Best Singer-Guitarist Pairs in an Band

The Top Ten Best Singer-Guitarist Pairs in an Band

1 Ronnie James Dio / Ritchie Blackmore - Rainbow

(That Destruction) - waldo

2 Freddie Mercury / Brian May - Queen

There is no bloody dispute.Freddie and Brian were brought together by the stars.Destiny.Bob Cray is the ultimate combination of both.Not to mention his songwriting.Getting back to Freddie & Brian,the voice like no other and his mate who never put a note in that was out of order.Jimmy & Plant many will insist were a great duo but it was more like Jimmy hired Plant.He was always judging Plant's performance.Brian was in awe of Freddie,as well he should've.Cheers

3 Robert Plant / Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin
4 Axl Rose / Slash - Guns N' Roses
5 James Hetfield / Kirk Hammett - Metallica
6 Roger Waters / David Gilmour - Pink Floyd
7 Bon Scott / Angus Young - AC/DC
8 Ian Gillan / Ritchie Blackmore - Deep Purple

Works as well - waldo

9 Ozzy Osbourne / Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath
10 Mick Jagger / Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones

The Contenders

11 CC Deville / Bret Michaels - Poison
12 Richie Sambora / Jon Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi
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