Top Ten Songs from OneRepublic's Dreaming Out Loud

This is the top ten songs of OneRepublic's Dreaming Out Loud.

The Top Ten

1 Apologize

The song is truly the best song of Dreaming Out Loud. It is sad but yet so very catchy even the cello, the piano And even the rock guitar solo right before the last chorus, it just sounds so amazing when it all comes together.

2 All We Are

Great song, it is really like a ballad and it sounds very nice.

3 Stop and Stare

It's a good song to listen to, this is more of a real alternative rock song on the album. The lyrics are just amazing and the music sounds spectacular on this track.

4 Come Home

Ooh! This song is really worth a listen to and even if it is sad and all, it is beautiful.

5 Say (All I Need)

This track is awesome, and if you haven't heard it, you should.

6 All Fall Down

Lyrics are extremely great!

7 Mercy

Great song.. Should be the best..

8 Hearing Voices

"Not all that"? This song is absolutely beautiful!

It's not all that, but it can do.

9 Tyrant

Great song! Love it so much, it's sound is incredible! It should be higher.

Could be a bond song

10 Sleep

Not really a big fan of it but besides that it is good.

The Contenders

11 Goodbye Apathy
12 Won't Stop
13 Someone to Save You
14 Prodigal

Aw, man, everything on this album is so amazing, but this one shouldn't be last on this list! I love it so much! Please give it a higher position!

This song is bae

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