Top Ten Star Wars Clone Trooper Squads

The Top Ten

1 Delta Squad

Though most ARCs in this squad died, Scorch and Fixer survived.

Love these guys... Scorch was loyal and funny, Boss was pressured as leader, Fixer was serious... Sev... Porr Sev was cynical, dark, but hilarious and lovable!

2 Omega Squad

I love Omega Squad... You have to love and sympathize with them... They're survivors!

The best squad of ARC troopers including Darman, Niner, Atin, Fi, Aven, and Cov.

3 Domino Squad

Their story is so personal. It is so sad that Echo is the only one left alive.

Fives and Heavy are here,they are awesome.Also Echo,Cutup and Droidbait are here.Best squad ever


4 Breakout Squad

The most lovable squad

5 Yayax Squad

Do not make many appearances but Yayax includes Yover Dev and Jind.

6 HOPE Squad

On the missions they went on there were no Jedi. They do not need Jedi.

7 Shadow Squad

The best pilot squad in the republic navy.

8 Lambda Squad

A great squad in the 501st legion.

9 Lightning Squad

This squad does the hard job. Piloting walkers, defusing bombs and piloting tanks.

10 Theta Squad

You have got to love Theta squad because it has Boil and Waxer. I love Boil and Waxer.

The Contenders

11 Arca Squad

This team is funny.

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