Top Ten Reasons to Feel Sorry for Lisa Simpson

The Top Ten
1 As the middle child, she is overshadowed by her siblings

She is somehow familiar to her live-action counterpart, Dawn Wiener from "Welcome to the Dollhouse"...

2 When she is trying to be the voice of reason she is called annoying

She's not annoying at all. The episode called "Lisa the Vegetarian" there were pro's and con's about what Lisa was doing:
Pros- Animals get slaughtered into food breaks her heart in anger. Plus baby animals and their parents loose each other forever. Which is very sad and I find this very heartbreaking too.
Cons- Lisa should've respected other people opinions and keep it to herself. Homer has every right to get angry with Lisa after she ruined his Barbecue Party.

She is just speaking up to be the hope and future of Springfield

3 Bart annoys her for no reason

Though whenever Bart and Lisa fight she usually wins but Bart annoys her for no reason.

4 Marge neglects her

Its not Marge's or Homer's faults. Parenting is a difficult duty and task.

No. It's only Homer that ignores her. Marge wouldn't do that on purpose.

Marge is the reason why Lisa became unlikeable. I hope Marge dies

5 Milhouse acts like a pervert to her

Leave Lisa alone Milhouse you damn pervert! Can't they just kill him off like they did Kristy the Clown except for him they keep him dead!

Nelson is a better person for her than Mulhouse is to her. Milhouse is a creep and it's better as a closeted bachelor.
Nelson x Lisa > Milhouse x Lisa

6 No one understands how she feels

She never reveals whether she is upset because she does not want to hurt her family.

7 Other people take credit for her hard work

Every time she brings something valid up to the police force they ignore her.

Ralph when Major Quimby nearly died.

Like Neil Gaiman, for example.

8 Terri and Sherri bully her

They're jerks who only pay her attention when something interesting happens to her.

Sherri and Terri are in Bart's class.

Terri and Sherri are the worst second graders in the entire school

9 Lots of people hate her

This is why Lisa is my favorite Simpson character. She deserves better.

Milhouse and Marge are the worst. Lisa deserves so much better.

10 Milhouse is mean to her

Like when he got revenge on everyone that has wronged him and Lisa refused to be his queen he almost shot her if Nelson had not saved her.

Nelson and Lisa > Milhouse and Lisa
Milhouse will wind up just like his father, Kirk; a deadbeat loser, albeit a closeted bachelor.

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11 In The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase. Lisa didn't want to be in it and they replaced her with a teen bimbo who was nothing like Lisa.

I didn't know that. But I would like to see it.

12 Bart is a horrible brother to her

If you had watched seasons 1-8, you would understand that Bart genuinely loves and cares for Lisa! He protected her from bullies, defended her when Principal Skinner asked who stole the Teacher's Edition books, tried to save her when he thought Flanders was going to murder her and even was generous enough to buy her the Bleeding Gums Murphy album instead of what he, himself, wanted!
Is that what a horrible brother would do for his sister?

I thought I told you to go to bed - Yeah go to bread.

13 Milhouse almost shot her

Seriously Milhouse? Just accept the fact that Lisa thinks differently from you, find someone else! Are you gonna to shoot every girl who doesn't like you? I hate you Milhouse. Hope you die.

14 She wanted to cure world hunger, Bart used it as a prank.
15 Bart ruined her baby sitting career being the older sibling.
16 Bart stole the show on Kidz Newz
17 The females are less silly than the males so they annoy fans
18 Bart tried to put her in the mail when he was a toddler
19 Lisa sometimes feels like she was adopted
20 Lots of the fandom hates her because she's more serious
21 Springfield doesn't like Jazz
22 Lisa hated the talking Malibu Stacy being a bimbo
23 The fandom only notices the bad Lisa does and not the bad Bart does
24 Bart attempted to ruin Lisa's friendship in Summer of 4 Ft. 2
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