simpsons, or Millhouse... or Ralph. But, they have just, turned Brian into an utter, garbage character. He is dis-likeable just like Peter, I really hate how Seth put through all HIS political views around Brian either; Make your own character, like Matt Groening did. He is also completely self centered and every time Brian opens his mouth, it makes me hate him some more. Lets think this through, he is turning into an utter garbage character of a great cartoon like Ren from Ren & Stimpy, Angelica from Rugrats, Smart smurf from the Smurfs... If it wasn't for that sudden close and reopening, he and Peter really shouldn't be on this list, though I would accept it if they put Brian or Peter at the last, though I do understand why people would think Peter is good, after all, he is the main protagonist of the show. But ...more

What? Brian is the best! He is like Stewie's best friend, and come on, a talking dog that drinks martinis? He deserves better than 12tg place! - kennymccormick2169

10 Ralph Wiggum - The Simpsons Ralph Wiggum is a side character in The Simpsons. He is the son of Chief Wiggum. Ralph is not very smart at all. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Some episodes such as I Love Lisa and This Little Wiggy have him as a major character.

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11 Lisa Simpson - Simpsons Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.
12 Marge Simpson - Simpsons Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.
13 Maggie - Simpsons
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