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21 Sonic x Silver - Sonilver V 1 Comment
22 Tails x Wave

No there just rivals lets just leave it at that

If Tails was older; these two will have some much chemistry with each other due to their superior intellects.

I Agree If Tails Was Older They Could Set Aside Their Differences

23 Tails x Marine

Awesome couple. Marine is a much better choice for Tails than Cream.

24 Shadow x Amy

Shadow and Amy is a very cute couple but there is this thing or fact that they actually become a couple and that they have silver. I don't think this is true because silver is from the future right? So didn't he say he was like 200 years in the past? So I don't think it is true but this couple is cute

25 Chris x Helen

You only got to see this in a few parts of Sonic X, but Helen probably does have feelings for Chris, even if Chris is to caught up with getting to Mobius to notice it. Helen helped him with a large portion of that time-machine thing, and she gave him the most backing on his decision to stay on Mobius, with his friends. She understands Chris better than anyone else on the show, save Tanaka.

26 Charmy x Marine

Tails and Marine are better than both couples. Cream doesn't deserve anyone.

These 2 should are great together as couple next to Tails x Cream

27 Sonic X Metal Sonic
28 Big x Amy

This couple has potential, since these two were on the same team in Sonic Heroes.

29 Ray x Marine

They never even met. Tails is a better choice for Marine than Ray.

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30 Knuckles x Rouge

They're rivals, not a couple. Plus Rouge makes Knuckles look dumber than he usually is, which we don't want.

The "crush" is just Rouge's flirty point of view.

I love this ship! Especially how it was shown in Sonic X. It's just cute, even though they squabble a lot, (like old married couples ;3) they are still adorable

Oh please. They are perfect together! Rouge was made literally so she could oppose Knuckles! It's like Catwoman and Batman. Besides, they're virtually the same. They're both the strong one, the're both the hedgehog's right hand man (or woman), and they're both obsessed with the Emerald. I, for one, supposed Knuckles and Rouge!


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31 Sonic x Rouge

Simply because of their interaction in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood was pretty interesting and she often flirts with him to get more information, so yeah.

32 Shadow x Tikal

It is an okay couple but they never met, so they don't have romantic attractions to each other. But I do find it like 20% a cute couple

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33 Shadikal

Opposites attract. I hope Tikal is in new games and that Shadow and her interact.

34 Sonic x Maria

I don't know about this one, but it seems interesting. I wonder how shadow will feel about this when he finds out...

I know it's not a very popular ship but I find it kind of cute. I have no evidence for this ship to real or for them to have romanic attractions towards each other but think about it isn't a little cute for a ship?

35 Manic x Mina

Manic and Mina is a couple that's a must ship! Even though they don't meet or even met, it's a ship! A cute one too!

36 Cosmo x Charmy

Okay okay, how about Cosmo and Charmy? Kay so Cosmo and Charmy is a better couple then Tails and Cosmo. So you know the roses on Cosmos head? Well Charmy is a bee right? So Charmy and Cosmo make sense because bees like flowers and roses are a type of flower. Again this couple is better then Tails and Cosmo, even though Tails and Cosmo is a cute thing for a crush stage.

37 Shadow and Sally

Adorable! My otp! They got married in the comics!

38 Blaze x Big V 1 Comment
39 Vector x Charmy
40 Manic x Amy

I know this is not a popular ship but they seem pretty cute together, manic would be interested in amy a lot than his brother sonic. just a suggestion

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