Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened to Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson has had a lot of horrible things happen to him which is putting it lightly as we countdown the top worst things that have ever happend to Homer Simpson wither physically or emotionally.
The Top Ten
1 Got Raped by a Panda Bear (Homer vs Dignity)

The most infamous moment in the Simpsons history in the episode Homer becomes Mr. Burns prank monkey doing humiliating and degrading things for Burn's amusement this moment sees Homer dressed as a female Panda for a zoo in hopes of shocking the onlookers when they discover the disguise only for things to go horribly wrong as not only does Homer get shocked by the animal handlers but is also dragged away by a male panda and heavily implied to have been raped by said panda.

At one point Homer is screaming as his dragged away by the panda and Moe adds that line "You ain't going nowhere cutey! ".

This was just going too far.

2 Fell Down the Springfield Gorge (Bart the Daredevil)

To keep Bart from going though with jumping the Springfield gorge on his skateboard Homer decides to jump instead knowing very well he won't make it this gets Bart to stop with the dangerous stunts as the two reconcile and hug it out before Homer slides down the gorge and falls into the gorge suffering numerous injuries not only that but as he is loaded into an ambulance it crashes into a tree and Homer falls right back down the gorge while still strapped to the stretcher.

That was back when Homer actually cared for his family, unlike the modern Jerkass Homer!

3 Got Hospitalized After Bart's Shaken Beer Explodes (So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show)

Bart attempts to get back at Homer for all his April Fool's pranks by shaking up a beer can in a paint shaker, when Homer opens the can it causes a massive explosion that land him in the hospital.

Bart never means to harm anyone, though. He's just a bored boy who wants to have some fun!

4 His Mother Was Forced to Leave Him to Go on the Run (Mother Simpson)

After Homer's mother Mona is identified after she and several other protesters destroy Mr. Burns germ lab Mona is left with not other choice but to leave Homer and go on the run.

5 Broke His Jaw After Running Into a Statue (Jaws Wired Shut)

Homer causes a scene at the movies after sitting through way too many previews and ads demanding they start the movie as the ushers chase him out of the theater with giant Kit Kats as Homer is running from them he runs directly into the fist of a metal statue of Drederick Tatum breaking his jaw resulting in him having his jaws wired.

6 Broke His Knee After Getting It Caught in Basketball Net (Children of a Lesser Clod)
7 Nearly Died After Getting Covered with Spiders, Poisoned and Crushed Repeatedly by the Garage Door (Mobile Homer)
8 Was Told He Only Had 24 Hours to Live After Eating Improperly Prepared Blowfish (One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish)
9 Got His Thumb Cut Off (Trilogy of Error)

After Marge finishes baking a pan of brownies Homer attempts to get at it while Marge is trying to cut it and accidentally cuts off his thumb.

10 Got Kidnapped (Blame It on Lisa)

While searching for Ronaldo along with Bart in Brazil Homer gets into the wrong taxi and gets kidnapped and held for ransom.

The Contenders
11 Got Placed in a Mental Institution (Stark Raving Dad)

After Homer is forced to wear a pink shirt to work after Bart threw in his red capo with the white laundry Homer which prompts Burns to think he is a free thinking anarchist and forces Homer to take a 20 question psychiatric quiz to assess his sanity, Homer to lazy to take the quiz he has Bart fill in the quiz which is a big mistake which results in Homer being declared insane and sent to a mental institution.

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