Worst Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Sonic the Hedghog is one of the greatest video game characters ever. But does that mean all his games are good? Hell no. The blue blur himself has been in some downright terrible games. Here are what I consider to be his worst.
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1 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Product Image

I can't properly judge this game because this was rushed, but judging what we got, there's no other way to put it than this: a disaster. Horrid story, horrid controls, horrid glitches, horrid loading screen. I understand it got rushed by a year early, but so did Super Mario Sunshine, and that game is fantastic. But this game excelled at the soundtrack.

I actually think of this game as a guilty pleasure of mine. It's because of the funny as hell glitches, the cool new character Silver, "IT'S NO USE!", Mephiles and the gameplay. I think it's a game that belongs in the "so bad it's good" category, the only things I didn't like about it was that it was rush-produced, the glitches tend to be annoying most of the time, the ball puzzle with Silver and the story and ending. The scene where Elise commits necrobestiality by kissing Sonic? Just keep your eyes closed. It's gross. Solaris was also cool, as well, and it ended on a high note.

This game was meant to introduce Silver, and he played a vital role in the story. Unfortunately, there were a lot of glitches and inflexible gameplay for a Sonic game, but it was rather fitting for the world they were in. The music was good, the story made sense once the characters were introduced, and Elise played the damsel in distress. Sonic saves the damsel in distress, and in this situation, he's the one who needs her. She's just a role to fulfill the story, and the end, it never even happened. The game had potential, and throughout every bad moment I played, the music helped get me through. It was perfect for the game, and the final boss track? Flawless. It has classic Sonic written all over it. Although this isn't the greatest game SEGA has made, it had potential to be great.

Guess what, folks? The only two things that are decent in this game is the theme song and Silver the Hedgehog! In other words: THIS GAME IS WORTHLESS!
A princess makes out with a hedgehog, Sonic can defy gravity and when he's suppose to do something E.G. going through a window, he doesn't do it! On top of this, it has the most pathetic mission ever: Get hit by a car! One intelligent hedgehog who could run as fast as Sonic would think "Avoid the car" but NO! He wants to run into it and lose all of his goddam' rings!
Sonic 06... If only I could travel in time (like Silver), I would tell SEGA not to waste their time on this game and think about making "Sonic Adventure 3", a game that would be appreciated.
P.S. on the thumbnail, why does it say "Platinum Family Hits"? It is so low, it doesn't even deserve that title!

2 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Product Image

Of course the only reason Sonic 06 is above this is because of how much more known it is than Boom. Sonic 06 may have been glitchy and had plenty of control issues, but it is a masterpiece compared to this pile of crap. 06 is fast, has multiple new characters (Silver), lasting legacy (Generations Crisis City), in spirit has a good soundtrack and is a commercial success (Platinum Hits on Xbox 360). Rise of Lyric on the other hand is hella slow, cheaply combatted, it's not even a Sonic Team made game, so it isn't even a real Sonic game, had a forgettable yet horrible soundtrack, was very short, and only sold 620,000 copies! It's the lowest selling in the series. Anybody who says 06 is still the worst is just sick in the head.

A guilty pleasure. But its bogged down by the amount of glitches. Especially sonic. He is glitchy as all hell. If your a hardcore sonic fan. Don't play this. This dosen't require any skill and the glitches and frame rate just make it worse. If your a kid. Maybe give it a try. The puzzles and combat can be pretty addictive. And it is easy enough for kids to enjoy it. I can see what they were going for. The reason it is hated by reviewers is because it dosen't appeal to hardcore sonic fans. But to be honest its not that bad. I would perfer the 3ds version because of Its more linear and simple design but rise of lyric isn't as bad as critics make it out to be.

If I could go back in time and stop 10 things and if someone already went back in time and killed Hitler, Bin Laden, and Joseph Stalin, I would stop this game from being made, along with warning SEGA about rushing sonic 06 and transferring half their team to secret rings, telling SEGA to scrap the were hog sections of sonic unleashed, stopped shadow the hedgehog from existing (the game not the character), stopping big the cat sections in adventure, turn secret rings and black knight into traditional sonic games, and use the rest in order to blow up the ET Atari game whole in New Mexico, remind modern Nickelodeon what a good show is before it is too late, stop sonic R, and stop the entire Barbie and Bratz franchise for all eternity.

Horrible glitches, horrible voice acting, the characters are slow, generic villain, Knuckles is an idiot, and Shadow is a jerk for no reason. So glad the Sonic Boom games are not canon. Yes, Sonic '06 is a horrible game too, it also has horrible glitches, a generic villain, Princess Elise, bestiality, and Silver was really stupid in that game...but some of the glitches were funny, the plot was complex and not that bad and the game would have had better story results had SEGA gave the game more TLC, some of the cutscenes were amazing and realistic looking, and the music was memorable and awesome. Also, Sonic '06 was an accident. It was the first time SEGA failed to make a good game by rushing the game production for Christmas. It should have been a lesson learned. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has no excuse.

3 Sonic Labyrinth Sonic Labyrinth Product Image

Wow! This isn't at number 1? This game was so slow, horrible controls, terrible level design, dull graphics compared to the good Sonic titles on the Game Gear, and this game was just horrible! This game should cost you a penny at the most, and was definitely the worst ever Sonic game. And why is Sonic and the Secret Rings not on here? That game traumatized me.

A sonic game where you go slow. Need I say more? Oh, I do. Mind-numbing mazes. Need I say more now. NO. Terrible music. Calling Sonic '06 worse than this is a disgrace to Sonic itself. At least in Sonic '06 you're allowed to go FAST, the MAIN IDEA OF THE CHARACTER, and the music is great. This has NOTHING.

This game is possibly the hugest disappointment in video game history, hands down. I doubt even 06 was worse. I may even go as far as to say that it is not a Sonic game at all because to me, what makes a Sonic game a Sonic game is the adventurous feel and the needs-a-doctor sick music.

What is the point of this game?! Sonic 06 is way better than this. It's weird though, when I first starting playing sonic games, I was complaining that sonic was going too fast and you'll get hurt if you look away for one second. Now in sonic labyrinth, I'm appreciating how fast sonic is! :D

4 Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

I can't think of a more cruder way to make a port of an old Sonic game than this one. Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for the GBA sucks hard. Let's say that it's mid-2007 and you're both a Nintendo and Sega fan. You are off on a road trip through upstate NY with your friends. You decide to play on your old GBA SP. You have the port of Sonic 1. You start playing it, and you start raging in your head. You then decide to play Pokemon Diamond on your DS, it's that bad. Don't take this game on road trips. Your time as a Sonic fan will end quickly. Why does this port suck? It has godawful music. It was released on the same day as Sonic 06. Slowdown issues and glitches. Just like Sonic 06, it was rushed. Go screw yourself, Sonic Genesis for the GBA.

Let's review Sonic the Hedgehog (for the Sega Genesis) zones.

Green Hill Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Marble Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Spring Yard Zone gets 9/10 stars. It was a classic plains course that started the whole Sonic franchise.

Labyrinth Zone gets 9/10 stars. It was awesome and Sonic 1 has perfect graphics and music.

Starlight Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Scrap Brain Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Final Zone gets 9/10 stars.

Let's review the Sonic Genesis stages

Green Hill Zone: 5/10 stars.

Marble Zone: 5/10 stars.

Spring Yard Zone: 6/10 stars.

Labyrinth Zone: 5/10 stars.

Starlight Zone: 6/10 stars.

Scrap Brain Zone: 6/10 stars.

Final Zone: 5/10 stars.

Sonic the Hedgehog (for the SEGA Genesis) is one of the best Sonic games ever! It started the whole Sonic franchise but did not introduce Sonic the Hedgehog (Rad Mobile did) but did introduce Dr. Eggman (he is so perfect as Classic Eggman). ...more

If you have ever played this game you realise that the physics in this game are completely broken, for example when you jump on an item box in the original, you will get launched as high as you jumped from but in THIS peice of work GOD it slows you down like crazy. So this game gets 0.00000000000001 out of 1000000000000.

No. Please don't get this game confused with the Megadrive original. This game is not the original, it's a shambolic GBA remake with constant lag, hurrendous music and sound and has glitches worse than Sonic 06.
Play this game on the Gameboy Advance then play the original and tell me which one is better.

5 Sonic Free Riders Sonic Free Riders Product Image

This is the worst game I've ever played! I mean some people got the game to work just fine I know, but even when I tried re calibrating the Kinect, the game still didn't work for me! I mean to those of you that say this game is playable while Sonic 06 isn't, have you actually played Free Riders? Because the claim that this is more playable than 06 is just a plain lie! Why do I have to hurt my back when turning doesn't even work 75% of the time?! This game is an excercise for the wrong reasons! Nothing in Sonic 06 made me want to rage quit (I don't see what the fuss about the ball puzzle for Silver is. It was just fine for me, and not even the Mach speed sections, while annoying, didn't make me want to rip my hair. I still haven't finished 1 story in Free Riders because I can't stand the gameplay's horrid controls.)

Um, why is this game only 7. While controls in 06 and RoL were bad, this game is truly the most technically flawed game because the controls don't work... ANYWHERE! They don't work in story mode, they don't work in the tutorials, and worst of all, they don't even work in the menu screen. While the music in boom is mediocre, the music in this game is SO ANNOYING! And the voice acting. I don't hate the voice acting for 06( come at me), I really disliked the script for RoL (to be fair, RoL voice acting presentation was great, but the presentation gets ruined by the script), but this game has the absolute worst presentation in the Sonic franchise (yeah, even worse than Shadow the Hedgehog's voice acting). While Shadow's voice acting was dull (the game, not the character before this game), the presentation of the voice acting in this game was so annoying! The script was also very annoying, so I definitely hate the voice acting in this game more than any other game, especially the voice ...more

The only video game that could get worse than Sonic the Hedgehog '06. This game deserves to be at least top 2, although it is the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game basically by its broken controls and lack of bonus content.

Top 10 Worst Sonic the Hedgehog games

Top 1: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Top 2: Sonic Free Riders.

Top 3: Sonic X (Leapfrog).

Top 4: Sonic Shuffle.

Top 5: Sonic Battle.

Top 6: Sonic's Pinball Party.

Top 7: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Top 8: Sonic & the Black Knight.

Top 9: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (for the Wii).

Top 10: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal

I HATE THIS GAME! It the worst game I ever played! And here is why:

1) Plot:

Ugh, this is the worst plot I've seen in a Sonic game! (Can someone please tell me why Eggman hosted an entire tournament just to become the best racer?! It is just stupid!) While I don't like the plot holes in 06 or how Rise of Lyric didn't even try to tell a story, those games did have some interesting concepts. But this entire story concept is stupid! Did you think that Shadow the Hedgehog's story was bad due to a disjointed plot (which I admit didn't bother me)? Well you ain't gonna like this plot either! Although this game only 4 false endings, this game does even worse in the disjointed department! At least with Shadow's story, the Hero gave some clue as to what really happened, but in this game, there is literally no way to have an idea of what really happens!

2) Voice acting:

God this is the worst voice acting voice acting I've ever heard from a Sonic game! The script in 06 ...more

6 Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Product Image

Oh my god... horrid voice acting, bad controls, Shadow the Hedgehog: The Movie (WHO NEEDS THAT?! ), nightmare-giving characters, horrible levels, and an average soundtrack. this game deserves second place at least. This is worse than Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Genesis and even Sonic Drift. But I think Sonic '06 is even worse. What's worse than this? Sonic Free Riders? Sonic Shuffle? I believe so. This game welcomed the current 3D graphics we have in today's Sonic games such as Sonic & the Black Knight (SEGA's Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door/Sticker Star, all these games suck and Paper Mario on the N64 and Super Paper Mario are WAY better) and Sonic Colors, which is quite decent. I do like the adult themes of this video game.

Shadow the Hedgehog gets 1/5 stars.

Sonic Labyrinth gets 3/5 stars.

Sonic Genesis gets 3/5 stars.

Sonic Drift gets 3/5 stars. Same goes with its sequel.

Sonic '06 gets 0/5 stars. Even Hotel Mario is better and gets 3/5 ...more

I'd admit, I like Shadow and he is one of my favorite video game characters, but the idea of this game is unnecessary. It talks about Shadow's past and you get to choose who he really wants to be. It also gives him guns (it relies on it to help you kill enemies better), makes the characters swear, have the characters get upset when you attack members of your side (who are clearly trying to attack you no matter what side you are on and even a few of the characters scold you for attacking Eggman's robots? But Eggman is the villain! Don't they hate Eggman? ), has aliens, Shadow being made of Black Dooms blood, people honoring that crazy Gerald Robotnik, bad controls, and frustrating camera.

Due to Shadow being a pretty great video game character, I don't hate this game like most people do, but it still has a lot of things wrong with it and it's not my favorite. People should be weirded out by a young hedgehog riding vehicles, swearing, and using guns. Shadow is 50 years old, but ...more

I don't think they can screw up worse than this.

1. Horrible controls. It was fine in Adventure 2 and they screwed up in Heroes. Why wasn't it fixed?

2. Why are the characters suddenly swearing?

3. The story is terrible. You could be defying Black Doom in one stage, but he acts like friends with Shadow right after that! Also, 9 non-canon endings. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO GET ALL 10 TO GET TO THE LAST STORY. More on that later. Also, the GUN commander! It was GUN who killed Maria, yet he blames Shadow and becomes the GUN COMMANDER! Also, it's too edgy for a Sonic game!

4. The stages. Ugh. You have to beat Westopolis 10 times. Other stages up to 10 as well. If not at least twice. With very few exceptions. Not to mention these stages are mostly filled with boring enemy killathons. Not to mention playing some of these tags over and over again! Also why are there suddenly guns? The gunplay is good but still! That wasn't even getting in to the fact that all enemies ...more

I thought this game would be fun at first... That was until played the actual game. I mean, since when did Sega ever thougth Sonic games had to be dark and have guns... With the persistant use of "Damn"? Even Sonic says damn in one of the levels if you fail it. There is death, destruction, guns, cursing, and a very confusing plot. I know some of you may think I'm complaining and some of you may like the game, and that's okay. But, this is my opinion and I don't like it. Please refrain from making a game like this that is "age approved for kids 10 and older", Sega. Kids are influential from characters like Sonic and Shadow. So... Just think

Shadow+Guns+cursing= Kids who become thugs.

Do you really want to be even partially responsible for turning kids into thugs because of this game, Sega? I appreciate your other games... Most of them, anyway.

7 Sonic Drift Sonic Drift Product Image

Super Mario Kart vs. Sonic Drift

Super Mario Kart gets 99/100 stars.
Super Mario Kart is a flawless and extremely nostalgic video game. Its graphics/visuals are the best graphics/visuals in any 2D Mario game and its music is very nice. How could people prefer modern Mario Kart games over this masterpiece? This game and Mario Kart 64 and even Mario Kart: Super Circuit are way better because of the lack of really annoying voices and more classic tracks and even much better Rainbow Roads. There's nothing I don't like about this fun game. Princess Peach is the worst video game character of all time, but here, even she was not THAT bad. I even like her victory music, even if it is my least favorite victory music track in this game with Bowser having my most favorite. I love all the victory music tracks. And the VS. mode! It's classic too! And I love the Japanese version! Donkey Kong Jr. is best to play as here, and the race tracks are amazing! I love everything about this video ...more


Sonic Battle (which could be replaced by Pac-Man/Mario Battle) is much worse & so is Sonic Advance, Sonic Archie Comics, Sonic X, Sonic Colors (which could be replaced by Mario Colors), Sonic Lost Worls, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes (which needs to be hated more than liked) & Sonic Adventure series (that are more than very overrated)!

Sonic is in a car because he decided to be incredibly lazy and not use his full potential to actually run at the speed of sound. You want an epic foot race with Sonic and Metal Sonic, NOPE! How about an incredibly boring racing game that fails at ripping off Mario Kart. DERPY DERP DERP!

I love Sonic Drift 1 & 2.

The Sonic Drift series are good.

The Sonic Adventure series are so terrible, though.

Sonic is NOT awesome! Sonic is similar to Veruca Salt due to his pompous personality & preachy attitude.

8 Sonic R Sonic R Product Image

This game is perfect, it puts Mario Kart to shame, great track design, imaginative and balanced character roster. Not to mention mine blowing graphics that rival today's accompanied by awesome music that fit the tracks perfectly, this game hits all the right notes and will be remembered as the single greatest Sonic game of all time

Can you feel the sunshine? If you can, it's clear that you've become a victim of the monstrosity of this game. And, really? The TAILS DOLL?! Sigh. I hate and always will hate Sonic R, the game with unfitting music, unappealing tracks and one of the most stupid myths ever: The Tails Doll.

Aw, come on guys! This game's still better than Sonic CD! The soundtrack of this game was magnificent. As for the controls, some of you clearly never played Metal Knuckles. He's the best character by far! He controls perfectly, he's fast and he can even (Sonic Colours' Voice) HOVER! And the Tails Doll curse is pretty dumb in my opinion. This cute little Plushie wouldn't hurt a fly!

Let me tell you how bad this game is: If I was having sex with Sofia Vergara, Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe (when she was alive) at once and this game came into my head for some reason I couldn't do it anymore. It just couldn't happen. This game makes me THAT frustrated/sad.

9 Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic and the Secret Rings Product Image

Secret Rings is kind of like the "bad child" of the Sonic franchise. Like, for example, Sonic 06 was rushed thanks to this game, when it was also announced at E3 2006 and the development team of 06 was left with a few people to work on it, while a majority worked on Secret Rings. The controls are so godawful that you may consider breaking open the WiiMote batteries and drinking the battery acid. The story is laughable, but it does do good with the Middle Eastern vibe and Sonic's friends are portrayed as storybook characters. Also, why does Erazor Djinn look like Groose from Zelda: Skyward Sword on steroids? This game is pretty much like a South Park parody of itself in terms of story.

I Would Never Expect This Game To Be Considered The Best Sonic Game, Since This List Has Every Sonic Game, This Is Somehow Considered The Best? Really? Why is it at Number 58? It Has Bad Controls and a Pathetic Gameplay

How is this all the way at the bottom on a "worst Sonic games" list when it should actually be #1? This is honestly one of the crappiest games I've ever played. All the minigames/challenges are needlessly difficult because of clunky controls with the Wiimote.

This game isn't that bad. I grew up with this game and I didn't LOVE it, but liked it because it was different and unique. At least this game is better than Sonic and the Black Knight

10 Sonic Blast

Good portable. Terrible game. The music is the worst in the series. The graphics while they tried it's still bad. The levels are one of the worst zones in sonic history. Bosses are two easy. Sonic Blast gets 3/10

I played this game as a kid! I had it on Game Gear. It wasn't too hard, but the Blue Marine Zone level is so frustrating. I could NEVER beat that level and I constantly died.

Despite the art-style looking a little weird, This game plays really well! It's one of the underrated games in the franchise and it deserves more praise!

This game is awesome! Sure, the controls are not very fair, but the graphics are a masterpiece and I wish I could play this perfect game forever!

The Contenders
11 Sonic's Schoolhouse

Educational games + Sonic= EPIC FAIL!
Ok, Seriously this game is just a nightmare. Horrible voice acting and disturbing animals is not a good sign of an awesome game.

I think Elmo and Teletubies just got a new playmate! And by playmate I mean Suckmates because this game sucks! Also it should be higher on the list that shadow the hedgehog!

I saw some dudes post a top 25 sonic games contest. this didn't make the cut, but it sucks worse then every other video game. how did this even get 1 vote on that contest?

This game should be number 1. Sonic 06 and Rise of Lyric can be still called a game (kind of). But this thing can't.

12 Sonic 3D Blast Sonic 3D Blast Product Image

This game may be a 3D fail with bad controls, a weird gameplay and slow gameplay, but it did not annoy me at all. It has great graphics, a very nice atmosphere, very catchy 16-bit music and what else? This game has levels with many of its ups and downs. It's nostalgic, man!

We checked Sonic 3D Blast. This game was not that bad, but it could definitely use improvements such as crossovers & better gameplay 7 even in-game 3-D. The graphics are still beautiful.

A Lot of people say that the Sega Saturn version sucks compared to the Sega Genesis version. I think that the Saturn version is better

If your talking about the saturn version you must be crazy to hate that but if your talking about the genesis one well I TOTALLY see your point

13 Sonic Spinball Sonic Spinball Product Image

The Genesis version is far better compared to the utter pile of crap that is the GameGear Version. This version is not only extremely clunky and horrific to look at. It's also incredibly boring thanks to the dark uninteresting environments.

This is a ripoff Pinball. That's right everyone, SEGA can't have original ideas at all! They have to rip off other great games. How 'bout the get some brains and make a good game, yeah?


Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't too spoiled until he got taller, thinner & bossier starting in Sonic Adventure 1.

I thought this guy was a dumbass until I saw what version it showed, seriously the genesis version is really good, but this one...ew

14 Sonic Drift 2 Sonic Drift 2 Product Image


Also, this game got mostly mixed reviews, but became more underrated! This game only needs improvements & practice to make it better.

Also, Mario's rival will be Amy Rose.

Sonic & Yoshi Drift

The whole Sonic franchise sucks, yet this game is not as bad as games with Sonic characters w/ their terrible Sonic Adventure/Sonic Colors/Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series designs.

The worst game I've played and I love sonic and no matter how much I practiced I never won even an expert at sonic couldn't win

As if Sonic Drift was actually good, SEGA was probably blind when they made this game, it had absolutely no potential

15 Tails Skypatrol Tails Skypatrol Product Image

How about Mario & Tails Skypatrol?

This includes Sonic & Yoshi Skypatrol.

This even includes Luigi & Blaze Skypatrol & Princess Daisy & Shadow Skypatrol.

P.S. Princess Peach is very short tempered.

I highly forbid you to play this game. Don't even think about ignoring me. You Will be sorry. It is not a good game

This is the worst sonic game ever. Tails fly slow.
And bumps things and you'll will die

Well, 'tis worth handling a non-bump-into-things run. Also, this game is cool.

16 Sonic Unleashed Sonic Unleashed Product Image

About half a good Sonic game and half another failed Sonic gimmik. This gimmik sucked HARD though, so Iv don't Like Sonic Unleashed nightime stages (you either don't go fast or through Sonic's digity out the window)

I strongly disagree. I happen to like this game, but I can see why people hate it (well, half of it anyway). The daytime stages are fun and the nighttime stages are... meh. That doesn't stop me from playing the game though because whenever I play this game, I play the daytime stages mostly. Seriously though, this game isn't that bad and the only things I dislike about it are: quick time events (especially in Eggmanland), were-hog levels (the reason why the a lot of people hate this game), Eggmanland (WAY too long for a final level. I get that final levels are supposed to be challenging, but this is ridiculous), and the metal collecting (one of the reasons why it took me 2 YEARS to beat this game). The bosses could be better, but other than that, the voice acting, music, and graphics are great. Jason Griffith was spot on as sonic here! And the story is not too cheesy or serious which is just the way a sonic story should be and no human girlfriend to ruin it* cough sonic 06 cough*. I ...more

This game is actually good in my opinion heck one of the best for the longest time even on the ps2/WII version this was my favorite game and then I got it for the ps3 it only got better one major add was the new and improved sonic boost the graphics the interesting story the characters so yeah I love both night and day stages and so yeah I love sonic unleashed

I actually found this game really good, despite of the night levels. Sonic in day controls better than Sonic Generations and leveling up the speed and dash boost is a good thing Sega added. Maybe turning to the werehog wasn't expected, but it had really good controls

17 Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic and the Black Knight Product Image

What do you mean by "Where did this come from"? Sonic & the Black Knight is one of the most overrated video games of all time. I could put it on my list of "Top 15 Worst Sonic the Hedgehog Games". I am glad that Sonic the Hedgehog had a different style once again. Gameplay is the most important aspect of the game, and it is rather fun, yet nothing special. The graphics are very dull. The soundtrack is a hell yeah, even though Rerez is rather right that rock music does not belong in a 2nd-millennium AD British realm. What infuriates me the most about Sonic & the Black Knight which made me originally spam for "Mario & the Black Knight" is Modern Amy Rose getting getting furious at Sonic the Hedgehog for forgetting their date, which is probably the main reason why people will be furious at you for not liking Sonic & the Black Knight. Don't listen to your self-proclaimed girlfriend, Sonic. You have Olympian skills, so you do not deserve less praise than Modern Amy Rose, who is even more ...more

This game is a travesty. God knows why it is so low down on this list because it should be right up there in the top 5 at least! You can't really compare it to the Gamegear lineup of games because some of them are on another level of bad but when you take all the "modern" era Sonic games ie. everything post Sonic Adventure, I would take any of the other games over this one.
It's worse than Sonic 06 because while that game is bad, at least I can actually control it, there is an attempt at making an intricate story (even if it doesn't work) but mostly it actually feels like a Sonic game. Shadow the Hedgehog is dull but at least the stupid gun gimmick functions, Sonic and the Black Knight's sword play just doesn't work. Everything about Sonic is lost in Black Knight as the high octane platforming is reduced to brief moments of speed through empty fields before stopping dead to repeatedly cut down enemies in the same fashion over and over again!
After the problems with the night ...more

That's funny. Sonic & the Black Knight is top 17 on the "Top 10 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Games' list and top 17 on the "Top 10 Worst Sonic the Hedgehog games" list. Anyways, this game sucks and there's almost nothing decent about this crap. The alternate-reality doppelgangers such as Sir Lancelot and Nimue (better than Amy Rose) should have English accents, for God's sake! And the CGI cutscenes SUCK! This game is just nothing but bullcrap and deserves to be in the top 10s.

The extensive voice acting, the overly fancy plot & etc is what the Mario franchise should have, not Sonic/Mega Man/Crash Bandicoot/Spyro games like Sonic & the Black Knight!

18 Sonic Shuffle Sonic Shuffle Product Image

After the amazing (or mediocre) Sonic Adventure, this thing came. Why I'm calling it a thing is because I don't think it's a game. The controls are clunky, the graphics never improved, the new characters, a girl who sorta rip offs NIGHTS and an dark edgy villain who isn't that amazing at all, Omochao..., and the mini games. Here's my version called Crash Shuffle
Crash Bandicoot:Sonic
Coco Bandicoot:Tails
Fake Crash:Super Sonic
Ripper Roo:Omochao

Sonic Shuffle is forever awful & needs to be replaced by Mario Shuffle feat other crossover characters whereas Mario plays the role of Sonic, Yoshi plays the role of Tails, Princess Daisy plays the role of Knuckles & Luigi plays the role of Amy Rose.

Sonic Shuffle is top 15. This game deserves to be top 1. It's so bad.

Sonic Shuffle deserves 0/10 stars aka a "Disaster" score on IGN like how they rated Olympic Hockey Nagano '98, a very underrated video game.

This deserves to be top 1! This game deceived me! It's not even 3D. Or so it's only beginner 3D. It's mostly 2D and there's nothing decent about this game! I always lose.

19 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Product Image

Had potential to be a good RPG, it failed, probably the worst soundtrack in sonic history (Shadow the hedgehogs was mostly forgettable, but it had a few decent songs, mostly main themes), though that might be because of rumors that they got the music from a website or something, controls are awkward, and other problems.

Here's hoping that if there's ever a sequal (which is left open due to a cliffhanger at the end), here's hoping that it will be one massive improvement over this.

Amy Rose has always been supposed to be Sonic's sister. I know that Sonic was Amy's best friend before she met Cream the Rabbit, yet this could fairly change & Axel Chains will be Amy Rose's newer best friend.

This game sucks ass! Why? It's not a crossover, & after Nintendo finds out about this game, Nintendo didn't make Mario Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood yet! Also, I'll smack Amy Rose with MY Piko-Piko Hammer!

Made by BIOWARE. Creators of Mass Effect and other games and yet this game turned out to be a total letdown.

20 Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Product Image

Oh, this game... IT SUCKS!

Top 1 reason: the nearly impossible level design.

Top 2 reason: The addition of Archie Comics episodes (it it Archie Comics' fault that there are no Pac-Man Archie comics! )

Top 3 reason: The voice acting.

Top 4 reason: Frequently, you are forced to wait for anything decent.

Top 5 reason: The game is mainly slow.

This should be higher can't even pass the first level because its bascally a mase and the villian is some random snake called lyric

Sonic boom shattered crystal is sonic poop shattered game

I can't play this game at all! I will neve rlike Modern Sonic games at this rate, but this game is cool.

I thought it was pretty fun. Well, this place Doris seem reasonable enough.

21 Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Product Image

This is a fun game. It was intended to be a ripoff, SEGA wanted to beat Nintendo at all thing's.

This game is fun! How could no one like it? It's hard but fun.

Why is this on here? This game is really fun! It's also funny too!

This is my least favorite Sonic game, not Sonic '06 (shoot me).

22 Sonic Riders Sonic Riders Product Image

Sonic Riders is one of the few modern Sonic games where you really do go fast, yet for the wrong reason. Hoverboard racing? Come on! Can't we have a Sonic game where he runs fast and beats bad guys up at the same time?

The game itself is fun and the story is mediocre, yet it isn't what Sonic fans want from a Sonic game. Better luck next time, SEGA...

I'd prefer Mario Riders with extensive voice acting & Princess Daisy's pear figure for Sonic Riders while Daisy is naked alongside Peach who has the same pear figure, only a little bit more elongated.

This game gets a lot of hate but I don't understand why. Sure there is flaws but it's a simple game that's a lot of fun and it's the best sonic game of 2006 you got to give it that.

Death Battle: Jet the Hawk vs. Pinky (the female pink ghost from the Pac-Man franchise). I mean, come on! Both are so hyper-fast that they should rival each other (especially in Western Canada).

23 Sonic Forces Sonic Forces Product Image

People got excited for this game. Mania deserved it's hype, it was a good game, but this game totally sucked. It could have had some dark elements and clever level designs. It could've had Silver included in the gameplay, it could've made the classic levels fun. But, no. Instead we got a typical, cliche modern Sonic game.
Don't even get me STARTED on Infinite. He was awful. Honestly, other than Dark Gaia, Mephilles, and Chaos, all the Sonic villains suck.
Having and OC is cool, but they were very mary-sue-ish, and opened up a whole new fanbase that shipped them with Infinite.
This game isn't the worst Sega has to offer, but it is far from some of the groundbreaking Sonic games we've gotten in the past.

This game being mediocre just stings so much, the amount of potential wasted is unreal. The idea of every sonic character coming together is really something that could make a good story, but all this game feels like is level after level, there's no story to it. But the one thing this game aces like every Sonic game, is the soundtrack.

Yes this game is bad, but is it terrible, no. The levels were really boring for classic but I found the boss fights for Sonic and the avatar actually challenging at some point. The story also included silver, which made me happy. The shadow dlc was pretty trash, but let’s be real this game wasn’t horrible

Yikes, Sega, you’ve really done it now.
Now this game isn’t terrible, since the levels ares beautifully designed, the music is decent, and you can make an OC, but the game is really bland and easy. The boss fights are realllllly boring, and the only one with any level of difficulty is the Death Egg robot at the end.
Oh, and episode Shadow was totally unnecessary and totally ruined Shadow as a character.

24 Sonic Lost World Sonic Lost World Product Image

I think I have the same feelings for this game like I have for Sonic Rush Adventure. It's a decent Sonic game, however its reputation is ruined thanks to the bipolar story that can't pick a tone. At one point, Sonic and Tails are arguing with each other in one cutscene, and the next feels like a cartoon. Might I mention the references to strangling, skinning people alive and even genocide? Why does it want to be dark all of a sudden? There's that, and that the Deadly Six are annoying villains. Zazz is decent, Zomom is a fat guy, Master Zik is a stereotypical Master Shifu/Mr. Miyagi wannabe, Zeena is a valley girl, Zor is emo and Zavok is also decent. In my opinion, the gameplay is decent, but the story is ruined thanks to the random tone changes and the annoying villains.

In my opinion, this game is edgier than Shadow The Hedgehog. For instance, the infamous "strangling a Zeti" cutscene. There's also a lot of references to skinning people alive, and even genocide of all things. In a Sonic game. Eggman is also a genocidal maniac in this game that he makes Lysandre from Pokemon look innocent by comparison. Why was this game rated E? It's an edgy Sonic game disguised as a lighthearted one!

TAKE IT OFF! This is NOT a ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy. The games music isn't as good, it's not in space, and it's mainly one level at a time, unlike Galaxy where you have multiple tasks in the same area. Also, SONIC HAD THE GRAVITY GIMMICK FIRST. It was seen in Sonic Adventure 2. I'd expect people to know that considering it is the FAN FAVORITE GAME. STOP SAYING IT'S A RIPOFF OF GALAXY. Also, how is the game slow? You all just suck at it. He's not as fast as he is in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors but if you hold down the run button and platform CORRECTLY...you know, JUST LIKE THE OLD GAMES...then you run at a decent speed for a game that also focuses on platforming and exploration. This game is really underrated and just gets hate because of idiots like IGN and GameSpot changing everyone's view.

"Necronmon" from GameFAQ Reviews, "TwoTailedComicDream" & "Psyco-The-Frog" from Deviantart, "Antdude92" & "Roger van der Weide" from YouTube share all my opinions on Lost World.

The Story is Bad,

Everyone (Except Eggman) are Bastardized,

(It ruined my favorite childhood character "Tails")

The Deadly Six are a joke,

The Game-play feels more like Mario

(A Run Button should NEVER be in a Sonic Game),

The Levels are more New Super Mario Bros then Sonic,

The Wisps have no purpose...

And it's a Disgrace to long time Sonic Fans, Who grew up with Sonic from 1991 or 1992 and who had a better run with the franchise like I did.


(Cause unlike Sonic Boom, This is in the Main Series!)

25 Sega Superstars Tennis Sega Superstars Tennis Product Image

It is good and bad but mostly bad. And to think that Mario was so good at tennis why couldn't sega be good at tennis

WHAAT! Wghy is this on the list I mean its not the best sonic game but its not that bad its really fun actually but I would recomme'and sega all stars racing instead

Why don't they really show "let's play" videos of the original Sega Superstars anymore?

P.S. More like "Sega Superstars Penis".

Fun and good-looking game, but the controls take some getting used to.

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