SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Should Be Created

This is a Message to Nickelodeon, to tell the spongebob creaters that they should create the episodes below. It would make Spongebob popular again and it would reach high scores with these episodes like Band Geeks and many others. I Put the meaning for the episodes.
and a Note:
If i put nothing after the name of the episode it is a 15 minute episode
If I put something after the name of the episodes it is ether 7 mins,8 mins,30 mins or a Special episode
Enjoy reading the Amazing Episodes I Put in.
The Top Ten
1 The Six Top Squid's

Squidward wants to Join the 5 Top Squid to become a Famous Musician. With Sneaking into Squilliam's house and swaping his work to Squidward's, Squidward finally Became One of the 5 Top Squid's. The Ending is when the 6 Squid's are Making Wonderful Music in the Ocean Got Talent.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 3 This is Created in April 8, 2006

I Just love this, Nickelodeon should defenifty put this as a season 10 SpongeBob SquarePants episode. this is the Best Episode ever along with Band Geeks and Chocolate with Nuts.

Not squids. Octopi. Anyways, this is way better than the horrendous "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created in Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants" ideas. -SoongeBill

Come on SpongeBob creators, Create this episode It would be one of the best SpongeBob episodes ever.

2 SpongeBob Kills Justin Bieber

This would be the best episode ever. Hope the animators make this.

3 Chooseday

Nice list, and nice ideas. If only these could come true.

This sounds like the title of a Regular Show episode.

When Bikini Bottom Celebrate Chooseday:
Title Card Music: Hilo March
This is Created in January 15, 2007

4 Squirrel In School

Sandy goes to Boating School with SpongeBob, but SpongeBob soon feels left out when Sandy starts getting Mrs. Puff favortism.

Sandy joins SponbeBob in Boating School, but SpongeBob starts to feel like Mrs. Puff favors her over him.

@Worksponge, that's actually not a bad idea. I think it could work as an episode!

Sandy goes to school for being stupid.

5 Patrick Day

Patrick makes a holiday about himself.

6 Starlight

SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magical Star in Jellyfish Fields which is Very Valauble. They want to Keep it But Everyone really Want that Star.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 14
This is Created in September 9th 2006

Spongebob farts on a star causing it to release light and patrick pees his pants.

That's sounds like a good episode!

This is a cool idea!

7 Puff's Bucket

Mrs. Puff gets hired by Plankton and Karen to work at the Chum Bucket, which she turns into a bakery.

Highlight Scene: Mrs. Puff and Karen arguing while Pearl is trying to make an order.

8 The Rapist Operation
9 All Tied Up

SpongeBob and his friends get tied up by evil Plankton in a computer generated world and it's to him and friends to escape before he steals the Krabby Patty formula.

10 New Upgrade

Karen gets an update but then starts acting different and tries to kill Plankton.

Karen gets more annoying than usual.

The Contenders
11 Real Fish of Bikini Bottom
12 Close Up

A collection of every single disgusting close up in the whole series to date.

Spongebob and patrick make squidwards house into a grocery store without permission.

13 Darkness in Bikini Bottom

This has potential. You can have multiple characters who don’t get along together and need them to work together (Spongebob, Squidward, Pearl.) everyone gets affected by the disease that makes everyone go crazy but spongebob can’t get it because he is too kind and Squidward can’t get it because he already has that trait, and Pearl is to bratty to catch it. After arguments with fun comedy, they all learn something about teamwork. The origin and basics of the story are up to you.

Everyone in bikini bottom exsept spongebib and squidward turn into monsters and it is up to spongebob and squidward to turn everyone back. (30 minute special)

@Second, what a good idea! And I like your idea with the Close Up episode. Nice work!

14 My One And Only Friend

Squidward makes a poop and becomes friends with it.

Okay, the trolls seem to have invaded this list now.

15 Fine Art in Bikini Bottom

Squidward makes porn art

16 Dr. Dullard
17 Sonic Pays a Visit

@KalloFox34, not a good idea. In fact, the worst Idea.
@anonygirl, I know right? Cartoon and video game crossovers? What a terrible idea

This should not happen. Cartoons should never cross over with video games. Besides, there are copyright issues since Sonic is Sega and SpongeBob is Nickelodeon.

Sonic and Mario try to kill each other at the Krusty Krab

How does Sonic breath underwater

18 Drowning Red

Patrick makes a swimming pool out of hot sauce and everyone competes to see who can stay in the longest.

19 Sponge Family Reunion (30 Min.)
20 Snowball Effect 2

SpongeBob and Patrick have a snowball fight again but this time they were against Plankton and his latest inventions. Lots of Funny Stuff said on that episode like "What does Pernicious Mean" said Patrick "It Means that he is a Scary Cat" Said SpongeBob and lots others
Title Card Music:Wonderland of Snow/This is Created in December 26, 2006

21 Sponge Across Space (15 Minute Episode)

I think it should be an episode because space is awesome.

22 The Heart of Science

Plankton and patrick tie in a science fair and they compete to break the tie.

23 Secret Formula Mission

Flora life was perfect, more perfect than everyone in Bikini Bottom. But There Someone who Wants to Get The Secret formula out of her. It is Plankton. He Noticed that Flora is an Intelligent Girl and she knows the secret Formula so he tries to sneak into her room and read her version of the formula. But He Tries to do anything he can to get the formula like Being Invisible, Pretending to be Her Fan, and Some More but they are all failing so He Made a Final Attempt about building an Nature Resort and Advertising it to everyone so that everyone would come. The Nature resort is great and SpongeBob and Mr Krabs was surprised but at the end of the tour a Sand Jet Took Flora and got the secret formula out of my mind but The Formula fell and landed on Mr Krabs so Plankton Failed again.
Title Card Music:On The Beach/This is Created in September 2006.

Plankton gets many evil geniuses and tries to make a plan to steal the formula

24 SpongeBob On Porn

Are you serious?

25 Spatrick Day! (10,000 Hour Special)

Oh, I don't know. That would be an episode over a year long.


That is way to long and they will NEVER make this.

That is WAY too long

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