Best South Park: The Fractured But Whole Ultimates

I recently got into South Park, specifically The Fractured But Whole game, and so I wanted to do a list about it. What better thing to do than a list about the Final Smash-like Ultimates? Keep in mind that all Ultimates will count, including Mysterion Re-Rising. Let's go!
The Top Ten
1 Hammer of Chaos (Professor Chaos)

Okay, first things first, I've got to say, I can't take Butters seriously when he's like this. His voice is so cute. It makes me laugh. But this move is incredible! You've got Chaos literally turning into some Jojo character, summoning an electric hammer, and beating the crap out of people. Also, I love how he just falls on his butt after changing back. It makes me say "aww" every time.

2 Prime-Time Coon (The Coon)

I don't know why, but watching that final animation of Coon slashing his enemies and making them bleed is incredibly satisfying.

3 Eros Eruption (Super Craig + Wonder Tweek)

This one is so wholesome! I don't care what anyone else says. Seeing Tweek and Craig holding hands like that at the end is so cute.

4 Elemental Chaos (Elementalist)

While the New Kid is sort of basic, I love the Elementalist class! This tiny kid basically becomes a bender, and shocks, freezes, and damages his enemies.

5 Wrath of Kite (Human Kite)
6 Single-Origin Overdose (Wonder Tweek)

Tweek becomes a lightning god after consuming coffee. That should pretty much explain it.

7 Pandemic Pestilence (Mosquito)
8 Cruel Fate (Mysterion)

Kenny takes what he's known for and brings it up a notch. Honestly, I just like when he flashes that cape.

9 Flash Mob (Call Girl)

It's funny how she can summon a hundred people to trample everyone just by saying there's a Pokemon Go raid nearby.

10 Tupper Mech Mk. III (Tupperware)
The Contenders
11 Burning Lap (Fastpass)

I do joke about Jimmy being disabled, yes, but his Ultimate is decent. It does burn everyone on the field.

12 Full Bore (Toolshed)

Pretty basic. Stan basically brings out a giant drill and attacks multiple enemies.

13 High-Fructose Death Wave (Captain Diabetes)

This one creeps me out. I don't know why. I like the idea of Scott getting his strength from his weakness, but it's a little creepy to me.

14 Mysterion: Re-Rising (Ghost Mysterion)

This is the only way to bring back Mysterion. While I don't get him ascending, it's pretty useful because it heals anyone next to him.

15 Furry Death (Super Craig)

Probably the most basic super out there. Then again, Super Craig is the definition of basic.

16 Deadly Dive (Assassin)

Sneak attack that turns you invisible. Plus, I like moves like this one.

17 Airborne Annihilator (Gadgeteer)

You spawn a drone that deals damage.

18 The Big Guns (Cyborg)

I think it's funnier with a female New Kid, to be honest. But either way, it's cool.

19 Nature's Gift (Plantmancer)

I would like this more if it wasn't for two things. One, the New Kid still seems to like fart-based stuff, as they summon a plant god who farts something onto the field. And two, while it does revive everyone, it can't revive Mysterion. You can only return him back with his Ultimate.

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